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Saturday Seven

sept 2016

Hope you’re having a great weekend so far! Baking anything special?

1) I got new head shots taken recently, mostly for a few upcoming projects and to update some pictures on my blog. I may have snuck in a quick family picture or two. Thanks to Jessica Eastern Photography for the beautiful pictures!

2) NEW video for giant cinnamon roll cake!

3) I announced cookbook#3 yesterday. I’ve been working on Sally’s Cookie Addiction’s table of contents for the past 6 months and will begin shooting and writing the cookbook in a couple weeks. Fall 2017!

4) We went to our friends’ house for dinner last night, mostly to play with their adorable baby girl. Brought over a fresh batch of pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.

5) I minored in advertising in college, so I often check out Adweek online. I stumbled across this article on internet-famous dogs and can’t stop giggling at the term “dog influencers.” HA! Also, I may follow more dogs on Instagram than humans. And yes, my dogs have an account too. I’m one of those people.

6) How to make classic tiramisu, crunchy no-bake chocolate peanut butter bars, sesame chicken noodle stir-fry in 30 minutes, and caramel coconut chocolate chip bars.

7) One of my beloved partners, Red Star Yeast, just told me they have a BOGO coupon for their Platinum yeast! Print it out and STOCK UP for Fall and holiday baking season.

Coming up next week: the official start of Fall comes with a new pumpkin recipe!


  1. just watched the video for the giant cinnamonroll cake, it looks ah-mazing! 🙂

  2. Awesome family photo! 🙂 Bring on those pumpkin recipes, so excited! And I’m ecstatic about the cookbook too!!!

  3. Super cute family pic!!

  4. Yay for new pumpkin recipes!  It doesn’t feel like Fall for me until I bake something pumpkin.  But my husband requested chocolate chip cookies this weekend, so that’s what I’ll be baking.  I follow all your tips so making dough tonight and baking tomorrow, if we don’t eat all the raw cookie dough, hehe 😉  Love your family photo! 

  5. Oh my goodness Sally – you are not nice to our waistlines:)

    That cinnamon roll cake looks divine. I wish we could bake together all day!!

  6. Thank you for sharing your family photo…such a great pic. We are celebrating my husband’s birthday today and instead of his usual strawberry cake he has requested that I make your Smores pie! (I made it a couple of weeks ago and he is still raving about it}

  7. Bring on the pumpkin recipes! I already have a half-full tub of pumpkin puree sitting in my fridge waiting to be used. Eyeing your pumpkin oatmeal creme pies and oatmeal cookies, which one do you prefer, Sally? And also, I LOVE that photo at the top of you and Kevin and the two dogs. Everyone looks so happy and natural 🙂 It looks like Jude and Franklin don’t mind having their pictures taken. 

  8. “Dog influencers” is definitely a new one for me – made me giggle too!!


  9. Beautiful family pictures! I love your front porch with the swing – can’t wait to see more pics of your house as you get things finished up. I’m thinking about baking some of your brown sugar pop tarts. I’m craving pop tarts like crazy and apparently they don’t sell that flavour in Canada anymore!

  10. Beautiful family picture and that puppy is sooo adorable, and Jude is a handsome boy!

  11. Dear Sally

    I follow you from beautiful SW France, we get fabulous pumpkins but no canned pumpkin! Please could you post a pumpkin purée recipe for baking. love the pups, have a chunky chocolate Labrador constantly at my heels in the kitchen! I am actually British from the UK.
    Thank you for posting g weights too as I’m not so good with cups! Too much room for error even when I follow the method for cups properly, creating a flour storm!
    The leaves here will soon also be gorgeous bronze with fall on the way after hitting 38C this summer! 

    Kind regards

  12. Hi Sally!
    Love the family photo!! And that porch swing is everything!! 
    Big congratulations on your 3rd cookbook!! I will be eagerly awaiting its release as cookies are definitely my most favorite thing to bake. I’ve recently made your sand dollar cookies & the chunky peanut butter cookies to send my brother for his birthday. And right now I have the dark chocolate coconut blondies cooling.  Those blondies are SO good (i snuck a taste, couldn’t wait) & i’m not even into coconut like that… 
    Have a wonderful week! Can’t wait to see what pumpkin goodies you’ve come up with! 🙂

  13. Thanks Sally. I love #5! Love dogs. I adopted a 2 yo corgi-golden rescue a year ago. Her name is Maya. I trained and certified her as a therapy dog. She is the gentlest dog I’ve ever seen. My daughter created an Instagram account for her! @oh_maya_gosh_
    Maybe I should post her on my blog. She is such a love!

  14. Congrats on the 3rd cookbook. Cookies are definitely my favorite! I made your iced pumpkin coffee cake on Saturday. I have made it several times but forgot how much I loved it! Bought 2 more cans of pumpkin today at the supermarket. Love the family photo, it’s adorable. 

  15. i made your mimosa and snickers cupcakes for a large birthday party this weekend. Wonderful recipes!!!!!! Thank you so much!

  16. Beautiful family photo!! This weekend is going great! I have a 4 month old baby who is having a little intolerance toward dairy so I’ve been eating dairy free while breastfeeding. So this weekend I attempted some dairy free blondies, and they turned out really great!

    Hope you’re having a great weekend and looking forward to hearing more about the new cookbook!

  17. I wanted to send you a picture of my daughter, homeschooled, as she was making your cinnamon sugar super pretzels.  She did it all on her own and she was so proud and they turned out fantastic.  We look forward to making many more of your recipes, I was not sure how to send you the picture.  You would enjoy the look on her face.  Thank you again

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