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November Photos-6

Interrupting your regularly scheduled cookie palooza recipe to share my completely absurd, yet exciting, inspiring, and unforgettable month of November. From Baltimore and NYC to St. Louis and Chicago to Pittsburgh and Cleveland and back in Philly. Meeting so many of you. 

Nov BT

And all your smiling faces!

November BT

Traveling to come meet me, bringing your excitement and questions… truly nothing could be better. This was one of the best months of my life.

Look how amazing you all are.

BT November

I’ve said it a billion times, but let me just thank you one more time for making this my life. I wouldn’t be here today without you. (I’m a sap!! Totally getting teary eyed so far writing this post.)

Texas This Weekend!

This weekend I’ll be in Texas on my book tour. Austin on Friday night at Book People (7-9pm) then Houston on Saturday at Williams Sonoma (4060 Westheimer Rd. 12-4pm). Would love to meet you! In February, I’ll be back in Boston and NYC, then in San Fran and San Diego. Full schedule here.

November Photos-13

Oh my gosh I’m in the current issue of People magazine. What! It’s their holiday issue and I published four of my favorite holiday recipes and photos in it! Plus, a tiny little picture of my gingerbread cupcakes (a picture I took!) is on the cover. Do you think any celebrities will see it? And email me to bake for their holidays? And they’ll fly me out to Hollywood on a private jet? Fingers crossed.

November Photos-17

November Photos-12

Anyway! In between all the book tour stops in November, I found time to bake.

November Photos


November Photos-5

November Photos-10

November Photos-3

November Photos-9

These last cookies are a recipe coming tomorrow! Also pictured: gingerbread men at the top, pecan pie, funfetti oreo fudge, brownie batter for a new recipe I’m working on, dark chocolate peppermint truffles, and cranberry orange scones.

In between all the dessert, I roasted a lot of vegetables. Balance.

(All I do is drizzle with olive oil, sprinkles with salt, pepper, minced dried onion, and lemon pepper. 375 for 20-ish minutes.)

November Photos-2

And added some cayenne to my seriously smooth hummus one day. Wooo-eee! That’s a kick in the pants.

seriously smooth hummus

Popped in to say hi on Thanksgiving.


I also got a copy of my friend Stephanie’s new cookbook. If you like to bake (HAHAHA duh) check it out. It’s full of gorgeous, creative, completely simple bar desserts.

November Photos-8

Speaking of cookbooks, my friend Jennifer shares 80 recipes using only 5 ingredients in her new cookbook. 80. With only 5 ingredients. We all bow down to you, Jen!

5 ingredient baking cookbook

5 ingredient baking cookbook-2

I took my first soul cycle class! My bud Ryan instructs in Chicago. Go to his classes! I’ve never felt more inspired and pumped up. And WHAT a workout in only 45 minutes.

November Photos-7

Aaaaand here is our Christmas tree home to only 3 ornaments so far.

I have 23 more days to finish it.

November Photos-14

Food bloggers! Don’t forget to join me in Salt Lake City this May for the Everything Food Blogging Conference. As an official speaker, I will be providing a special baking class for VIP ticket holders on Thursday, May 19th. You can bake with me in this hands-on class! I’ll also be attending the rest of the conference too. There’s limited availability, so register soon if you’re interested. Cannot wait.

See you in Texas this weekend!!

Q: What was your favorite part of November? 

Q: Looking forward to anything in December?


  1. Ahh, I’m so sorry I missed you when you were in Seattle.  I have been following your book tour on snapchat/instagram/pinterest (ummm, do I sound like a stalker?) and it looks like so much fun.  PS – My tree currently has only lights on it, so you are beating me with your three ornaments.

  2. Wow they are great and so cute – love these cookies! Also you look so happy doing what you love – this is so important! I guess your not coming to Europe soon 🙂 ? 
    xoxo Katie 

  3. Sally, I have said it before but I am just so happy for you. Since the last couple of years that I have been following your blog, it seems like you have become even more successful. I bet when u were in high school u never thought u would be publishing in People! Congrats for all your success.
      And also my fav part of London was going to London and admiring it’s charm.

  4. AHHH!! I am so happy for you! This is just so great and you are totally killing’ it! Nothing beats doing what you love and loving what you’re doing! You go girl!

  5. Wow, love the stairs in your last photo! It’s so mini, haha. I’m totally excited for this weekend! My fave part about November is seeing all my friends happy, getting together for Thanksgiving lunches (3 of them!) and friendsgiving, playing board games and spending time with my dog, Luffy. This December, I’m looking forward to the Christmas season and gift giving. I love buying and DIYing gifts for friends!

  6. I love that you can feel your excitement and passion through your posts!!! It’s amazing that you’re doing what you love!

    I’m so looking forward to all the baking I can do when I come home in a week But first – finals!

  7. What an exciting November you had Sally! Wish my area was on your book tour, would love to meet you and have a signed copy of your book! I will be looking for that People magazine the next time I am shopping! So happy for you. My favorite part of November would have to be the wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with family, everything went perfect. And a second favorite would be getting our Christmas tree and decorations up Thanksgiving weekend. It’s a first and feels so good to have it all done to enjoy all of December. My favorite part of December has to be giving co-workers and friends my homemade cookie trays and goodies (your adorable Gingerbread men may be included in my long list of cookies I make this year). And of course spending special time with family.

    • Misha– email me! I can send you a signed book plate for your copy of either cookbook. 🙂 sallysbakingaddiction (at)

      We put up the tree over Thanksgiving weekend too! Still have to decorate it, as you can see. What a fun tradition. I can’t wait for you to try the gingerbread men!

  8. Sally, it was so great to meet you in Schaumburg at the baking show!  I made the pretzel toffee you demoed that day.  OMG amazing!  My mother, who loved it as much as I did, and I ate the whole pan!!  She has already requested that as her Christmas present a bag all for her.  You rock!!! Congrats on People…Oh the places you’ll go.  🙂 

  9. Hi Sally!

    Any trips planned to South Florida?  I’d love to come to a book signing if you’re anywhere near.  And I have a question – how do you stay so thin while baking such sinful stuff?  I made a boatload of treats for my blog the last few months and they’ve all surreptitiously found their way to my rear end.  Hence – Day 3 of the SouthBeach Diet!  Ugh!

    • No plans for South FL at this time. And it’s really all about balance! My meals are quite lean so I have room for taste testing my treats and, of course, indulging on the weekends and during the holidays. I also run like a madwoman! Running is my #1 passion- even before baking and this blog.

  10. Please tell me how you found time to bake during your crazy schedule? Did you sleep? OR are you so good at what you do now, that you can bake WHILE you sleep?

    I’m so looking forward to December. My Boyfriend is coming into town on Christmas day for two weeks. It’s been 4 months since we’ve seen each other and I can hardly wait!

  11. I have been looking at your book tour schedule. I don’t see your February 4th class at The Wayne art Center. Please advise. I missed you September 30th visit as I had my knee replaced on Sept. 14th.

  12. ahhh so much going on!!!!! I love your Christmas tree and omg I know Jennifer is PHENOMENAL!

  13. Ooh, that Houston location is two doors down from PF Chang and right down the road from Central Market. I think I can even convince my husband to go on that little outing… If you get bored while in Texas I highly recommend a wander through Central Market, all sorts of nifty things there.

  14. Love you and your recipes Sally! Today’s my 18th birthday and I totally nerded out when my parents gave me your Candy Cookbook (with a candy thermometer and dipping tools… naturally)! Thanks for being so awesome! 

  15. Congratulations on your continued successes, Sally! I should probably start referring to you as “my famous friend Sally”! And many thanks for mentioning my book!

  16. Love this post and loved meeting you! I was so giddy to see our picture on this post! All of the cookies I am making this year are your recipes. I am doing a cookie exchange with my girlfriends and they are in for a treat! Congrats on People Magazine!!!

  17. Wow! Your November was crazy! I am also currently going crazy. I got engaged in October, so my fiance and I (mostly just me) have been going nuts trying to get things nailed down. We want to get married in May (of 2017). Since that’s apparently prime wedding time, we apparently need to book everything this far in advance. This seems insane to me, but this is the advice I continue to get. Any recommendations for vendors in Philly?

    • Congrats Liz!!! This is so exciting! If you want specific wedding vendor suggestions, feel free to email me: sallysbakingaddiction (at) gmail

  18. Wow, what a November! I think you have hit rockstar status with your book tour. Congratulations!!! Thank you so much for sharing my  book! xoxo

  19. Made your pumpkin cheesecake bites for our November book club meeting.  ( read Brain on Fire, which was very good). Everyone loved them and asked for my recipe.  Loved, loved, loved them. Therefore you should have at least nine new followers on your blog.  Your welcome.  Everything I’ve ever made is clear, fairly simple and turns out great.

  20. I love the gingerbread men and I can’t wait to try them and a gingerbread house with Joss (my 4 year old) and her friend Grace!  I’m so super excited for you!!!  I’ll be buying People Mag ASAP!  And I never do!!!  Congrats, again!!  I’m using your S’more’s cookies from this summer (?) for inspiration for my own recipe.  I’m entering the Mountain City Cookie Contest in Frostburg, MD again this year.  Last year I won!!!  I’m thinking S’more’s hot chocolate cookies stuffed with chocolate buttercream.  Zip me some advice!  Tomorrow’s my birthday!  🙂 🙂 🙂

  21. Congrats on being in People Magazine again! Amazing 🙂 And yes, I definitely think celebrities will be calling you to host cookie palooza parties in their mansions in LA… If I was loaded I totally would! Maybe Daniel Craig? Bradley Cooper? 🙂 

  22. Hey Sally,

    Super-stoked to be making a couple of your recipes for Xmas this year. I had a q about your pie crust, though? Once it’s frozen, and I take it out of the freezer, how long will it take to thaw so that I can roll it out (this will be my first time making it)?

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