1 Month.

It has been 1,069 days since I met the man I’m going to marry. Who, three months later, encouraged me to start a blog and emailed all of his friends to follow it.

(Even though none of them care about baking.)

Sally and Kevin


It has been 1 year, 6 months, and 25 days since the best day of my life.



And it is exactly 1 month before the bestest best day of my life. 9/20/14


©2013 Megan Beth

And I don’t know how I got this lucky.


So Far…

My bridal shower was beautiful, my bachelorette was epic. I found the hairstyle I love and a hairpiece to make me feel extra special. My wedding dress is the 2nd dress I tried on and will hang on a very special hanger. I’m wearing my wedding shoes as I type this (gotta break them in!!). My maids of honor are my sisters, my bridesmaids are my future sisters and my dear friend Amy. Their dresses are gorgeous. Our rehearsal dinner is planned,  the honeymoon is booked. Maui & Kauai, here we come!

We decided to keep the bridal party small and mostly family. I have a handful of close friends who are a huge part of the big day though – doing readings in the church, helping with programs, getting ready in the bridal suite with me.

Many of my very good friends in the blog world threw me a surprise virtual bridal shower earlier this month. I was incredibly surprised and so touched to have so many wonderful friends come together to celebrate. Check out all the recipes they made! JaclynAnna, TessaLauren, Kate, Jamielyn, Cassie, DorothyAverie, Carrian, Roxana, Chung-Ah, Jennie, Christi, Monique, & Hayley. Thank you all again. :)


Something Old, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

When I was born, I received a white lace bonnet from my parents’ friend. We are turning it into a handkerchief to be wrapped around my wedding bouquet. I’m wearing my mom’s diamonds. My shoes are blue. With sparkle. ;)


Right Now

We’re currently putting the finishing touches on everything from choosing the band’s songs, seating arrangements, buying little details like dancing shoes (!!!), ceremony readings, and what feels like 1 million other things.

I’ve been running and practicing yoga more often these days not only because the wedding day is so close, but because they both keep me centered. When I feel overwhelmed with wedding details and keeping up with this blog – I go for a run. I feel overwhelmed 99% of the time, so I’m already at 92 miles this month. Trust me, I’m shocked too. And when I run more, I want to eat healthier. It’s a win-win-win at this point.

Brides: if you want your skin to glow on the big day, drink this all the time. I’m beginning to swear by it. There’s also something about drinking green smoothies that makes you feel like the healthiest person in the world.


Mind Over Matter

If there is one thing I learned during all of this wedding planning – it is that you can control your attitude. Planning a wedding can be exceptionally high pressure and you have zero control over when and how things are going to happen. But you can control your attitude during the journey. And believe me, it’s much more enjoyable to at least try to be pleasant and positive! And plus, the only thing that matters is you are getting married. ♥ 

Ok, is it September 20th yet?!




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    estherposted September 19, 2014 at 12:20 pm

    happy wedding weekend! I hope it is as wonderful as you imagined it would be!! congrats!


    • Sallyreplied on September 22nd, 2014 at 8:06 pm

      Thank you Esther!


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