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Saturday Seven


How was your 1st week in the new year?

Mine was a success. Right now I’m in the depths of writing Sally’s Cookie Addiction, my 3rd cookbook. We’re working on mock spreads and I’m pushing through this manuscript with all my might. I tested and photographed 8 new cookie recipes this week, on top of photographing 2 new recipes for the blog. This was a mountain of food! Luckily we’re going to a birthday party tonight. And yes, I’m bringing 10 dozen cookies.

I still need to choose a new book! Thank you for all the suggestions. I’m still sifting through most of them, but will let you know my first pick.

1) Also for the party tonight, I made these peanut butter cup surprise cookies. This is an older recipe on my blog, but one that certainly should not go unnoticed!! You don’t know there’s a peanut butter cup inside until you take that first bite. Like piñata cupcakes in peanut butter form.

2) I enjoyed reading Brown Eyed Baker’s goals for 2017: 17 in 2017. Especially being more consistent with meal planning and reading before bed.

3) For the goal of disconnecting more to live more, I left my phone at home and we ventured out into the snowfall on a dinner date one night. This was our first real snowfall of the 2016-2017 winter and Franklin’s first time in the snow. Though it was only 1 inch, he LOVED it. ♥

4) Cookie goal: unicorn cookies.

5) I have lots of new quick recipe videos in 2017! Here’s a cream cheese frosting video, soft pretzel bites (many of you asked for this and were surprised to see how EASY they are!) and a video for making my favorite slow cooker chicken chili.

6) In the spirit of eating healthier this month, here are 31 days of healthier comfort food recipes. And then you can make a champagne mimosa cake for dessert.

7) What’s your favorite frosting flavor? Working on a new category section for the blog: all my frosting recipes. 🙂

Have a good one!


  1. First Saturday 7 of the year, woo hoo!! So far 2017 has been pretty anti-climatic for me, which has is good in a way I guess? My one big baking/cooking goal for the year is from scratch fudge. I’ve made the shortcut version from your book SO many times, but really want to give the traditional one a shot.
    Also, I read before going to bed everyday. It’s weird, but it helps me relax and slip into sleep easily. Especially if it’s an unfamiliar place. Once in a while a book will get too interesting and I’ll end up reading late into the night. But worth it I think!
    Oh and frosting? Chocolate! All day, every day. Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, cream cheese, ganache, bring it on!

    • Chocolate cream cheese frosting is sooooooo good, I agree with you on that!
      Have you seen the from-scratch chocolate fudge in Candy Addiction? Page 138. It’s my favorite.

  2. Jodi Picoult is my absolute favorite author! Her books suck you in (and that’s saying a lot coming from someone like me who is distracted by EVERYTHING!). My favorites are: Nineteen Minutes, The Pact, and House Rules! ❤

    • Someone else suggested her books! Thanks Jillian!

      • I agree, she’s a great author. I love her books, I’ve read almost all of them. 19 minutes is in my kindle right now. If you like historical fiction, try the Other Boleyn Girl.

  3. Personal favorite frostings are cream cheese frosting (always) and mocha buttercream (dark chocolate and a heavy dose of espresso powder). Time to read through those books now!

  4. My favorite frosting is white chocolate buttercream frosting.

  5. Come on, the best frosting is always chocolate buttercream, made with cocoa powder. You can never have too much chocolate, and it pretty much goes with everything 🙂

  6. I’m sure it’s overwhelming to get book suggestions from 8,000 people 😉 Good luck…you probably can’t go wrong, whatever you choose! Your blog readers have good taste 😀 My favorite frosting is lemon (or lime, though it’s rare). Or strawberry. Or orange. Or PINEAPPLE (omg!) 🙂

  7. Sadly I have yet to find my favorite frosting. I dream of a non-buttercream chocolate frosting that doesn’t require 5 cups of powdered sugar and tastes sickeningly sweet. I’ve tried thickened ganache but most found it to be too intense and heavy. I know it exists somewhere because I’ve had it in restaurant desserts but I just can’t figure out the recipe.

  8. I like anything buttercream. Whipped is gross. But guve me anything flavor as long as it is buttercream. I think I mix mine too much though as it is always runny. I found a website that had a recipe for it and it was the perfect consistency.

    • I find that when I mix mine too much, it’s too airy. But I’ve had mine a little too runny as well. It’s an art!

  9. We are currently getting our first snow of the year!  Luckily I did some grocery shopping last night so I we can make some come meals and just enjoy watching the snow fall today.  OMG wish I had everything to make that mimosa cake, that looks amazing!

  10. I love Nutella frosting! It is good on Banana cake as well as chocolate and would probably be good on anything! I did not respond to the new book question, but I think a book for “gatherings” would be good. You could include small groups or large, holidays, events, like showers, as well as a variety of topics. Your recipes are so good and varied that you could make it work very well. Good luck!

  11. A local cupcake shop has a white chocolate cream cheese frosting that is amazing! I’ve tried to make it at home and haven’t quite gotten it right yet!

  12. Those pinata cupcakes are the coolest things ever!

  13. Your strawberry frosting recipe… the one that uses the freeze dried strawberries, is prob the best frosting that i’ve ever made. it’s soooo freaking good.

  14. l love love love mint frosting! Its my favorite flavor for anything! Speaking of which…. I made your York chocolate chip bars yesterday and they are AMAZING! Not overly sweet which I love, and just the right amount of chocolate goodness!!! I’m glad your New Year has been great so far! Mine has been stressful !!!! I’m looking forward to trying more of your recipes and expanding my baking knowledge!

  15. Hi Sally,

    Do you have any blog posts about using candy melts? I have a cake pop project coming up and hate the Wilton Candy melts, they are much to thick. Do you prefer Merkens over make and mold? What is your opinion? Do you think using coconut oil to thin it out will leave a taste? Do you use the paramont crystals?

    • Hi Elissa! I don’t have any blog posts about them, but I mention them a lot in my cookbook Sally’s Candy Addiction. I actually prefer Wilton Candy Melts, but I thin them out with canola or vegetable oil. Much easier to work with. These oils leave no taste.

  16. Fav Frosting is easy…being a HUGE chocolate and peanut butter lover, it’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Frosting for sure ! 🙂

  17. Oh you people are making me drool with all of your suggestions. I’m sitting here drinking coffee and saying “oooh” and “yum”. The hubby is like , what are you looking at ??!
    I love cream cheese frosting !

    As for the woman who reads before bed every night, I ALWAYS have a book in bed with me. A couple recent authors: Richard Russo, Stephen King , Lisa Unger, Jay McInerney

  18. I’ve been wanting to do more reading, too. I’ll have to take a look at the suggestions! And my favorite frosting is definitely cream cheese, it just can’t be beaten!

  19. First week of the new year, and first week back to work and school, was a bit rough but I’m getting through it! These year, I’m not making a traditional resolution – I just want to de-stress a bit more this year and enjoy life a bit more. Can’t wait for Sally’s Cookie Addiction! Love see all the pictures and sneak peaks on snapchat and Instagram. Hopefully you pick a good book to read. My favourite Sunday activity is just sitting down with a coffee and some coffee cake or dessert in the middle of the afternoon for an hour and flipping through a good book. As for favourite flavour frosting? DEFINITELY peanut butter, with classic vanilla (tinted pink) not far behind 😉

  20. My favorite frosting flavor is probably…ummmmm…oh! Salted caramel cream cheese frosting!!!!

  21. Sally, Sooo excited that you are working on a new cookie book. Sign me up! I always experiment with cookie recipes until I find a keeper. I bake a lot, but only keep a few. Love, love, love your oatmeal cookie from the first book! It’s a keeper. Can’t wait until the new book comes out.

  22. Peanut butter frosting, especially with cream cheese, is my favorite!

  23. Praline frosting!

  24. I’ve done pretty good the first week of the new year. I got a new job I will be starting next week so that I am excited about. I also have been doing a lot of cleaning and organizing of my house since the holidays. Trying to de-clutter. I did alot.of baking of cookies over the holidays so I am not doing that right now. I also am trying to meal plan too since I soon will be going back to work so my slow cooker will be my new favorite. 

  25. Love the Saturday Seven! I also love that you left tech behind and enjoyed your family in the snow-even if it was only 1 inch. 
    We have a joke at work about cupcakes and snow days. If I make cupcakes and call them magic, the next day is s snow day!

  26. My post got cut off! Can you tell how my day is going? 
    I also said that the chocolate butter cream that I made for this past week’s magic cupcakes might be my favorite. 
    I wanted to thank you yet again for raspberry butter cream. I really want to look at other freeze dried fruits there are that I can use!! 

  27. I really enjoyed this short article! You have such a great energy and so much positivity. Thank you for sharing! I’m looking forward to your new cookie book 🙂

  28. Oh my gosh, PLEASE make those unicorn cookies!! So cute!! I definitely need to unplug more. I find myself checking my phone way too often. Honestly, I’m not THAT important haha! Love your Snapchats of the dogs looking out the window at the snow! 😀

  29. I always used the classic chocolate butter cream frosting, byt that was before I try chocolate cream cheese frosting, I knew I found a teasure. I think it’s lighter,not in calories but in the taste, and it’s more delicious

  30. Those unicorn cookies are adorable!
    I love whipped cream cheese frosting the most! Not that I’d say no to a regular cream cheese frosting, but the lighter texture totally gets me. Second place goes to dark chocolate ganache, third to creamy peanut butter frosting!

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