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Introducing: SBA Photography Blog!


Hi! I am sooooooooo



excited for today.

In the past 4 years shooting food, I’ve taken an interest in shooting life. Simply put, I enjoy shooting the everyday. Whether that is travel, nature, people, places, faces, spaces, mornings, weekends, you name it. I bring my camera everywhere, so I decided to create a new space to store it all. My photography blog is now home to all my adventures. The pictures are random, enthusiastic, me.

My new photography blog, created by the talented Lindsay, is an extension of Sally’s Baking Addiction. In fact, it is a subdomain of Sally’s Baking Addiction.


I thought about creating an entirely new name and feel for my photography blog, but felt it was important to house everything under my business name Sally’s Baking Addiction— registered trademark pending. Yeah!

Summer Shandy

About Page-1

Why I Created This

While Sally’s Baking Addiction blog is centered around food, you all know that I love to sprinkle (ha!) my life into my writing. That is what comes most naturally to me. Plus, I find I connect with you more when I show that HI (waves) I’m an actual person too.

Anyway. I was tempted to just fill Sally’s Baking Addiction with more and more life-centered posts, but didn’t think that was fair to readers who are here merely for the recipes.

So, blog #2 came to life.

Around Town

Picnic on the farm

A Little More…

Scroll all the way to the top of this post. See that blue tab at the very top of my header? Use that to easily switch back and forth between my two blogs. (The tab is pink on my photography blog.)

Since Sally’s Baking Addiction blog is my full time job and where 110% of my time is spent, I won’t be able to post nearly as often on my photography blog. Still, I do hope you check in to get a glimpse of my everyday adventures. Nothing is changing about how often I post recipes here. Don’t worry!

One More Thing

You can subscribe via email to have my photography posts sent straight to your inbox. Since I have two blogs, this food blog and my photography blog, you can either subscribe to the photography blog, the food blog, or both. To do this, scroll up. See that orange box on my right sidebar? (see screenshot below.) That’s where you can subscribe for email updates! Alternatively, you can follow this link and choose how to subscribe.

Any way you subscribe, my posts will be sent to your inbox on the mornings I have new posts up.

Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 4.00.00 PM

If you are already subscribed to receive my recipe posts to your email (you likely are!), then you’ll need to ‘update your preferences’ which is a link in the recipe post emails. From there you can check off photography or both.

Thank you so much for helping me find something I enjoy nearly as much as baking: photography. GIANT HUGS! ♥ 


  1. Hi, how many recipes will you now be posting per week? Or will u do equal posting per blog? 

    The pics u posted r so pretty.

    • Thanks! Nothing is changing about my posting schedule on this blog. I won’t be able to post as often on my photography blog as this blog because here is where a majority of my time needs to be spent.

  2. I love your food blog already, but you answered the one question I’ve been searching for, for myself!  I am starting a blog but have not been able to find answers on how or whether to do 2 subjects together!  My big question was do I separate the blogs, as I have more than one thing to cover. Wow. You answered the one thing I couldn’t get a real answer to!  Thank you!

  3. Congrats on your photography blog! Your photos are so gorgeous of food, so it only makes sense that all of the other photos you take are gorgeous too! 

  4. Congrats Sally! It’s wonderful to pursue new dreams and passion projects! 

  5. Awesome and congrats!  Thanks so much for being an inspiration to the blogger community.  My site wouldn’t be what it is without you!

  6. How fun! I think you need to celebrate this new blog with a trip to Mad Mex where you must have their seasonal PEACH margarita! *my fave of their seasonal ritas. But do it soon– I think they change monthly and the month is almost over. waaaa! (I had two at dinner tonight. You can probably tell. haha.)

    Cheers to you and both your blogs and all your fab pictures, whether of food or life. You rock!

  7. This is so exciting!!! You totally need a photography blog! You have such a talent in photography that it’s sure to inspire so many!!!

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