Photo A Day, May.


Welcome back to my Photo A Day posts! I’m posting this from sunny, breezy Breckenridge Colorado. Kevin lived here for quite some time before we met… skiing, snowboarding, biking, etc. As a little “pre-wedding madness” vacation, he’s showing me around his beautiful old home. It’s that weird time of year after winter when it’s not busy, but before the summer vacationers get here. It’s peaceful and perfect right now.

Let’s rewind to the rest of May, though. The month I had my 2nd TV appearance, celebrated my best bud’s wedding in Mexico, turned 29, perfected cookie cutter sugar cookies, and frequently drank margaritas. But hey, what else is new?!

(I’m posting this with 1 day left in the month, I know. But tomorrow we’re going white water rafting!)

May 1. Riviera Maya, Mexico.

Riviera Maya

May 2. Kristen & Seth’s wedding day! The hottest day in Riviera Maya that week – over 100 degrees. You can imagine how we looked after dancing for 6 hours straight at night…

May Photo A Day

May 3.

Riviera Maya

May 4.


May 5. These are GOOD. (from Trader Joes)

Trader Joes Coconut Cashews

May 6. Made my Pineapple Upside-Down Cake for my future MIL’s birthday. Huge hit, as always. This is one of my most favorite cakes to make!

Pineapple Upside Down Cake by

May 7. My bud Erin got a new puppy. He’s a 2 month year old Golden Doodle named Chips. I petsit during the day while Erin is at work. If you follow me on IG, you know I’m obsessed.

Photo A Day May

May 8.

Photo A Day May

May 9. From Target.

Bride Tank

May 10.

Photo A Day May

May 11. Whoops.

May 12. A little dessert.

Funfetti Sugar Cookie Cake by

May 13. Lunch.

Baked BBQ Chicken Fingers

May 14.

Photo A Day May

May 15. From etsy. Going to spruce it up with a blue ribbon of sorts.

Bridal Hanger

May 16. My wild Friday evening.

Photo A Day May

May 17. Treated myself. I rarely shop for anything besides groceries and food props. It was a total splurge, I know.

Tory Burch cross body purse

May 18. Tested scone recipes all weekend (so exciting, I know). Landed on the perfect fruity scone recipe. Tender, moist, easy.

Strawberry Lemon Poppy Seed Scones

May 19. BBQ chicken pizza from TJ’s. Not quite as tasty as my homemade version, but easy for a quick dinner on a lazy night.

Photo A Day May

May 20. 4 months! Photo by

©2013 Megan Beth Photography

May 21. Took the afternoon off for a trip to the river!

May Photo A Day

May 22. A bday present to myself. Turquoise wedges (low- about 1 inch); you pay for their comfort. I wore them for 8 hours walking around and they didn’t hurt at all. Cute, too.

May Photo A Day

May 23. Prepping many tie-dye cakes and cupcakes for tomorrow.

How to Make Tie-Dye Cake and Cupcakes

May 24. My second TV appearance in Baltimore in the morning, cake tasting in Philly in the evening. Our bakery is Bredenbeck’s in Chestnut Hill. A family favorite for as long as I can remember.

Photo May

May 25. Can’t be trusted!


May 26. Finally! A perfected sugar cookie recipe I feel confident enough about sharing. These are a must try!

Soft Cut Out Sugar Cookies by

May 27. My bday! All I did was clean, schedule a few posts, pack, and enjoy some cookies and brews.

May 28. Got to Breckenridge safe and sound. Walked around town a bit in the 0% humidity (it is SO nice) 70 degree weather. Stopped at Mary’s Mountain Cookies per the suggestion of some Instagram followers. Split the “Cookie Dough Delight” which is incredibly dense, but worth every bite.

Cookie Dough Delight

And here is my homemade version!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Sandwiches for cookie dough lovers! Easy recipe at

May 29. Hiked up Mt. Royal in Frisco. (And my legs are killing me this morning – it takes so much energy to exercise at 10,500 feet when you are not adjusted to the altitude change!)


May 30. I took this the other day, but here is the hotel where we stayed the past 2 nights. Marriott’s Mountain Valley Lodge – so affordable this time of year. For the rest of the trip, we are staying with friends in Fairplay CO.


May 31. Tomorrow we’re going white water rafting! My first time. Have you ever been?

Q: What have you been up to the past month?

Q: Any summer vacations planned?


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  1. Hi Sally,

    You’ve had a lovely month! About May 6th photo…your fave to make, MY fave to eat…wow, hubby & I we SO impressed with how this turned out for our Easter dinner…who needed dinner?!

    Here’s the answer to your first question….I’ve been packing for a HUGE move from Massachusetts to California! All while either icing or heating due to some sciatic pain.

    And the answer to question #2 is…that IS my summer vacation! haha

    Driving across the country with my hubby of 40 YEARS! Yes, that happened this month as well….on our way to kids and grandkids…can’t wait!

    Will miss friends on the east coast but as my hubby says, “You don’t have to shovel sunshine!”


    • Good luck with your huge move Debbi! I love that.. you don’t have to shovel sunshine. What an exciting new adventure for you.

  2. Chips is adorable! oh, and I love those wedges 😉

  3. Sally, I love these month re-caps! They are always so fun to read and I love the pictures. Erin’s new dog is adorable! Does Jude get along well? That’s fun to have two dogs during the day! Love your new purse and the turquoise wedges. Have fun water rafting tomorrow!

  4. It looks like it has been a good month. Lovely pics!

  5. Adorable pictures, Sally. I love your purse and your hanger is so cute!
    Great post 😉

  6. Hey Sally, packing up HUGE for a, well, HUGE trip. I have a family reunion to go to and much, much, more. Your recipes will make bearable.

  7. I heart those wedges too. I’ve never been white water rafting, but my cousins say it’s fun.

  8. Colorado is beautiful! I have a sister who lives there. And Chips is so cute!
    I bet you LOVE watching him! Have fun white water rafting! 😉

  9. May was definitely a great month for you! So many new exciting wedding things, hard to score recipes, and TONS of travel! You are a lucky, lucky Birthday girl :o)

    I don’t have any summer vacations planned, unfortunately, but I hope to make my way to Jersey shore for some day trips!!! And I’ve been looking on Craigslist for some last minute vacation deals. You never know!!!

  10. You had a packed month of fun! Love the puppy you babysit, love those wedges too! I have never been white water rafting so I am looking forward to hearing about your adventure. Have fun!!

  11. I have my cake tasting at Bredenbecks on Saturday! Your photos are gorgeous! Enjoy the rest of your vacation! What a beautiful time of year to be out west (although, I feel like it is always a good time of year for a Colorado vacation)

    • Enjoy the cake tasting! We are going with two different flavors for the layers (you can get a different one for each layer). Have fun! The cakes are incredible.

  12. Love CO! Been there about 3 times now to visit family who live in Winter Park and Denver 🙂

  13. Hi Sally!

    We have pics from Maggie Pond from last year.
    We vacation in Breckenridge every year. We just arrived Wednesday and we would LOVE to meet you. I am sure you are busy, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to ask. I am the one who commented (on your birthday post) about my daughter having the same birthday (your cookbook is in her hope chest) and “needing” more copies for daughter in laws for my boys some day. I told our kids you were here in Breck and immediately it was, “Can we meet her?!”

    They always ask if my dessert,etc is from “miss Sally” and it usually is and gets the response of, “well you know it’s going to be good if it from Sally.” Or something. Along those lines.

    I know it’s a stretch but we would be thrilled to meet you! 🙂

    • Hey Kelly! Yes, I saw that comment and got your sweet email a few minutes ago. Too funny you and the family are also here this weekend! Great weather, right? We actually just checked out this morning and are heading to Fairplay for the remainder of the weekend. So sorry to have missed you guys! Thanks for wanting to meet up though. I feel pretty cool having readers eager to meet me. 🙂 makes my day.

  14. eeeeeee what an amazing month!!! Love it!!!

    (I totally almost bought that bride tank from Target!)

  15. Been white water rafting and it’s a blast! And in CO you will dry out fast.
    Been to Fairplay to shop and eat

  16. Hi sally!!!
    I loved all your photos. I have to try your sugar cookie recipe soon. I have the same problem as you did.
    I have been busy with my next to last quarter of school and getting things settled with my dad’s things since he has passed away on the 18th. I am back in school and in the process of planning and making 3 birthday cakes for 2 year old twins Sunday. They will be very Hungary caterpillar themed. One small caterpiller ( that one is a cupcake cake) a bigger fat caterpiller cake after he eats all the food then a butterfly cake.

    • I love the birthday cake theme, Lynn. So sorry to hear about your dad passing. Many thoughts and prayers for you and your family.

  17. Beautiful pics, shoes, pups!

  18. Colorado looks so gorgeous! I’m jealous! I hope you have a great time!

  19. These are so fun to read! I always am commenting in my head while I am reading and then I get down here and I can’t keep track of all my thoughts! But I love your green pants and blue wedges. And the fact that they are comfy! That hanger is too cute and what a great find. You had a great May, Sally, can’t wait for June!
    PS 100 degrees? No wonder you all danced all night! Its worth the wait when the sun finally sets and the cooler temps come in!

  20. Yay, it looks like you are having a fabulous Colorado trip so far! That last picture is especially beautiful; I have a thing for lamppost 😉 (Narnia, haha). Chips is adorable! The picture of him on his back is the cutest furry thing I’ve seen all week 🙂

  21. Heading to Nashville! Checking out restaurants online. Any suggestions?
    Wishing you more wonderful months like May!

    • Loveless Cafe is a classic for fried chicken, biscuits, and sides! Also, for amazing burgers (even a veggie black bean burger), check out The Pharmacy in East Nashville, and they are also a biergarten. Get brunch or lunch at Fido in Hillsboro Village 🙂

  22. OMG! I LOVE that purse! So cute and good for you for treating yourself! What a fun May…Mexico looks like so much fun! I think I’m going to do another photo a day JUNE!

  23. Hi Sally, I always love your Photo a Day post! I especially love the photo of Jude in the water. He looks so cute! We took our puppy swimming yesterday (the second time since she figured out how) and instead of fetching the stick we had thrown in the water, she dragged an entire tree branch back to shore. I still have no idea where she found it 🙂

    I’ve been white water rafting a few years ago in France with my two best friends and it was really cool! Our raft got stuck on a rock and I ended up in the water (soooo cold!), but it was a blast 🙂

    Have fun tomorrow!

  24. You always have great photos. I love this post. The ones of Colorado are gorgeous! We tend to go to places on a bit on the off season when things are quieter and you can do so much more for the buck.

  25. The BBQ chicken pizza from TJs is my favorite of their frozen pizzas! I keep one on hand in my freezer at all times for a back-up dinner option for me and my roommate if something ever goes wrong with cooking dinner 🙂 Have a great time whitewater rafting!

  26. Mexico and Colorado both look awesome. Love how neatly your cake samples were laid out, too!

    This month we have been trying to work out how we are going to get our massive new tent to Paris for this year’s summer holiday. Apparently it involves buying a trailer for the car and clearing out the garage in order to store it…

  27. Wow this month looks like it’s been a blast for you! Colorado looks so beautiful…I really want to go there. Have a great time white water rafting! 🙂

  28. Hi Sally, May looks like it has been a fabulous month for you! I am also looking after my friends golden doodle at the moment- she is called Rosie and is totally adorable! I hope June is good for you as well and have fun in Colorado!

  29. HI Sally,
    Thank for you stopping by Mary’s Mountain Cookies in Breckenridge, CO. We always love to hear feedback from other great bakers and fellow sweets lovers. 🙂 We appreciate you taking the time to tag our webstore on your blog. Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip and be sure to walk around the old South Park in Fairplay.

    Love and light to you,
    Chanell and Lucas (owners of Mary’s Mountain Cookies)

    • Your comment (and cookies!) made my day. We’re leaving Colorado today but when we are back in the winter, we’ll come say hi again and grab a few more cookies. Thanks for saying hi!

  30. Hi Sally!

    My wedding cake was from Bredenbeck’s, too! It was delish, as I’m sure you well know.

    When you’re back in town, hit up Mad Mex (there’s one in Philly and another–the one near me– in Willow Grove) for some margaritas. They have a bunch of cool flavors and do seasonal ones, to boot. My favorite is the peach, but I just checked their website and it looks like the one they have going now is blackberry rhubarb! You know what that means… MARGARITA TIME!

    Your trips all look gorgeous and fun. Glad you had such a fab month.


    • I’m originally from right around the willow grove area! But have never been to Mad Mex. We will definitely check it out. Thanks Natalie! So cool your cake was also from Bredenbecks.

  31. What an incredible month Sally!! So many fun things going on. I can’t believe it’s less than 4 months until your wedding — so happy for you and Kevin! And just as happy that you got to get away to peaceful Colorado and enjoy all of the beautiful scenery. I wouldn’t mind if you moved out there instead of back to your hometown; you’d be a lot closer and easier to visit! 😉

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