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Saturday Seven.

7 simple recipes on like Strawberry Margaritas, Pumpkin Cheesecake Muffins, and Mint Chocolate Cupcakes!

Welcome back to my Saturday Seven series! Aka someplace I can throw a bunch of recipe ideas at you. My mind explodes with goodies I want you to make every week! Like these, this cookie dough pie, and you should really make these for all your girlfriends and pig out tonight… because that’s what I’ll be doing after spin class.

As if these beer koozies weren’t enough, I went ahead and ordered custom cocktail napkins for the big day. I got them in both pink and ivory. It’s all about the details, right? And I’m a sucker for cute details like this.

Do you like?

Custom Cocktail Napkins

One more thing. I’ve gotten a lot of questions about our wedding desserts. Obviously. We are having a giant smorgasbord of desserts. Huge. Including pink and orange macarons, assorted mini cupcakes (including carrot cake!), white chocolate raspberry wedding cake, and a candy bar with our favorite candies. And I’m not making any of it. Weeee!

We knew (I knew) the dessert menu 6 months before the dinner menu. Priorities.

pink gold glitter macarons

 (via Pinterest)

Enough rambling. Begin baking. Here are 7 recipes you’ve gotta try:

Peanut Butter Caramel Corn for all the peanut butter addict’s out there. This stuff is dangerous.

Peanut Butter Caramel Corn

Mint Chocolate Chip Cupcakes – I can, have, and always will eat this frosting with a spoon. Tastes like mint chocolate chip ice cream, but even better.

Simple Homemade Chocolate Cupcakes with Mint Chocolate Chip Frosting

Soft- Baked White Chocolate Cranberry Cookies – one of the best, if not THEE best, cookies of all time. And if you like coconut, try these white chocolate cranberry coconut macaroons. (say that 3 times fast)

White Chocolate Cranberry Cookies

Chocolate Truffle Energy Bites – get your chocolate fix without the sugar rush. 5 minutes to make and surprisingly GOOD.

Brownie Truffle Energy Bites by

Award-Winning Zucchini Bread – Kevin’s recipe won first place in the fair. And so, so many of you love this zucchini bread recipe too.

Award Winning Chocolate Chip Zucchini Bread

Pumpkin Cheesecake Muffins – just in case you’re welcoming fall early this year like I am.

Pumpkin muffins filled with cream cheese filling and topped with sweet cinnamon brown sugar streusel!

Strawberry Kiwi Margaritas – in case you want to hold onto every last ounce of summer. Mmm. I think I’ll make these tonight too.

Strawberry Kiwi Margaritas

Q: Have you tried any of these recipes? Thoughts?

Q: Any fun plans this weekend?



  1. Those napkins are so cute! What a fun idea. All of your wedding desserts sounds delicious, and I’m glad you get a break from baking them all 😉 I think the white-chocolate-chip craisin cookies are my favorite cookies of yours…hard to choose, of course, but they are SO good! 😀

    • They’re the BEST cookies! I need to make them again soon. It’s been too long. Hope you’re having a great weekend Caley!

  2. The pink macaroons are adorable! I usually can figure out what to make for dessert before I figure out what dinner will be, too! We have our priorities 🙂

  3. I’ve actually tried the Peanut Butter caramel corn… I made it for a party. So addicting! After half an hour the bowl was empty!

  4. I tried the zucchini bread-it was DELISH! So moist and flavourful, they were gone in an hour! I LOVE all of your recipes! And I’m definetely trying the margaritas tonight!

  5. LOVE the napkins and macaroons. Gorgeous! Thanks for all the other great recipe ideas too!

  6. I have tried the zucchini and bread! It was sooo good and tasted nothing like zuichines. My dad who hates zucchini loved this bread!

  7. Candy bar is such a great thing to have! We had a longer line at our candy bar than we did our ACTUAL bar, hahaha. Napkins = adorable. It really is the little details that make your wedding stand out from all the others. I can’t wait to see pictures of everything!
    And I started on the pumpkin already, for sure. I made my first official pumpkin recipe yesterday and I’m making another one today. Fall blog posts have been on my mind since Juneeeeee…

    • I can’t wait to show pictures of everything! Thanks for your excitement Lynn. It means a lot! I can’t wait for the candy bar myself. lol

  8. awwww your napkins and macarons are SO CUTE! yayyy the wedding is comin!

  9. Oh my YUM! That pumpkin cheesecake streusel masterpiece will have to be made this week. So glad I found your blog recently. Truly has become a favorite!

  10. I have made something super similar to your chocolate truffle energy bites… they’re fantastic! Those napkins are so cute! I have been to a wedding with a candy bar; who needs a dance floor when you have a candy bar, right????

  11. I can attest to the Zucchini bread being THE.BEST.EVER. The crumb topping could just have it’s own website and pretty much take over the internet. Haha! So good! Between this bread and your pumpkin crumb cake, I die. Just give me a fork and let me enjoy this rainy weekend infront of the TV.

  12. At first when you started talking about the desserts, I thought you were going to say you were making some…and I was like noooooo, save your sanity 🙂 So this is one time when NOT doing homemade is the best: on your wedding! Those glitter macs are gorgeous!

    I cannot believe it’s in like…28 days. Wow, SALLY!!! I remember when you weren’t even engaged. It doesn’t even feel like that long ago and I know you had a pretty long engagement of like 18 mos or so. I am so happy for you!

    • I can’t believe it’s so close too, Averie. Like, really really really close. We’ve been engaged longer than we dated! I’m exited to finally call him my husband.

  13. Those napkins are so adorable! I’m with you on planning dessert first, dessert is always more important! Sounds like you’ll have lots of yummy things at your wedding, hopefully you’ll be able to take a breather for a few minutes and enjoy some of them 🙂

  14. I got to say: it’s embarrassing how many times I’ve made those truffle bites now 😉

  15. Napkins are adorable..Paris is my favorite city and your pink macarons make me think of wonderful times there with my daughter..who is getting married in October.

    I’m new to your blog and love it. Your recipes are fantastic..I’m hard pressed to pick a favorite.

    Thank you for sharing your delicious creations..all the best on your upcoming best day ever. I will be celebrating the 39th anniversary of my Best Day Ever in October. I can only wish you the happiness we’ve had.


  16. I was just at Target and I had to share this with you: Nestle (at least, I’m 99% sure it was Nestle– I almost took a picture of it so I wouldn’t forget but then I thought, “Of course I won’t forget!” but now that I’m home, I’m doubting my memory. hahaha) has these new baking morsels– they’re chocolate chips stuffed with yummy stuff. They have peanut butter, caramel, and raspberry, among a couple others. I thought, “I MUST tell Sally about these!”

    Also, I recently had THE BEST macarons from Bouchon bakery in Yountville, CA. I tried the vanilla bean one which was great, but the salted caramel one? AHHHHHHHHH!!! SOOOOOO good! I love that you have macarons as a dessert option. So fun! You’re going to have such a lovely day! Woo hoo!

    I think you should make a paper chain to work your countdown–not that you need it since you know how many days/hours/minutes till “I do!”, but it’s just fun. I do paper chains for EVERYTHING. (I’m such a nerd.) But it’s so gratifying (and old school) to rip one of the rings off each day and see that countdown happening. I’ve got one going with my daughters right now for their first day of school. Ten more wake-up days!

    • Natalie, the paper chain idea is so cute! I bet your girls find it so exciting as they rip off the rings and the first day or school gets closer! Salted caramel macarons sound incredible. I believe our flavors are strawberry shortcake and orange creamsicle. Those baking morsels sound right up my alley! I *think* I spotted them the other day but didn’t take a close look. And I think it was Nestle, you’re right! I have to try them. The raspberry sounds right up my alley.

  17. It’s SO close now! So exciting! The napkins – love love them! The pink macaroons – stunning! The white chocolate raspberry wedding cake – aaaaamazing!

    • Anna, I knew you’d love the sounds of the wedding cake!! I’ll be sure to share photos of the entire dessert table. 🙂

  18. and those macaroons look sooo….. pretty sally , to pretty to eat i love them

  19. Those napkins are sooo cute! Can’t believe the wedding date is so close as well! It’s been a month or so since I did some baking and I really need to start baking again… Work has been a blip but I will definitely bake soon because I have so many blocks of butter sitting in the fridge. Hope you have a lovely day at your weeding!

  20. Oh my gosh having a variety of desserts at a wedding sounds like perfection! I’m not a huge fan of cake…I would honestly rather have a bunch of those little mints. Or cookies.

  21. I’ve made the zucchini bread and it was delicious! But also made those white choc cranberry cookies awhile back – amazing. I brought them while visiting friends out of town and they didn’t last long!

  22. Sally, I love those napkins. You paid so much attention to detail in all aspects of your wedding. And those macaroons??! OMG I love them. Whenever I go to Paris I hunt for those. BTW, is that edible glitter on them? What is the sparkle part? *and if you don’t mind, can you please post a pic of your shoes after your wedding? I think you mentioned they were blue a few posts ago and I’m dying to see them! haha

    Lots of love always. T c…enjoy your upcoming week

    • Hi Iram – I just found that macaron photo on Pinterest, but I will assume it is edible glitter yes. And I will certainly share all of the wedding details and photos after the big day! Thanks for being so interested!

  23. The napkins are a cute detail. The recipes look delicious. Thanks for sharing them.

    We have our daughter’s bridal shower today!! The last few days have been all about the DIY and putting all the details together.

    Happy weekend!

  24. Oh I love those napkins. It is all of the little things that add up to make for a very special wedding. I haven’t gotten enough zucchini bread yet.

  25. So happy for you Sally! I can’t wait until the big day…I feel like all us readers can feel the excitement with you. Can’t wait to make that peanut butter caramel corn!

  26. I’m addicted to your blog. Everything I have made has been fabulous! I have made so many batches of choc. chip cookies that have flopped. Last night I made you recipe for a party today & they were perfect! Chilling the dough was the secret & I love that you used melted butter b/c I always hate waiting for butter to soften. Zucchini bread recipe is our new fave & we had the pizza dough for dinner last night. I was kind of glad when school started back so I would stop baking so much. Embarrassed to say I work out to burn off those extra calories :-)! Keep up the great work!

  27. I think I have made that zucchini bread every weekend for the past 1.5 months. I stand there Saturday morning and think I should try a different recipe but then just want that bread SO badly!

    Wow…a candy bar!!! I have never heard of that…how fun!

    • I know you love that zucchini bread recipe as much as we do Christine! And I’ll be sure to share photos of the candy bar after the big day. It’s so cool! (Well, it looks cool in my head and my vision haha)

  28. Ahh I need those blush pink and gold macarons, so so adorable and they’re my wedding colors!

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