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Saturday Seven

7 simple pumpkin desserts including pumpkin cake cheesecake, pumpkin oatmeal cookies, my favorite pumpkin pie recipe, and a smoothie that tastes like pumpkin pie!

A giant thank you to my readers in Seattle and Portland for making my book tour trip to both cities unforgettable. Since I gave nearly all of you hugs in person like a total creep, here’s a virtual– but just as enthusiastic– hug. Come here, you!

Alright, here are some more book signings this month including a new signing we just scheduled in Boston. It’s an evening release party on October 29th! Bring your friends, taste candy samples, eat gelato, and you know I’ll be giving you a hug. (Please see above.) It’s completely free.

Today! October 17th–> Minneapolis MN. 12-4pm Williams Sonoma (Mall of America)
October 18th–> Denver CO. 2-6pm Williams Sonoma, 3000 East First Ave
October 21st–> Trenton NJ. 6-7:30pm Barnes & Noble at TCNJ (open to public!)
October 26th–> Washington DC. 6-7:30pm Barnes & Noble at The Catholic University of America (open to public!)
October 27th–>Portsmouth NH. 6:30-8:30pm RiverRun Bookstore
October 28th–> Boston MA. 12-1:30pm DEMO at Barnes & Noble at Northeastern followed by a book signing (open to public, FREE event, come see me cook candy, and let’s eat it!)
October 29th–> Boston MA. 7-9pm Sally’s Candy Addiction / Morano Gelato party!! The Shops at Chestnut Hill, 199 Boylston Street Chestnut Hill, MA 02467. (Books will be for sale at Morano Gelato. FREE event!)
October 30th–>Boston MA 7-9pm Wellesley Books

In November: NYC, 2 Baltimore stops, 2 St. Louis stops, 2 Chicago stops, Pittsburgh, and 2 Cleveland stops. Here’s the full book tour schedule. Remember, the first 25 people at each location get a free bag of Diamond of California nuts!
Book Tour Photos

For today’s Saturday Seven, I’m sharing some of my super simple pumpkin desserts. Hopefully all of you pumpkin spice fanatics out there have been baking up a storm with fall’s favorite ingredient. Let’s start by chatting about my very popular recipe for pumpkin pie. Have you tried The Great Pumpkin Pie Recipe yet? This recipe took me quite awhile to perfect. My pumpkin pie recipe uses a very unique ingredient to amp up the flavor. Not only this, I teach you how to decorate your own great pumpkin pie with festive pie crust leaves and sugared cranberries.

This is a must-see right now!

The GREAT pumpkin pie recipe with my secret ingredient-- it's absolutely my favorite recipe for pumpkin pie._

Next up? What would dessert in October be without pumpkin streusel bars? Lame, that’s what. I add vanilla glaze… for good measure. I can’t believe I haven’t made a pan of these yet this year. That’s changing when I get home on Monday!

Pumpkin Streusel Bars

One of my favorite cookies on the planet are these pumpkin oatmeal cookies. Packed with stuff! Just the way I like all my cookies. And they’re suuuuuper soft and flavorful.

Chewy Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies - the best (non cakey) pumpkin cookies ever!

Let me just remind you about this cream cheese swirled pumpkin goodness, k?

Pumpkin Cream Cheese Bars

Remember when I combined pumpkin cake and cheesecake last year? I certainly do. I’m still working off all those calories. 😆

Pumpkin Cheesecake

After all that pumpkin cake cheesecake, you’ll definitely crave something a little healthier. Let it be this pumpkin pie protein smoothie. Which, remarkably, has 12g protein AND tastes like actual pumpkin pie. Heck yeah, healthy dessert!

Simply put, this protein packed smoothie is like drinkable pumpkin pie!

I can’t remember life before my fudge brownie cupcakes with pumpkin cream cheese frosting and I’m ok with that. These cupcakes are everything.

Fudge Brownie Cupcakes with Pumpkin Cream Cheese Frosting

Q: Have you tried any of these recipes before?

Q: What other fall flavors do you love? Apple, spice, caramel, etc?


  1. Wow!!! Look at all that pumpkin!  Delish:)

  2. This, once again, makes me regret so much that there’s absolutely no canned pumpkin available in my country ;(  everything looks so absolutely amazing!

    • I can’t get canned pumpkin where I live either so I just steam and mash fresh pumpkin. Problem solved! It freezes well so I make extra to have a supply on hand for all of Sally’s awesome pumpkin recipes ☺

  3. Here’s my virtual hug Sally! Ha. Not creeping at all. You are too funny. Would love to meet you in person someday =) Lovely roundup of recipes. I’m so glad it’s the weekend and I can finally get my hands dirty with some pumpkin instead of the usual dirt in my garden. Can wait for the pie. Happy Weekend!! 

  4. Who doesn’t love hugs?!??? Thanks for brightening up my morning! P.S. Favorite fall flavors, you ask? Apple spice or pumpkin…they’re both equal in my world 😉

  5. Sally, it was so fun to meet you in Portland.  We didn’t think you were  a creep at all…you are a doll!  You are very inspiring and creative…the type of people I love to meet and know. Everyone at work loved the big pan of Carmel Rice Krispie Treats I made them last week…they were “The BOM” as a few said. Please come back to Portland…I will make you more pot holders! 
    Fav Fall flavors:  Pumpkin Lattes

  6. The “must-try NOW” recipe for me here is that pumpkin cream cheese frosting. It looks like a thick cloud! I was making Halloween cupcakes today anyways for a volunteering event, so I’m going to make half of them with that frosting 🙂

  7. Great recipes as ever! Struggling to decide where to start.

  8. I had ultimate success with the pumpkin cheesecake cake last year <3 <3 <3. Thanks for an amazing recipe. 

    I've got a pumpkin smores cake in the link :D! 

  9. I thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiink I’m making the trek to Trenton to see you! Unless we just meet for coffee! So excited!

    PS -> Hugs are!

  10. I have tried your Pumpkin Pie recipe. It’s a staple now! I am surprised your Pumpkin Chocolate Chip bread isn’t on this list. It is so delicious and I make it every year as gifts for people. They go crazy over it! 🙂

  11. You know I haven’t made any of these but I have made your pumpkin coffee cake! With the crumb topping, so so good. I remember giving some to a coworker’s husband last year and he loovveddd it. When anyone is looking for a good dessert recipe, I literally always direct them to your recipes. They are THE best. <3 Hope you're having a great time on your tour!

  12. Thank you for sharing these delicious looking pumpkin desserts.  I am looking forward to trying the cookies and the smoothie.  For some reason, I was thinking the smoothie might be good spiked (sort of like egg nog *smiles*).

    I love how you said, “At home in your sweatpants browsing Pinterest for more pumpkin recipes and later, searching for workouts to counteract all that pumpkin baking. This is autumn life.”  Couldn’t agree more!!

  13. I have been meaning to check in to say “Hi” and thank you for the outstanding White Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Snickerdoodle Cookie recipe!! (I am Baker had shared it on FB sometime back I believe.) I am so-so on pumpkin but Oh. My. Goodness!!! I just made batch three in the past seven days! And I double the recipe!! These cookies are the best and that is saying a ton as I am completely obsessed with my own Gourmet Chocolate Chip Cookies. I use Andrea’s Gluten Free flour as well as Vermont Nut Free White chocolate chips. They are AMAZING!!! Thank you–this is our new fall treat.

  14. Sally I can’t wait to meet you on your book tour!! All of these pumpkin desserts look great. And I can attest to that pumpkin pie’s amazingness. That is my new favorite pumpkin pie recipe!

    Keep doing what you do! (I don’t know how you do it all lol!)

  15. Your pumpkin pie recipe is quite literally the best I’ve had. I made it a few times last year. Twice as pumpkin protein cheesecake (layer of protein cheesecake then layer of pumpkin pie). Speaking of… how on earth did I miss that amazing looking pumpkin cake cheesecake last year?!!?! I’ll need to make it this year. 🙂  

  16. Sally, these pumpkin recipes are simply beautiful and looks incredibly amazing. My bigger challenge will be to choose the first one I want to bake!! I hope you enjoy your tour, it looks so exciting, have fun! 🙂

  17. I have not tried your pumpkin pie recipe yet, but I think this Thanksgiving sounds like the perfect time to try it! Everything else I’ve made from your blog has been a huge hit. 

  18. Robynn, finally someone who understands me!! I’m a huge pumkin lover but making anything that includes pumpkin is a mission for the whole day if you have to make the pumpkin puree yourself. But on the other hand, this way, trying a new pumpkin recipe is always a special thing for me! 
    I’ve already tried the pumpkin pie (certainly!!) and the pumpkin cheesecake. Awesome!! Thanks a lot, Sally, for being a pumpkin lover too! 

  19. Ohhh I just did a pumpkin pie smoothie on my blog so I will have to check out yours. Love the glass you put it in!!

    PS I may be coming to see you in Chicago when you do your book signing! I live in Nebraska, but it’s a good excuse to travel and see friends there! 🙂

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