Engagement Photos.

©2013 Megan Beth Photography www.meganbeth.com

©2013 Megan Beth Photography www.meganbeth.com

Today I’m taking a quick break from Sally’s Cookie Palooza to show you something special.

Let’s rewind to January 26th 2013. Kevin and I took a trip to Deep Creek Lake, MD to get away from real life for a weekend. We stayed at Haley Farm Bed & Breakfast, a cozy little spot on a farm. Deep Creek had a snowy blizzard earlier that week.


We planned to take a trip to Swallow Falls State Park to snap some pictures of the snowy waterfall.


Kevin got down on one knee and the rest is history.

Our wedding is September 20th, 2014 and we’re getting married in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA where I grew up. Even though I begged, Jude is not allowed to attend. 🙁

Megan Beth is our incredible wedding photographer and we had our engagement photos taken last month in Queenstown, MD. I’m thrilled to share a few of them today!  Thank you so much, Megan, for capturing this very special time for us!

©2013 Megan Beth Photography www.meganbeth.com

©2013 Megan Beth Photography www.meganbeth.com

©2013 Megan Beth Photography www.meganbeth.com

©2013 Megan Beth Photography www.meganbeth.com

©2013 Megan Beth Photography www.meganbeth.com

©2013 Megan Beth Photography www.meganbeth.com

©2013 Megan Beth Photography www.meganbeth.com

Only 275 days to go. 🙂



  1. awwwww yayyyy!!! love them, sooo cute!

  2. Congratulations Sally! Beautiful pics x

  3. Love this! Love yous twos! Can’t wait for next September! So honored to photograph your beautiful love!!! Xo

  4. Really beautiful, Sally! So happy for you! And you are sharing your wedding date with my brother! 🙂 We’ll both be dressed up and at weddings that day! 😉

  5. Being a Marylander, you may be surprised that I didn’t make it up to Deep Creek Lake until August of this year for an extended weekend anniversary trip. I can see why it’s one of your favorite places in the world! We loved it too.

    All of the photographs are stunning! What a gorgeous backdrop in Queenstown and your ring? Wow!

    • Hey Jaime! You are so sweet. Thank you so, so much! Isn’t Deep Creek amazing? I love it there so much. And thank you for the kind comments about my ring!

  6. How has nobody asked why Jude can’t attend? 🙁 Why can’t Jude attend? That breaks my heart. :'(

    The pictures are gorgeous! I’m just saddened by the doggie thing.

    • I KNOW ERIN! No one thinks it’s a good idea that he’s there. He’s too big. Upsetting, I know. 🙁

      • Oh, goodness, no. If we were real life friends I’d be fighting tooth and nail to have Jude there. It’s YOUR wedding. I’ve never had a pet or kids (or even a real wedding! 🙁 ) but I imagine not having your dog there is like not having your kid there. Not cool.

        But on a brighter note, I just made your peanut butter cookies! YUM! 😀 Will write a review soon!

      • Nice! Love those PB cookies, Erin

  7. The pics are beautiful! Y’all look so very happy and in love. And can we talk about the trees? Amazing colors! Being in a happy marriage is such a gift and I’m so happy for y’all! Thanks for sharing such a special part of your lives.

  8. Hi I came across your pictures on pintrest, they look beautiful. My fiance and I are planning to take our photos November 22nd and was wondering what the date of your engagement photos were. Thank you

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