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Flooded Apartment

Thank you to all of my readers who have reached out to me with an outpouring of love during this very stressful week. Your prayers, emails, tweets, messages, and comments have meant the world to Kevin and I. Before I get back to work with some new recipes for you, I’d like to quickly share a few photos from our apartment flood this week.

Apartment flood

One day after the coldest day Baltimore has seen in decades (3 degrees F, wind chill -16 degrees F), the pipes in our ceiling froze.

The next day, as the sun warmed up around 2pm – the pipes burst and flooded our apartment. We were forced to get all our stuff out– NOW!– with water dripping everywhere, no electricity, and no heat within a few hours and move.

Below, you can see the water coming up the walls (on the bottom to the right of the door) and down the wall above the ledge into our kitchen (top left).

Apartment flood-2

I don’t have it pictured, but our large kitchen light filled with water and exploded onto the ground, all over the counter and splashing water into the bottom cabinets.

That’s our carpet on the lawn and the bottom of the photo is our couch on the sidewalk. It was insanity.

Apartment flood-3

It’s quite one thing to move, but quite another to move without notice! Kevin called his friends and they came quickly to help us move our furniture and all of our belongings. No time to pack, just throw things together and walk them down the sidewalk and up the stairs to the new home, which is about 200 feet away.

They turned the electricity off in our apartment, so we had no light or heat when we moved. Overnight, restoration contractors came with flood pumpers to suck out all of the water. They tore out the drywall and ceiling.

Apartment flood-5

This is the kitchen today.

Apartment flood-4

This was our kitchen. As tiny as it was, I loved it. I wrote my cookbook here. 🙁

Apartment flood-6

During situations like this, I always think to myself… worse things happen to better people.

There is a silver lining. A few, actually.

  • We are safe and sound.
  • We have renter’s insurance.
  • We had a new apartment within an hour.

Our new apartment finally has running water and the internet is up and running. I have some baking to do for a friend’s engagement party today. Fingers crossed for a similar oven!

Thanks again for all your thoughts and prayers.



  1. i am really impressed how brave you are in this situation, like you say, worst things can happen but still, this is something. I would probably crawl in a ball on my wet carpet…. I am really glad to read you are all set and ready to start fresh !

  2. What a nightmare! So sorry you had to walk through this but I am amazed at your upbeat attitude and positive spirit!

  3. You poor guys! Let this be the worst you see in 2014. Upwards and onwards from here!

  4. hi ms. sally sorry to hear about that kind of catastrophe! just keep yourself warm and safe in this winter season. take care always! ♥♥♥

  5. Oh my gosh!! I’m so glad you were able to be moved into a new apartment quickly.

  6. Just adding my voice to the already many, that hope that this is the worst that 2014 has to offer you, and it is onwards and upwards, with better times in the future…
    btw, it is more likely the pipes froze and split when the water inside expanded, during the cold, and that when they warmed up, the water came tumbling down… been there in the 1950’s ;-( not fun memories…. but like today, in years to come this too will become memories, of friends and family pulling together during a tough time… smiles, ok…. think your 3 points of positives, is great 😉

  7. Oh no!!! That sounds like a nightmare but so glad you were able to move into another apartment right away! Also, props for writing this in a non-whiny (dare I say inspirational?!) way. I really admire your ability to stay positive–you’re a true role model!

    • Thanks Erika. I am not about to let a flood bring down my spirits. Things could have been much, much worse! Thanks for the kind words.

  8. oh no Sally! That’s too bad! Thankfully you lot are safe and sound and that’s what matters! I hope things get back to normal in a few days for you and then you can laugh about it for years to come! 🙂

  9. So, SO sorry to see this! I’m glad that you are safe, and that you are getting settled into your new place. Things can only go up from here, right? Stay positive…and eat some peanut butter! 🙂

  10. sally, i happened upon your website researching cheesecake bars (i’ll be trying 3 of your recipes later this week), when i came across this. i’m so sorry this happened to you! not only is your home, well, your home, but it’s also where you work — to lose a place as special to you as your kitchen must have been so traumatic. your positive attitude is an inspiration — best to you and yours in your new place!

  11. Oh my goodness Sally I am so terribly sorry! What an awful ordeal; but again thank goodness you and your loved ones are safe. It’s always so tough when things like this happen at home (where we feel safest) but you are a tough cookie and will get through this! I know it. Sending much love and support. <3

  12. I can imagine the stress and sadness you went through. But I’m hoping you are liking your new apartment. Just think, all new memories in the new home. 🙂
    Blessings to you.

  13. We have the same couch! 🙂 So glad it turned out well for you guys. Such an unexpected disaster.

  14. Sally!

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and Kevin! I love your recipes and I’ve downloaded quite a few. I thought I should support your work and went to Amazon to order your cookbook (plus two copies for my daughters) and popped on to your blog to write you a note when I saw the pictures of the flood.

    Sending good thoughts your way,

    Nancy O’Connell

  15. Hey Sally,

    I’m sorry to hear about what happen to you last week. But I’m glad they moved you quickly into a new place. I hope everything is starting to settle down and I’ll keep y’all in my prays!

    God Bless,

  16. Hi Sally,

    So good to know that you guys are all okay. I wish you both the very best. God bless you !!!

    Love- neha

  17. I’m many days late in hearing about this, but so sorry it happened. Will be keeping you both in my thoughts. Let us know if there’s anything we can do to help!

  18. Hi Sally, I don’t know how I missed this, but I’m so sorry this happened to you. I’m even sadder about it because not only are you one of my favorite food bloggers, but because this disaster struck you on my birthday! (And that’s probably how I missed the update!) I’m so happy that your leasing office was so quick and helpful…your livelihood depends on having a working kitchen and internet! (If the pipes ever burst in my office and destroyed all my books, I’d be screwed and completely heartbroken.) So thankful that everything worked out okay for you! 🙂

    • Thank you SO much Erin! I really, really appreciate it. We are doing much better these days. All settled into the new place!

  19. Well, I’m new here and just read the post about your pipes freezing and bursting! Glad you were able to move so fast and that everything lined up for you. Great way to start off the new year huh? Hope everything is going well for you in your new place. I’m off to bake some muffins!!

    • Thanks so much Debra. Things are looking much brighter this month! I appreciate the kind words. Not the best way to start a year is right!

  20. Wow, that was some tremendous damage done to your apartment. It is good to hear that you are getting the help you need. I hope you are back on your feet soon.

  21. Sally, I am so so sorry about your flood!  I was just checking out your St. Lucian pics and saw this post.  OMG!  So glad you and Kevin are okay and that you got your belongings out safely.  Have a great time at your Sis’s wedding and try to put the flood behind you.


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