50+ Favorite Christmas Cookie Recipes


Between both cookbooks and my blog, I have over 800 goodies shared with the world. When I stop and think about it, it’s completely ABSURD and wonderful at the same time. Today, I’m showcasing over 50 of them. Mostly Christmas cookies and a few holiday candy recipes, with plenty of butter, sugar, chocolate, and sprinkles to satisfy even the sweetest of teeth. All favorites with my family, with my friends, treats I grew up with, recipes passed down to me, cookbook-worthy recipes, you get the picture. Life wouldn’t be complete without any of ’em. Oh how I wish we could bake them together. Wouldn’t that be fun?!

Let’s get this show on the road!

We’ll start with the classics. Gingerbread cookies are an obvious must.


And so are Christmas sugar cookies. (My favorite trick for easy and fun decorating, plus the icing recipe included!)

Holiday Cut-Out Sugar Cookies with Easy Royal Icing Recipe-2

Classics with a twist like toasted pecan snowball cookies, toasted hazelnut slice ‘n’ bakes with milk chocolate, and these suuuuuuper soft white chocolate chip molasses cookies.

classic christmas cookies

Also: these classic mint chocolate brownies. Kevin LOVES these.

Classic Mint Chocolate Brownies Recipe on sallysbakingaddiction.com-2

And raspberry almond shortbread cookies and snickerdoodles, of course.


For the coffee lover, try my mocha cheesecake brownies, peppermint mocha cookies, or these mocha mint chocolate chunk cookies.


Peanut Butter Blossoms— a total Christmas classic, right?

Also from Sally’s Candy Addiction and pictured in the 1st photo of this post: birthday cake fudge (the cover recipe) made with red and green sprinkles! I brought it along to my Houston book signing. Gone in an hour.

If peanut butter is your thing, try my classic peanut butter cookies, peanut butter swirl cookies, or these soft monster cookies. You can make the monster cookies with red and green M&Ms.

Peanut Butter Cookies

For the chocolate chip cookie aficionado, here are my chewy chocolate chunk cookies, brown butter chocolate chip cookies, and my current obsession Biscoff chocolate chip cookies.

chocolate chip cookie recipes

And let’s not forget salted caramel dark chocolate cookies and salted caramel chocolate chip cookies. Stuffing Rolos inside chocolate chip cookies since 2013.


Also: Nutella swirl chocolate chip cookies!

If you’re eating gluten free OR someone you know is, try my 5 ingredient mint chocolate bark. No fuss and comes together like that. (snaps fingers)

Easy Mint Chocolate Bark (gluten free!) sallysbakingaddiction.com

More festive gluten free flourless treats: almond butter chocolate chip cookies, homemade peppermint bark (make sure those candy canes are made in a GF facility), and mint chocolate energy bites (festive AND healthy).


Here’s a favorite no-bake treat. You KNOW how obsessed I am with homemade toffee! This is my dark chocolate almond toffee.


Chewy oatmeal cookies totally steal my heart and I have a few favorites you can add to your holiday baking list: classic oatmeal raisin cookies, Biscoff white chocolate oatmeal cookies, and dark chocolate chunk oatmeal cookies (no raisins in sight!).

favorite oatmeal cookies

Also loved: super chewy oatmeal M&M cookies.

Holiday Oatmeal M&M Cookies

Let’s discuss chocolate. Try my chocolate peanut butter no-bake cookies (a Quinn family recipe!), double chocolate crinkle cookies, and HOMEMADE OREOS. Love.

chocolate cookies for christmas

Do you like magic bars? Like, the 7 layer bars with butterscotch, coconut, pecans, and chocolate? Here is my ultimate version with an extra thick graham cracker cookie crust!

Ultimate Magic Cookie Bars with butterscotch, chocolate, and coconut! Get the recipe at sallysbakingaddiction.com

And my red velvet version. Can’t get enough.

Red Velvet Seven Layer Bars

Speaking of red velvet, have you tried my other red velvet treats yet? Like these red velvet chocolate chip cookies, red velvet cheesecake swirl brownies, and white chocolate dipped red velvet cookies.


Also: red velvet chocolate layer cake and red velvet cupcakes. √

You can’t beat classic coconut macaroon cookies. They’re SO easy.

Coconut macaroons dipped in dark chocolate

White chocolate and holiday cookies go hand in hand. Here are my white chocolate cranberry pistachio biscotti, cherry almond shortbread cookies, and super soft and chewy white chocolate cranberry pistachio cookies. I also encourage you to try my white chocolate macadamia nut cookies, too.

white chocolate christmas cookies

If you want sweet, salty, and super buttery favorites… let me introduce you to my butter pecan cookies, salted vanilla toffee cookies, and these super chunky white chocolate macadamia nut cookies. OMG.

butter pecan cookies, salted vanilla toffee cookies, and white chocolate macadamia nut cookies

And finally, let’s talk sprinkles. The most festive cookies of them all! We have the ever so popular and widely loved cake batter chocolate chip cookies, my soft-baked funfetti cookies, and my funfetti cookies supreme decorated with frosting.

christmas sprinkle cookies

Oh, I can’t forget the queen of all holiday cookies: candy cane kiss cookies!

Candy Cane Kiss Cookies

See even more (dozens more!) Christmas recipes.

Phew! Did you make it all the way down here? Do your fingers hurt from scrolling? Are your pants tighter? Whoops. I hope you find something to bake for all the holidays festivities in the next 10 days. Christmas is already next week. HOW did that happen! Thank you so much for making my recipes part of your holiday.

Serious Q: What are you baking these next two weeks? I want to know it all!

50+ Christmas Cookie Recipes including chocolate crinkle cookies, decorated sugar cookies, gingerbread men, slice 'n' bake cookies, mint chocolate brownies, thumbprint cookies, chocolate chip cookies, toffee, no-bake cookies, and more!
50+ Christmas Cookie Recipes including chocolate crinkle cookies, decorated sugar cookies, gingerbread men, slice 'n' bake cookies, mint chocolate brownies, thumbprint cookies, chocolate chip cookies, toffee, no-bake cookies, and more!


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  1. I made your browned butter chocolate chip cookies over the weekend and added some red and green semi-sweet chips for a little festive pizzazz.  They are so delicious!  Especially right out of the oven.  I also used your triple chocolate cake mix to make chocolate peanut butter cake balls.  The cup of strong coffee in the cake mix is GENIUS! 

    1. I love that chocolate cake! The coffee truly adds something special, right? Love the sounds of super festive brown butter CCC’s!

  2. Hi, I have had your raspberry shortbread cookies on my list but would also like to make a double batch of dough and do some with caramel in the middle.  Can you advise what type would be good and will set but still be chewy?  Thank you so much.  It was funny going through the list…I kept nodding my head like “yes, those were good.  Yep, loved those!”

    1. Bryn, this homemade caramel would be fantastic. You can leave the salt out for a sweet caramel.

      1. Thank you for the link. Can you answer a shortbread question?  In your post you mention some recipes with eggs as not being traditional.  Does the egg make the cookie chewier?  I keep seeing so many recipes with eggs and I’m just curious as to the outcome…

  3. Lindsay (lindsayloubakes) says:

    Hi Sally!

    Your list is epic! I wish I could make them all! I’ve revised my list several times! Your freezing cookies guide has been a lifesaver so far. I have over two dozen eggnog snickerdoodle dough balls in the freezer and soon I will have your white chocolate cherry almond shortbread joining them too. I also made your salted caramel dark chocolate cookies a couple days ago and they were a HUGE hit. This weekend I will be attempting to make your birthday cake fudge from your book with festive Christmas sprinkles! I will also be attempting your Nutella truffles. If I have time I will adding chocolate/caramel/candy melt coated pretzel sticks and peppermint bark (which is always my personal favorite!). Thank you for your incredible recipes. 😀 

    1. Oh my gosh Lindsay, eggnog snickerdoodles sound out of this world!

  4. I’ve made SO many of your cookie recipes, but I definitely love your snickerdoodles! They have the authentic snickerdoodle taste to them which most recipes try to get rid of now. (WHY???). Also, gingerbread men are a “must-do” in our house. I think it should be a Christmas necessity. Sometimes we get a little weird and do naughty gingerbread men… Okay, I think it’s just me butttttttt…. 😉

  5. Natalie Munroe says:

    800 recipes?! Wowsa. GO YOU!!!!

    Here’s my lineup this year. I’m working on it all week and will do the bulk of the actual baking this Saturday for distribution Sunday-Tuesday. Whew. For candy: your Oreo fudge (of course! This recipe was so worth the wait. I’ve made it 5 times already since I got my copy of your candy cookbook and every single person who tried it has raved about it. As well they should. Because it is THE. BEST.), your swirl bark with cranberries and pistachios, your s’mores fudge, and then rounding out with some double-chocolate dipped stuffed pretzels, coconut truffles, and crock pot peanut clusters I found on Pinterest. MMM.
    For cookies, I’m kinda sticking with the candy theme and am making your oatmeal scotchies, candy cane Kiss, dark chocolate salted caramel, Reese’s stuffed PB, and frosted sugar cookies. I will probably make a special batch of the chai spice snickerdoodles for my aunt who is coming to visit next week (we both loooved those last year), a half-batch of gingerbread men for my daughters to decorate, and, finally, a Twix thumbprint cookie I saw on Pinterest. Man! I have a ton to do. I’d better get off of the internet and get mixing! haha. Thanks for the amazing no-fail, crowd-pleasing, oooh-and-ahhhh worthy recipes!

    1. Oh my gosh your candy and cookie menu sounds INCREDIBLE. Can I sample it all?? Those crockpot clusters and twix thumbprints sound right up my alley and I KNEW you’d love that Oreo fudge recipe from the book. Hope you have fun baking and your daughters enjoy decorating the gingerbread men!!

  6. Sally, you bake the best cookies! My hubby loved your butter pecan cookies, which I have in my freezer, along with your oatmeal scotchies, which are one of my favorites, too!

  7. Thank you for the list Sally … I’m dying for a killer plain shortbread recipe that can be tweaked with flavors/additions if you want to (toffee chips, orange&scar berries, lavender etc). Would your raspberry shortbread cookie dough be that basic shortbread dough I’m looking for??

    1. I meant orange&cranberries 🙂

    2. I personally think the BEST cookie for this instance would be my slice and bake cookies! They have a shortbread taste/texture. Have you seen those yet? I have different variations at the bottom of the post.

  8. My daughters and I made plates of cookies for their teachers, and your snickerdoodles were on them! We also made your chocolate crinkles but instead of rolling in powdered sugar, we borrowed the marshmallows from your Smores variation and called them Hot Cocoa Cookies. I think their teachers will love them–thanks for being part of our Christmas!

    1. Hot cocoa cookies sound SO fun Jackie. Genius!

  9. Alida @My Little Italian Kitchen says:

    So many fantastic recipes! I love them all really I would not know what to choose.

    The gingerbread men are a classic though, a must-be-made for Christmas. Nothing can beat homemade cookies!

  10. Your cookies have been such a hit at work I need to keep making more XD I did up a “variety pack” including your salted vanilla toffee cookies, brown butter chocolate chip & red velvet & they are almost all gone from the freezer! :O You’ve gotten more followers on your blog the past week because my co workers asked for the recipes. I have many ginger bread men & sugar cookies to frost over the weekend but I’m sure none will go to waste… every evening now I usually take 3-4 cookies out from the freezer & bake them (just for me, obviously) ..yolo at its finest lol

  11. Linda @ Today She Loves says:

    Wow, that’s a long list of cookies and totally festive for this season! That white chocolate swirlly bark looks amazing – skip the cranberries though! Starting on December 17 (tomorrow!), I’ll be baking red velvet cream cheese, Oreo cookies and cream, ferrero rocher and pomegranate ganache/buttercream macarons. I already made a few flavors for graduation/Christmas gifts in a gift wrapped box with pretty gold curling ribbon. 🙂 

  12. Sally my 2nd grade daughter is such a naughty/clever kid. She knows that I have this site bookmarked. She just told me that when she is done with her online homework that she goes in the bookmarks and clicks this site. Then she claims she starts looking at all the pictures to decide what she wants me to make her!! 😛 OMG, kids are so different from how we grew up! lol

  13. Sally,

    Here is my lineup of the cookies I’m making for my Christmas cookie tray this year….. 1. Cake batter cookies, 2. chocolate crinkle cookies, 3. red velvet cookies dipped in white chocolate and 4. the triple chocolate chip cookies..

    AHHH cannot wait to make all of them!!!!!!

  14. I made your gingerbread men. I had never made gingerbread, but they weren’t too hard and so delicious. Huge hit! My three years old loved them! Just bought candy addiction, and my husband made your toffee! I’m seeing the red velvet 7 layer bars in our future

  15. I have made your chewy creamy caramels twice now (the recipe from your new book!) in one week. I didn’t expect to love them so much! I’m also planning to make your red wine truffles, mocha truffles, and chai tea latte truffles and give them away as Christmas gifts to our neighbors and friends and family. It’s the year of the truffle! =)

  16. Love your recipes. I have learned so much about baking cookies from your blog. I’m making your cake batter chocolate chip cookies and peanut butter cups. 

  17. I have made so many of your recipes last year I used your cake batter cookies for my cookie exchange again this year for a charity bake sale ! they are always a crowd pleaser ! last night I made your mocha cheesecake brownies ! had to stash some in the freezer for a rainy day! they tastes amazing so chocolatey rich dense flavour, the white chocolate in the cheesecake part so delicious. 
    I need to ask, if you like pumpkin? i haven’t seen any recipes of pumpkin ! 

  18. My preschooler is insisting that we make gingerbread men, so I’ll be testing your recipe this weekend. I’m also going to use your sugar cookie recipe to try out those colorful swirled sliced cookies I keep seeing online. I’ve never made them before and figure your sugar cookie recipe is the best one to experiment with! Wish me luck!

    1. Have fun! Let me know how they turn out.

  19. I am not sure but this submitted before I could finish. It would be like your funfetti cookies supreme and the White Chocolate Cranberry Pistachio Cookies. Not like you need any more variety…they are all so good!

  20. Where do you buy your awesome sprinkles?

    1. I usually get sprinkles at Michaels, Target, or craft stores– also online. Sweetapolita on etsy has my current favorite sprinkle blends!

  21. I love to bake and i just found your blog so of course there are a million recipes i want to try. So it hit me i could experiment like mad AND get my christmas gifts all in one. So this year my friends are getting boxes of cookies! I’m making: gingerbread men, sugar cookies, hazelnut slice n bake cookies dipped in chocolate and lemon bars! very exciting. 

    1. You’re lucky you found Sally’s Baking Addiction! Every recipe by her I have tried has been amazing and gets raved about by everyone who tries these goodies. She’s my go to girl for most of my recipes!

      1. I completely agree! EVERY recipe by Sally that I’ve tried out has worked like a charm! Sally, you’re my hero! 😀 

  22. Just baked a batch of your gingerbread men recipe and they are so good! Also loved decorating them with your easy icing. I love your recipes – the cake batter cookie was a hit and I have about 60 frozen for this Christmas! Thank you for your recipes and Merry Christmas!

  23. I made these for my son’s class Christmas party and they were a big hit! We let them decorate them which they had a blast doing. I saw on the note to not use it for gingerbread houses what do you suggest? I’m wanting to make one this week with my oldest and let him decorate it. Just don’t know what recipe to use. 

    1. Mandi, I wish I had a great gingerbread house appropriate cookie dough. Here is something I found on Food Network, though.

  24. What is the cookie/fudge/square in the upper right hand corner of the top photo? I didn’t see the recipe in the ones below. Sorry if it is there and I just overlooked it. Thank you so much. I love your website and book.

    1. Hi Margot– I mention it’s the cover recipe of my 2nd cookbook, Sally’s Candy Addiction. You can find it in there if you have a copy!

      1. Thank you so much for the reply! I must have skimmed that bit as I thought the blossoms were the one you took to the show. I don’t have your second book yet, but Christmas is only 5 days away, so hopefully that will change!

        Thanks again!

  25. Hi Sally 🙂

    I’m a huge fan of yours! Loved every recipe i’ve made from your blog! 

    My sisters’s birthday is in a couple days and her b’day cake is going to be your Red Velvet Layer Cake and I’m also going to bake your Red Velvet Chocolate Chip Cookies (dough is already in the fridge ;)). 

    As for Christma, not sure yet about what I’m going to make but I’m sure that at leat one recipe will be from Sally’s Baking Addiction! ;D

    Happy Holidays from Portugal,

    1. Happy holidays to you Ana! Thank you!

  26. Sally, I want to thank you so much for everything!! All of your advice has been such an awesome help for me. I have learned so much from you! This is the first time in years that I made so many varieties of cookies for the holidays! And it was a pleasure again to bake! I really enjoyed myself, it wasn’t a chore. Last year, I was so frustrated making cut out sugar cookies!! I actually threw all my cookie cutters in the trash!! I swore I would never try them again. After buying new ones, I did everything you said and they turned out so beautifully!! I was so proud!! I didn’t think I had it in me, but with your step by step guidance anything is possible! You really care and it shows! I am so grateful for you!! So happy I found you!!
    I wish you a happy and healthy new year!!

    1. I’m VERY proud. And humbled. 🙂 So happy you love the cookies!

  27. I will be making your sugar cookies, gingerbread men cookies, and gingerbread cupcakes!! I have made the cupcakes before and they are amazing! I have a question- do you have a recipe for cookies-in-a-jar to give as a gift? Thank you! Merry Christmas!!

    1. Ana, I’m sorry I don’t have a recipe for cookies in a jar! How about these? Oatmeal, chocolate chips: http://allrecipes.com/recipe/15161/cowboy-cookie-mix-in-a-jar/

      1. Thank you so much for the link, Sally! I wasn’t sure if you had this recipe, but I always check with you first! Thank you so much for all your help. Without you, I wouldn’t have made cookies, seeing this is my first Christmas baking them. Enjoy your Christmas!!

  28. Hi Sally,
    Ive been baking since i was a little girl and finding your website has been amazing! Ive tried almost everything and nothing has failed, everything i make looks exactly like yours and its so uplifting to bake something that looks and tastes amazing! I cant thank you enough for making me a better baker
    Kryssi xx

  29. I usually only make gingerbread cookies for Christmas but you’ve given me lots of christmas cookie inspiration! 

  30. Colleen Anzalone says:

    Hi Sally, Love all the recipes. I want to make quie a few to take with us when we go to my son;’s in Florida for Christmas. Which ones can be frozen. I would like to start right after Thanksgiving, Thanks so much.

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