Addictive Recipes from a Self-Taught Baker

Saturday Seven.

7 easy summer recipes on like Lemon Sweet Rolls, Chocolate Donuts, Detox Smoothies, and more!

Welcome back to my Saturday Seven series. A little sweet-tooth weekend tribute to a few favorite recipes.

I’ve been baking up a storm in my kitchen the past two weeks, making sure I have enough recipes and material for you during the few weeks before the wedding and when I’ll be on my honeymoon (Hawaii!). Let’s just say I’ve gone through about 10 cans of pumpkin, a dozen apples, 5 bags of chocolate chips, and more pounds of butter than I can count. Grocery store workers must think I’m a loony when I check out with 12 lbs of butter.

But before I get to all of those new recipes, let’s take a walk down memory lane. Some of the following recipes are ones I make on the regular, others are recipes I’m demanded to make on the regular, and the last recipe today comes with the label “if you haven’t made it yet, you haven’t lived.”

By the way, I just had these made for our wedding day. Ha! I’m obsessed. You can custom design them, add clipart, different font, different colors, etc. The world is your… koozie.

Custom Beer Coozies for Wedding Day


Alright, here are 7 oldie but goodie recipes you’ve gotta try soon:

Soft & Thick Snickerdoodles. My basic recipe for the classic snickerdoodle cookie. These are ready in only 25 minutes. Oh, and try stuffing them with Snickers bars. Yes.

The BEST Snickerdoodle Cookies - ready in only 25 minutes!


Mom’s Seasoned Pretzels – one of my most requested recipes. If I’m going to a party, these have to come along. In fact, I think my friends are more excited to see these seasoned pretzels than me.

Seasoned Pretzels - so addicting! These always disappear.


Lemon Sweet Rolls are all kinds of amazing on Saturday mornings. In the summer. Preferably at the beach with coffee in hand. But standing at the counter eating straight from the pan works too. We don’t pass judgement here at SBA.

Fluffy and soft Lemon Sweet Rolls topped with Cream Cheese Frosting. You will fall in love with their sunshine-sweet flavor!

Chocolate Covered Pretzels – in all shapes and sizes. There is never a wrong time for these salty/sweet treats. My bridesmaids know how much I love them too – they were a dessert at my bridal shower.

Chocolate Covered Pretzels by


Detox Smoothie. You might want it after all the chocolate covered pretzels you’re going to eat. Bonus: it doesn’t taste like vegetables.

Detox Smoothie Recipe


Reese’s Peanut Butter White Chocolate Bark. It has been WAY to long since I’ve made this and I’m changing that this weekend. It takes zero/zip/zilch effort to make, too.

Reese's Pieces White Chocolate Bark by Sallys Baking Addiction


Glazed Chocolate Donut Holes. Stop reading. Start baking these.

Glazed Chocolate Donut Holes


Q: Have you tried any of these recipes? Thoughts?

Q: Any fun plans this weekend?




  1. That back though…. I couldn’t make it without having it disappear and having my waistline expand 5 inches! Have a awesome few weeks, and enjoy every moment! I’m so happy for you and wish you and Kevin the best!

  2. I LOVE the coozie! So cute. I haven’t baked any of these recipes, but I certainly intend to! Thank you for sharing. The chocolate donut holes are taunting me! My weekend plans will consist of Pyrex shopping, baking, cooking and spending time with family. Have a great weekend Sally!

  3. I’m totally making the Soft & Thick Snickdoodles with Snickers – genius idea, Sally! As usual. Your recipes never disappoint.

    Plans this weekend = finishing up a great vacation I’m currently on 🙂

    Enjoy your weekend as well!

    • These are the best Snickerdoodles ever. I tried your recipe about 8 or 9 months ago after trying many, many over the years. I am a long-time baker and friends and family love them. BTW, I omit the cinnamon to get a plain sugar cookie and those are great too.

      Enjoy the final weeks heading to your wedding and have a wonderful day! Take lots of pictures.

  4. I love the lemon sweet rolls and snickerdoodles best, but this is a great collection! I doubt grocery-store workers think too hard about all of the butter you buy; I’m sure other people come in a buy a year’s worth of steaks or Kleenex or something 😉

  5. I actually tried the snickerdoodles several months back… Amazing! They were the first snickerdoodles I ever made! Is that weird?

  6. Looking forward to making those doughnut holes! Been planning it for a while and they look SO good. And hey, recently I was spotted buying up 5 pounds of meatballs for a big birthday party so don’t even worry that people think you’re weird. They still think that though 😉

  7. eeeee your wedding is coming so soon! yay!

  8. I made your snickerdoodles this past Christmas and they were SO good. I know a lot of snickerdoodle cookies just taste like chocolate chip sans chips, so I like the fact yours taste like AUTHENTIC snickerdoodles!

    I looooove the coozies! The quote is TOO cute and spot on ;o)

    • I know what you mean about snickerdoodles just tasting like chipless CCC’s. And I agree, those are the real deal. Thanks for reporting back about them, Laur!

  9. Thank you for all the nice recipes.

  10. I have made the smoothie, and the pretzels. (love those things, so did my Mom).
    The next one I am dying to try is the PB white chocolate bark. I LOVE PEANUT BUTTER! I always know what website to check out for PB recipes. ;))
    I love the cup holders, and am so excited for you and your upcoming wedding! I hope all is going smoothly! 😉

  11. So jealous of your honeymoon destination! We went to the Big Island last year and loved it. If you’re on the Big Island, make sure you do a night dive or snorkel with manta rays!

  12. These all look so delicious! I’m going back home to England today after spending 3 weeks in Chicago visiting my dad, always feels nice to be able to go home after a long vacation. Have a great weekend 🙂

  13. Yesterday I made the Peanut Butter Butterfinger Oatmeal Cookies — ANOTHER W O W recipe from you! The recipe said it made 24 cookies, but there were actually over 4 dozen, which was a good thing! Did I make the cookies too small? AND the recipe called for milk chocolate chips but I only had semi-sweet. What’s your opinion on substituting one kind of chip for another in recipes?

    • Subbing semi sweet for milk chocolate is just fine, in any recipe. As long as you like the kind of chip you are using, of course. I always sub for what I have on hand. I like to use dark chocolate chips in most recipes calling for semi-sweet. Anyway, maybe you rolled the cookies too small. That’s not a bad thing! No one ever cried about too many cookies. 😉 You can always freeze any leftovers for up to 3 months. Enjoy!

  14. I only subscribed to your blog a couple of weeks ago but I wanted you to know I made the Puppy Chow (w/ Nutella) and took it to a party of seniors. Everyone loved it and I was asked to share the recipe which I did, and a gave you credit. so one recipe down and next time I think I will make your Seasoned Pretzels. Happy Wedding Day

  15. Ahhh I just saw those chocolate glazed “munchkins” this week and put them on my “to make” list! Cannot wait!!!
    And love the coozies! Cute idea!

  16. I’ve already tried the Sweet lemon rolls and the Glazed chocolate donut munchkins…I always make recipes low fat and egg-free (I use flax seed, I don’t like eggs) and recipes come out great, so I can’t imagine how good they would be using all the butter…!!!! My next bake will be the Very Vanilla Cupcakes, I’m gonna stuff them with a little white chocolate square and instead of making buttercream I’ll give them a sweet condensed milk glaze with some vanilla seeds! Congrats for your wedding, wish you, and Kevin and Jude lots of luck, love, and “sprinkles” of happiness. Have you decided the flavor of your wedding cake??? Peanut butter??? Please let us know and post pictures of everything!
    Big hug,
    Angie (Denia, Spain)

    • Yes I will absolutely share all the wedding desserts on my blog after the wedding. I’m not making any of them myself (WAY too much work and that’s the last thing I want the few days before my wedding) – but the cake flavor is raspberry and chocolate.

  17. You need to get some sort of a baker’s deal on butter. I took a cake decorating class at a bakery last month and the owner keeps bazillions of pounds of butter on racks! That should be your house. Kevin would be thrilled, right?
    Love the pics! And enjoy this time. Great career, wedding on the horizon. What fun!

  18. Finishing up a weekend in OCNJ and getting on my pumpkin recipes pronto for time I’ll be away in October! None of these guys are on my list, but your cinnamon buns are, FOR SURE. I’ve been meaning to make them but I’m afraid to. Well… My butt is afraid to… Eesh. {{reasons I work out}}

  19. Mmmmmm… I don’t even know where to start, but I will definitely be trying these out soon!
    Congrats on the wedding! Will Jude get to participate? Ring bearer, maybe?
    Bring back some inspiration from Hawaii!

    • I wish! 🙁 He’s not allowed in the church or reception venue. Very upsetting! We’re currently trying to find a dog sitter.

  20. I am a new follower, and I must say first Congratulations on soon to be the most fantastic day of your life.
    I came across your blog or website rather, by accident and I am so happy I did. Your recipes are wonderful. Im a huge hit at the office. And my kids say im the best mom ever. Love, love, love your website. Keep up the great work. Happy baking ♡♡♡♡

    • Thank you so much for the sweet words Robin!! I really appreciate it. Thank you for following. Let me know any recipes you try!

  21. This was my favorite time before the wedding – the last minute preps. Of course the wedding day was amazing and let’s not start on the honeymoon. Enjoy every second. I want those seasoned pretzels followed by the chocolate donut holes and then maybe some more pretzels. So yummy!!

    • Thanks Emily. I’m glad you said that you enjoyed these moments right now just before the wedding. I’m trying to just have fun with everything and not get overwhelmed!

  22. I went to the store ASAP this morning to buy stuff for the pretzels and the doughnut holes(side note…my two year old managed to lock himself in the car while I was getting the supplies and him in the car) needless to say we made the pretzels already and they are about half gone. My little guy he had lots of fun smelling all the spices and shaking up the bag . The doughnuts will be made tonight as a thank you for my husband who came to our rescue in the grocery store parking lot. Thanks for sharing your love for baking and I look forward to trying many many more of your recipes and I’m excited I found a new blog to follow!

    • Andrea, I’m so glad your son is OK! And that your husband was able to swoop in and save him. And you from losing your mind, I’m sure. Enjoy those donuts tonight!

  23. I have made so many of your recipes and my family just loves almost everything! My cookies ALWAYS turn out so pretty now! Nice and poofy and they taste amazing. I have requests for (your) recipes all the time and always refer them to your blog. And to be fair…. I always give you credit, too!! Not sure which recipe I’m going to make first off this list 🙂 Thanks for all the tips and ideas – I pass them along.

  24. Hi Sally,
    Of the recipes listed here i’ve only tried the snickerdoodles so far & they were fantastic!! I just LOVE cinnamon!! I’m dying to try the donut holes! And those seasoned pretzels too (not to mention, the recent snickerdoodle blondies)….. Also, i made the glazed lemon loaf from your book yesterday & it was sooooooo goooood!!! Very moist & with just the right amount of lemon! So much baking to do, so little time……..

    • Thanks Austria! I love that lemon loaf recipe so much. It’s the perfect treat for the warm weather. And you are going to love the seasoned pretzels. And chocolate donuts and the snickerdoodle blondies. Haha I see a lot of baking in your near future! Let me know how you like them all.

  25. Hi Sally,

    I just wanted to say that I absolutely love your website. I originally came across it when looking for a cookie recipe and it’s been my go-to dessert site since then. The website itself and your food presentation makes me hungry with all the bright colours (I too have a love of sprinkles), and the recipes are explained so carefully by discussing technique which I find really helpful. It sounds like you work hard while loving what you do – you’re living the dream! Thank you for sharing your love for baking.

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