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Happy 2nd Birthday Sally’s Baking Addiction Cookbook (Giveaway!)

March 7th 12am EST. Giveaway has ended! Winners are entry #800 (Caroline), #770 (Denise), and #2188 (Mary). Thank you for entering!

Sally's Baking Addiction Cookbook - Giveaway

How is this possible? It’s been 2 years (tomorrow!) since Sally’s Baking Addiction cookbook’s release. Two entire years since March 1st 2014, the day I officially became a published author to the world. I cried the first time I held the book in my hands because I’m a total SAP / it was my proudest moment yet.

I mean, when I wrote this cookbook I had just quit my full time job to pursue this whole author/blogger thing full time. The whole experience was surreal! Since then, I’ve written a 2nd cookbook and traveled the country to meet you, give you a giant hug, talk your ear off, and sign your book(s)! It’s been a whirlwind 2 years and I’m not stopping this whole cookbook writing thing anytime soon. 🙂

book tour_newport beach

{photo: Jordan Walsh}

To celebrate Sally’s Baking Addiction cookbook’s 2nd birthday, I’m giving away 3 autographed copies PLUS 3 autographed copies of Sally’s Candy Addiction cookbook as well! So 3 of you will win a signed copy of each.

Cue some sort of party music as I show you recipes from Sally’s Baking Addiction.

Sally's Baking Addiction Cookbook - Fudge Monster Bars-2

Sally's Baking Addiction Cookbook - Fudge Monster Bars

Sally's Baking Addiction Cookbook - Nutella Cupcakes

Sally's Baking Addiction Cookbook Recipe

Sally's Baking Addiction Cookbook - Rainbow Cookies

All of this, plus 70 more recipes. Most of the recipes are exclusive and unavailable on my blog with the exception of a handful I decided to publish on both my blog and in my book. We’re talking sweet peach pie, butterscotch banana bread, fudge ripple monster bars, white chocolate raspberry cupcakes, glazed lemon loaf (I have this memorized because I make it so often!), and salted caramel crispy rice treats.

PLUS 11 healthier choices in the final chapter including pumpkin granola bars, peanut butter chocolate swirl snack cake, and blueberry almond oat squares.

To balance out all the other chapters, of course.

Sally's Baking Addiction Cookbook Recipe

What You Will Win

3 winners will each win autographed copies of both cookbooks, Sally’s Baking Addiction cookbook and Sally’s Candy Addiction cookbook

How to Enter

Simply leave a comment on this blog post (scroll down to comment!) telling me your go-to dessert for potlucks or gatherings. A big batch of cookies? fudge? cupcakes? cake? brownies? a trifle? Tell me your favorite party dessert!

Giveaway Details

  • Open to the whole world!
  • Giveaway ends at 12am EST on Monday, March 7th 2016.
  • The winners will be chosen randomly via and notified by email.

Thank you so much for the love, encouragement, and support during these past 2 years writing and photographing both cookbooks and for the past 4 years that SBA has been alive!


  1. My favourite go-to dessert for gatherings is my mum’s White chocolate raspberry swirl cheesecake. It’s to die for!

  2. Apple cake with cream cheese frosting!

  3. I love making apple cake with cream cheese frosting 🙂

  4. Ooey gooey cake and custard ♡

  5. I make your chewy chocolate chunk cookies. People ask me where I buy them and I just direct them back here. Your cookies plus the red velvet cheesecake swirl brownies means my stuff always disappears first at a group meeting!

  6. Brownies, for sure!

  7. Usually my go to is fresh big chewy chocolate chip cookies

  8. Chocolate chip cookies is always my go to!

  9. I love the red velvet cookies from you and I do rainbow vanilla cakes!!!! 

  10. Definitely your Chewy Chocolate Chunk Cookies!!! My all-time favorite cookie

  11. I love love love your Easy Cinnamon Rolls. No one ever believes how easy it is to make 😉


  13. No-Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars <3 

  14. A trifle is my go-to dessert for family gatherings.

  15. My go-to recipe are chocolate brownies. I frost them with chocolate or white icing and cover in sprinkles because everything is better with sprinkles!

  16. Chocolate chunk cookies are my go-to dessert for any occasion, although I like to experiment with new recipes and think a family gathering is the perfect excuse to try out a new sweet recipe.

  17. I love to make Carrot Cake 

  18. Apple bread. I have apple trees, so there are plenty of apples to bake with. Everyone loves it

  19. chocolate chip cookies, or peanut butter cookies with chocolate chips

  20. Has to be brownies, I’ve been making them since I was a kid

  21. I love making your blueberry swirl cheesecake!

  22. cupcakes and cookies

  23. Hmm… My go to is my Apple Crumble, made using corn flakes, sweetened condensed milk and a few other goodies! Mmmmmmm! That’s if there is enough SCM left after I’ve tasted a few spoons :-). This dessert is easy and delicious – I’ve been asked for the recipe many times!
    Thanks for your blog Sally! Every recipe I try is a delicious success!

  24. My go-to potluck snack isn’t quite a dessert. I prefer to bring a buffalo chicken dip! It’s always nice to have some spicy with all of the sweets! 

    • I made this insane pumpkin cool whip dip that was such a hit, if I had to bring a sweet that’s what I’d do! 🙂 

  25. No matter what I make, provided by Sallys instruction, it’s easy, delicious, and everybody loves it. You can never go wrong listening to Sally

  26. Sally’s Baking Addiction has gotten me through some tough culinary times…

    Last year, I had a friend who had a potluck at work and her St. Patty’s Day brownies were ruined by a clumsy incident. After this, I stepped in and we together quickly found that the Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Brownies would be the showstopper item! With the thick fudgy brownie and the cheesecake that sneaks it’s way through each bite, they were QUICKLY gone! And you know what is the worst part? We didn’t even have time to TRY these delicious creatures before somebody snatched them up! We went home, exhausted, just to make more!

    Thank you, Sally, for your easy recipes. You make everything colorful, fun, and truly inspiring to an upcoming photographer to see your beautiful photos.

    • Woops! Typo, **MINT Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Brownies** You CAN’T forget the mint! 🙂

  27. Your Super Crumb Coffee Cake AND Triple Chocolate Layer Cake are always TO DIE FOR and the first desserts to go at family parties and potlucks! Thank you so much Sally, nobody else wants to even try to bring a better dessert now!! 

  28. Congrats on the two year with the cookbook. I’ve made many of your recipes but my favorite is probably the lemon blueberry layer cake. I’ve taken a couple of cake decorating classes and this is an awesome recipe to go to. I also really appreciate your tips with frosting and some of the info on the science of baking. I think I’m going to try the strawberry frosted donut recipe next. Thanks for all you do!

  29. I love bringing your cake batter chocolate chip cookies, they are always a crowd pleaser and so easy to make in big batches, they always go so fast! 

  30. My favourite are peanut butter chocolate chip cookies!

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