Chocolate Dipped Brownie Bites.

The only cure for stress is dessert, I swear. There is some magical ingredient in desserts that just makes stress melt away. I’m pretty sure it’s the chocolate.

So after hectic workweek and facing a to-do list that goes on for a mile, I knew I needed some chocolate therapy.

These babies are soooo easy to make. Simply bake up your favorite brownie recipe (the one I used is below), cut into little rectangles, freeze, then dip them in chocolate and sprinkles. Ta-da! A stress reliever at its finest.

I wanted to name these chocolate covered brownies, but that would be a lie. they are only dipped. It was darn near impossible to fully dip them in the chocolate and still have them look cute, trust me!

** click here for the brownie recipe and updated photos 




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