Photo A Day, June.


Welcome back to my Photo A Day posts. WHAT a month June was!

Let me sum it up…

  • Ran/power walked 102 miles
  • Had my bridal shower
  • Had 2 book signings and met some amazing readers
  • Am going crazy with wedding planning
  • We found a home in Philly!!
  • And we are in the middle of packing up our apartment

It doesn’t look like much in a little list, but everything all at once is quite a lot! I just gotta remember to breathe. Breathe breathe breathe. And wine wine wine.

Moving day is July 8th! I’m really going to miss Baltimore, where I went to college and my home for 9 years. We’re moving to Philly because Kevin got a new job up there, and it’s where I’m from. We’ll live right outside the city down the street from a few friends.

By the way… and this is the coolest thing ever… I will have two ovens in our new giant kitchen. Did you read that? TWO ovens. (I’m a dork.)


June 1. FairPlay, Colorado. Our last day of vacation there.

June photo a day-33


June 2. Vacation detox.

June photo a day-20


June 3. My bridal shower invite. My sis created it on

Bridal Shower Invite


June 4. A daily reminder to not let others’ opinions bring you down.

June photo a day-40


June 5.

June photo a day-26


June 6. Hike with the boys.

June photo a day-23


June 7. Kevin… always excited about selfies.

June photo a day-5


June 8. Making a few new photo boards using Lindsay’s tutorial. You can see the finished green one in the first photo here.

June photo a day-25


June 9.

June photo a day-30


June 10. Makin’ some sweet glorious pie.

June photo a day-22


June 11. Yes, these exist. Yes, they’re amazing.

June photo a day-39


June 12. House hunting in Philly. Do you have Wawa near you?? Obsessed.

June photo a day-24


June 13. 

June photo a day-27


June 14.

June photo a day-28


June 15. Happy Father’s Day!

June photo a day-18


June 16. Erin’s golden doodle puppy, Chips. He looks like a stuffed animal in real life, too.

June photo a day-21


June 17. Jude’s pool.

June photo a day-19


June 18. Mixing up my famous cookies for the book signing.

June photo a day-17


June 19. My first official book signing in Baltimore. Thank you to all of my friends and readers who came to see me!



June 20. If there’s a cheese plate on the menu, I’m ordering it.

June photo a day-29


June 21. Barcocina in Baltimore (Fells Point) – go there.

June photo a day-12


June 22. I had a goal to run/power walk 100 miles in June and I reached it! Plus 2 extra miles. I plan to have the same goals for July and August. So, 300 miles before the wedding. I know, I’m insane. But hard work pays off!

Anyone want to join me in this July 100 mile challenge?

June photo a day-31


June 23. My 2nd batch of healthy popsicles in 3 days.

June photo a day-13


June 24. My 2nd book signing in Frederick, MD. Thank you to the many, many readers who came to see me! Some came all the way from Virginia. You are truly amazing.

June photo a day-10


June 25.

June photo a day-9


June 26. Whoops!

June 27.

June photo a day-7


June 28. Got this tank from etsy.

June photo a day-8


June 29. The BEST day of the month! My bridal shower.



June 30. This is crab bruschetta flatbread – leftovers from dinner out. Oh my gosh, I have to recreate this at home!!

June photo a day-3



Q: What have you been up to the past month?

Q: Any fun 4th of July plans?

See more bites of real life.




  1. I love these posts! I enjoyed reading it while eating my last blueberry streusel muffin & tea. Congrats on all the exciting milestones. You’re absolutely right about those peanut butter cup Oreos. Normally, I’m not a fan of store-bought cookies, but those were gone in record time!

    • I love those blueberry muffins Sarah. And we normally don’t purchase cookies from the store either (homemade always wins!) but I couldn’t contain myself. Those Oreos are amazing!

  2. You are so stinkin’ cute!

    I’m trying to cook healthier so I have unsubscribed to all of my blogs except the “healthy” ones – but I will never give up (and it doesn’t hurt that you post good-for-you recipes, too). On weekends I have cheat treats and that means one SBA recipe. My last one was your pumpkin coffee cake, and my next one will be your Funfetti Sugar Cookie Cake (I cannot wait). My family and friends are always happy to hear that I am making a recipe from “that Sally blog.”

    Good luck and congrats on your upcoming wedding!!!


    • You are absolutely the sweetest reader in the world. Thank you Anna! For continuing to follow my blog, even though 75% of my recipes don’t fall into your diet plan. But it’s ok to treat yourself and you are picking some GREAT recipes to bake for the weekends. Haha “that sally blog” – too funny! Let me know any more recipes you try.

  3. I love these posts. Each item on that list is pretty big!!

  4. On June 10, did you make that board too? If so, how did you get that dark brown color?

    • Yes – I stained the board per Lindsay’s tutorial then painted it brown and used a sanding block on it.

  5. I love the picture a day. My friend is doing a second video a day. Wonderful way to reflect 😀

  6. It was my Birthday on the 12th! Had some friends over, watched the Call and ate chocolate!

  7. Really?! That little list sounded pretty hectic to me! You’ve been busy, but it sounds like all good fun!

    Good luck with moving – I hope July treats you as well as June appears to have.

  8. you are so busy! congrats!

  9. SO excited for your move — and even more excited for your double oven!! Your kitchen looks so spacious, and I’m sure you’re going to create even more mouthwatering treats there. I really hope the move goes smoothly, and I’ll be thinking about you guys on Tuesday!

    P.S. I love how you had ice cream (or frozen yogurt?) with all those peanut buttery Reese’s pieces on my birthday! 🙂

  10. Dear Sally, you are such a talented girl, have just discovered your blog and love it. All the best for you in your new home may it be filled with love &happiness. I am a grandma who is freezing cold in Australia! I do enjoy reading blogs, it is like the penfriends I had as a child. Think this Grandma has a severe addiction to Cooking Blogs!

  11. If I run/walk 100 miles a month, can I have all the desserts I want? 🙂 Of course!

    Congrats on the move. I love your blog, and my family loves that I love it!

    • You are obviously entailed to all the desserts you want after 100 miles each month!! That’s my mindset anyway.

  12. I’m new to this blog, but I love the idea of photo a day! Nice pictures, too.

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