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Saturday Seven

Here we go! Dozens and dozens of Thanksgiving recipe ideas and inspiration to go along with your turkey including Thanksgiving side dishes, appetizers, cocktails, breakfasts, and desserts!

This week’s Saturday Seven is all about your Thanksgiving day. A Thanksgiving meal plan of attack if you will. And I definitely have more than 7 recipe ideas for you. Everything from breakfast to cocktails to dessert. Because we all know that Thanksgiving dessert is one of the most important parts of the holiday, right?

Question. Do you eat Thanksgiving dinner really early, take a nap, then go back for dessert later? That’s what we do. Maybe not always a nap, but there’s definitely some post-dinner, pre-dessert lazy couch time. I like to rest up before all the pumpkin pie business.

So, let’s begin with breakfast. I have a few ideas for you. All easy OR can be made ahead of time like these make-ahead maple cinnamon rolls. Oh my gosh, these cinnamon rolls completely melt in your mouth. Start them on Wednesday night!

Make ahead maple cinnamon rolls on

Or you can make these caramel apple cinnamon scones, which are SO easy.

Caramel Apple Cinnamon Scones

And so are these teeny spiced apple cider donuts!

Baked Apple Cider Donuts

Try my pumpkin chocolate chip pancakes or pumpkin chocolate chip muffins (whole wheat), too!

For something healthier but just as comforting and cozy, how about my popular morning glory muffins?

Simple Morning Glory Muffins on

For something savory, how about this make-ahead breakfast casserole? Also something you can prep ahead of time and you get your fill of veggies.

Easy make-ahead breakfast casserole on

And this breakfast hash. In this post, I teach you exactly how to make that potato hash extra, extra crispy.

Crispy Hash Breakfast Skillet

For appetizers and snacks? Totally have you covered.

Goat cheese and honey crostini which takes no time at all. Try these with seasonal fruit like apple or pear slices.

Goat Cheese & Fruit Bruschetta

Also these bacon-wrapped cheesy stuffed jalapeños. Always a crowd-pleaser.

Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers

Roasted garlic spinach dip is obviously a must. (It’s so simple.)

How to Make Roasted Garlic Bacon Spinach Dip

To drink? Well there’s slow cooker apple cider to have out all day.

Slow Cooker Apple Cider

If we’re talking cocktails, PLEASE make my Honeycrisp apple sangria!

Honeycrisp Apple Sangria

And I’m ALL over those Thanksgiving side dishes, especially recently.

Sweet potato casserole that is anti-marshmallows and pro-crunchy pecans.

Simple Sweet Potato Casserole with crunchy brown sugar pecan topping!

Green bean casserole from scratch. No cans, please and thank you.

Green Bean Casserole made from scratch!

My family’s stuffing recipe complete with sweet apples, browned sausage, savory herbs, whole grain bread, and a sprinkle of dried cranberries.

Herbed sausage, mushroom, apple stuffing for Thanksgiving!

Classic cornbread with a little honey for sweetness. You cannot beat this!!

My Favorite Cornbread Recipe on

Try my honey jalapeño cornbread muffins, too!

Speaking of bread, try my new recipe for soft and fluffy honey butter rolls. You can prep them ahead to save time on the big day, of course. Perfect for leftover turkey sandwiches too!

Soft honey butter dinner rolls recipe on

Super crispy zucchini fritters if you don’t eat meat. Or if you do!

Zucchini Fritters with Garlic Herb Yogurt Sauce

And butternut squash macaroni and cheese with kale. Also vegetarian. It’s my healthier version of the ultimate cold-weather staple!

Butternut Squash Macaroni and Cheese with Kale

And, finally, the main event. I’m not talking about turkey, sorry.

We have pumpkin cinnamon chip cookies. Also: pumpkin snickerdoodles and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. None of which are cakey in texture thanks to my few tricks!

Soft and chewy cinnamon chip pumpkin cookies on

The GREAT Pumpkin Pie recipe.

The GREAT pumpkin pie recipe with my secret ingredient-- it's absolutely my favorite recipe for pumpkin pie.

Or its funky little sister with nutella swirls and a gingersnap cookie crust!

Want an upgrade to traditional pumpkin pie? Try my Nutella Pumpkin Pie recipe this Fall season!

Apple crumble pie because apple pie is LIFE.

Apple Crumble Pie-- heavy on the crumble topping! Recipe on

Try my salted caramel version and chai spice version too!

Pecan pie is also life. (This is my grandmother’s recipe for it!)

My favorite pecan pie recipe!

Apple pie baked apples are obviously the most fun dessert EVER.

Apple Pie Baked Apples by

For the grand finale, you can also make my pumpkin cake cheesecake.

Over the top in the best way possible.

Pumpkin Cheesecake

Or these pumpkin cream cheese swirl bars.

Pumpkin cream cheese bars on

Need something that isn’t pumpkin? Here’s my favorite layered carrot cake.

My Favorite Carrot Cake

This cranberry apple upside-down cake is also a personal favorite.

Cranberry Apple Upside-Down Cake

I can have, like, 10 favorites right? Because if we’re talking faves– I can’t leave out these super soft-baked white chocolate cranberry cookies!

White Chocolate Cranberry Cookies

Or this cranberry orange bread. Which isn’t technically a dessert but totally tastes like one.

Cranberry Orange Bread

Q: Are you making any of these recipes for Thanksgiving?

Q: Favorite Thanksgiving recipe? Tell me!

Here are plenty of fall favorite photos for you today. And here is my book tour schedule. Many of you have contacted me about not knowing where I’ll be on my tour. Check out that schedule! It’s all there. 🍭🍭


  1. You’ve got us covered from morning to night fueled with awesome food Sally! (can you hear my stomach growling) I think this is why corsets are making a huge comeback….I actually read that! $80 a pop but they bring the promise of taking 4 inches off the waist. Deal! 

    I’m most excited about your green bean casserole from scratch since that is a staple on the Thanksgiving table. But with this stunning compilation, I’m thrilled to the gills. And your pecan pie. I cannot wait to give that a whirl this year. I don’t often eat desserts because I try to eat healthy so even making the dessert is pretty fun for me. 

  2. I was trying to decide if I was going to make a pumpkin cheesecake or not – but I’m DEFINITELY making the pumpkin cake cheesecake. Yes. All things yes. 🙂 I have some sugar pumpkins to roast for fresh pumpkin puree, so I’m sure it’ll turn out fabulous.

  3. I’ve had my dessert menu planned for at least a month, I’m going to make your salted caramel apple pie, pumpkin cake cheesecake, and maybe a bread pudding(wish you had a killer recipe though). Also going to make that butternut squash Mac n cheese for a side.

  4. NO MORE STRESSFUL PLANNING!!! Yes! This is so helpful. I’m not going to spare the pumpkin cake cheesecake. Or…the carrot cake!

  5. I just made your pumpkin cinnamon chip cookies this week…they were awesome. My sister brought them to our youth group and they were definitely a crowd pleaser. 🙂 

  6. Hi Sally! I am loving all of your Thanksgiving side recipes this week! I’m going to be making your pumpkin cake cheesecake for sure and I’m going to try to do a half portion of your pecan topped sweet potato casserole ( I am sadly the only one in the house not fond of marshmallows on my sweet potatoes ). But I’ve been meaning to try your zucchini fritters for a while now. So many amazing recipes, not enough time!

  7. I am a real fan of scones and when I saw your recipe for caramel apple cinnamon scones I knew I had to try them. So glad I did, they are fantastic! I really like your method of freezing the butter and grating it – it is actually easier than cutting it in with a pastry blender and the results are nicely risen, light buttery scones! Thanks for all of the Thanksgiving ideas!

  8. Amazing.

    How do you have time to do all this baking?
    You must have 2 dishwashers.  haha

  9. I have made many of these and more!! 🙂
    Here is the link to some 64 recipes of your that I have made 🙂

  10. Hi Sally,

    These all look delicious!!  I was wondering if you have any tips for making recipes ahead?  Can any of these be made ahead?  My hope is to not have to do much cooking on the actual day 

  11. My favorite Thanksgiving recipe is our stuffing or my Mommom’s cranberry sauce. ORRRRRRRRRRRR a bite of both. Yep, both > just one. Cold leftovers trump all, though. I might throw your apple pie in the mix this year! We do three pies which is probably a pie too many already but what the heck, right? haha!

  12. Hi Sally, Can you please help me? I just returned from the USA where I was able to get your cookbook but I also got addicted to a certain cinnamon crunch bagel any chance you could one day weave some magic and perfect a recipe? PLEASE 🙂

  13. Hi Sally–I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for such a lovely site and more specifically for the recipe–zucchini fritters.  My dad used to make them when I was younger and they were so good and looked exactly like the ones pictured here.  My dad unlike my mom is still here but in many ways he is not.  My dad has dementia and doesn’t remember things like recipes or sometimes even people.  I am greatful that he still remembers me and to my family’s surprise remembers my fiance Scott.  I look back and wished I had paid attention to more of the things he did in preparation for a time when he would be gone from me.  When I saw your recipe for the fritters it brought tears to my eyes and beautiful memories of my dad in the kitchen surprising my mom with her favorite–these fritters.  Thank you.

    • Thank you for sharing with me, Carolann. I’m so unbelievably glad the fritters recipe evokes so many positive, heartwarming memories of your father. Hold onto those forever.

    • The power of food that elicits treasured memories. I have a few of those childhood favorites too. What a touching comment Carolann. I wish you peace.

  14. Ive made the ‘zucchini fritters’ before but polish style. They are always so delicious, but best on the day made. I must try youre recipe though as it might be even better!

    Looking for support on my website- visit for some of my cake creations 

  15. How have I not made your White Chocolate Cranberry Cookies? Yep – now I know what I am making for next Thursday. Of course in addition to the pumpkin snickerdoodles – my all time favorite fall recipe of yours.

  16. Sally you are so talented! I have tried so many of your recipes, and each one is absolutely amazing!!!! I could never pick a favorite. Keep them coming. Any bread pudding in the future? I thought I would try with your blueberry frenchtoast casserole as a substitute, that reminds me of bread pudding. Happy Holidays to you and your family!

  17. Hey Sally! I am so thrilled to finally LEARN what makes a cookie a cookie, and after years of baking, feel that I’m finally making great cookies. The Thanksgiving article is great. I’m making everything! Given up using other recipe websites. Everything you put out is awesome! Why bother with more research! Thanks so much!

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