50 Ways to Eat Salted Caramel

From cupcakes and brownies to pies and apples, I’m sharing 50 ways to eat salted caramel.

Here are 50 different ways to eat salted caramel including salted caramel apple pie, apple pie bars, ice cream topping, pumpkin muffins, coconut cupcakes, shortbread bars, and so much more! Recipes on sallysbakingaddiction.com

I was all ready and prepared to share a new recipe today, but this busy week kept me in the kitchen. Instead, I’m answering a question many of you have asked over the years…

What can I eat with salted caramel?

As it turns out, salted caramel is the most loved recipe on my website. Made from only 4 simple ingredients in only 10 minutes, this homemade caramel is fresh, salty, sweet, and irresistibly buttery. No candy thermometer required and the possibilities are endless. So today I’m showing you 50 different ways to eat salted caramel and trust me, after trying this 1 time… you’ll be hooked like the rest of us. For reference, here is my salted caramel recipe.

Pies with Salted Caramel

Cookies with Salted Caramel

Cakes + Cupcakes

Fun Treats with Salted Caramel

Salted caramel brownies

Use Salted Caramel as a Topping For:

And you only need 5 ingredients for salted caramel frosting!

Salted Caramel is Also Fabulous:

  • on ice cream
  • with apple slices (Or try my caramel apples recipe instead!)
  • mixed with yogurt
  • on popcorn
  • with pretzels
  • on pancakes/waffles
  • with cinnamon rolls
  • on brownies
  • with cinnamon sugar pita chips
  • on a spoon

Here’s to always having a jar of homemade salted caramel in your refrigerator. 😉


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  1. Oh my gosh Sally I love this post!!!!! I have made your salted caramel so many times and it has never failed…<3<3<3 Thank you so much!!

    1. So glad you love it too!

  2. It’s also great in coffee!

    1. Good call!

  3. Heather Yates says:

    Hi Sally 🙂 can this recipe make a hard candy shell, or will I need to make a different more candy-esque version of caramel?

    1. Hi Heather! The salted caramel doesn’t harden, but it does “set” after a few hours meaning it won’t continue to drip off. It’s not ideal for caramel apples, though. They are too slippery and this caramel won’t hold on.

      1. Hey Sally,
        Have you tried to thicken the caramel in any way so it will become more gooey or harden?

      2. Hi Brian! The caramel I use for coating apples is much different. I’m not sure if you have a copy of my cookbook Sally’s Candy Addiction, but it’s on page 93. I use heavy cream, corn syrup, and brown sugar to create a soft caramel that will also set on foods like apples.

  4. You got it right on the last one: With a spoon. Straight from the jar. Boom. The BEST. 🙂

    I believe this is now my favorite post in the history of ever! All of the salted caramel recipes in one place.

    1. Right? This is my favorite post too!!

  5. I really feel like signing up for your posts to be delivered to my inbox was the single greatest decision I’ve made in a long time. You’ve inspired me to bake new things again! This is an amazing post and I’m really thankful you took your time to write it. Have a great weekend!

    1. This is so nice to read, Kristen! Thank you for sharing and thank you for subscribing to my website!

  6. Debbie Mannhalter says:

    Hi Sally! These recipes all look fabulous. I plan on making some these this weekend. I have made the pumpkin cheesecake muffins and the Pumpkin oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. They were wonderful! I plan on making a lot more for holiday gifts.

    1. I even love to make batches of this salted caramel and gift it in mason jars over the holidays. Such a special and unique homemade gift. 🙂

  7. You saved my favourite way for last! On a spoon! 🙂
    While I’ve made this recipe so many times I couldn’t begin to count and I LOVE IT! I do have an issue where the sugar crystallizes on the sides of my pot and it never melts.. do you know what I could do to fix that? Maybe brush the sides with water like when candy making or making other caramel sauces?

    1. Hey Stephanie! I run into that as well. Frustrating, isn’t it? A water moistened pastry brush always helps. You can watch me do that in my recent pumpkin spice toffee video. It’ll melt that sugar right off the pot.

  8. Hi Sally,
    I contacted you after your post about your daughter’s 1st birthday cake. I wanted to make a version of it , substituting pumpkin for the chocolate. You offered advice that confirmed my thoughts as to how to proceed and asked me to let you know how the cake turned out. Well, I made it for a friend’s birthday this week and I just got a call from her, raving about it…mission accomplished. I subbed 1/3 cup of pumpkin and generous
    1 1/2 teas. pumpkin pie spice. I frosted it with a brown butter cream cheese icing and of course, finished with sprinkles. After reading all your suggestions for using salted caramel , it could also have also been an option for drizzling over the top.
    Thanks you for advice. It gave me the confidence to proceed.

    1. This makes my day!! I was worried because I hadn’t tried the pumpkin version of the 1st birthday cake but now I really want to… especially with the brown butter cream cheese frosting. So so so happy it worked out and thank you so much for reporting back just in case others want to try it as well.

  9. For as much as I have loved your website, and your recipes, I don’t think I will be visiting any longer. This makes me sad, but I can no longer CLOSE the ad at the bottom of the website page. Yes, when it comes up, there is an “X” in the top right hand of the ad’s corner, but clicking it does absolutely nothing. The ad still takes up just over an inch of space at the bottom of my desktop screen. Between that, and your header at the top and the ads down the right side, there is precious little space to see your writing or your pictures. I could deal with the header at the top, I could deal with the ads on the right, but now to have this huge bar at the bottom, changing every several seconds….it’s too much and I am sorry as I feel you are a talented bakers whose recipes I love. :~(

    1. Hi Deb! Thank you so much for your feedback. I’m very sensitive to user experience and always want to deliver the best I can and unfortunately, I need to run ads on my free content so I can earn a living (and, of course, pay all the bills to run a website!). However, there is definitely a balance to find and I will continue working on it so it’s an enjoyable space for all. The sticky footer ad issue is new and something I brought up to my team yesterday. They have been working endlessly to have it fixed. I am SO sorry for the inconvenience and, again, thank you for your feedback!

      1. I sent you an email at [email protected] (a reply to your comment), if for some reason you don’t get it, pls let me know. and THANK you for working on the problem….

      2. OK…I got an ‘undeliverable msg, so am posting here!
        Sally – thank you so much for your reply…I TOTALLY get that you need ads for revenue and have adapted to the ones on the right of all of the blogs…but the ones at the bottom…no!! Any recipes I use, I copy to WORD and print in 14 point COMIC SANS (comic sans because it is the most cheerful font and 14 point so that I can read them without my glasses). I format them to make them easier for me to read (all ingredients down lefthand side and what to do with them on righthand side). I also put the website address under the title and that’s what I send to people when they read about a recipe on MY (just news for my friends) blog. See below entry for a sample.


        Anyway, the reason I tell you this is because the ads at the bottom also prevent me from copying the entire recipe, I can only copy what I see….frustrating!

        Anyway, I hope you can solve the problem as you make FABULOUS things!!! And I wish you only the best in your baking future

      3. Great news! My network fixed the issue last night and the X works again. 🙂 So glad we have that fixed. Thanks again Deb!

  10. Oh my goodness! I have fallen asleep only to awaken to Caramel Heaven—Don’t ever wake me up!!

    Thank you, Sally, for these great recipes and ideas on how to utilize caramel.

    1. You’re very welcome!

  11. Lisa Cockerham says:

    Oh my heavens! I think I gained 5 pounds just scrolling through the pictures. Thanks for making my day!

  12. I’ve been drinking hot apple cider topped with whipped cream and a drizzle of the salted caramel. It’s fantastic.

  13. Micaiah Saldaña says:

    Salted caramel is my favorite! In my mind, it can make practically any dessert better. =) I would love to make chocolate thumbprint cookies with salted caramel in the centers instead of jam. Do you have a recipe for something like that? Thank you for posting this-I want to bake something with lots of caramel sauce now! =D

  14. Sally – I didn’t even know that ad problem was ‘fixable’ until you answered my comment. Just thought it was something the ad companies did and you too had to live with it. So glad that is not the case and so glad you are gracious enough to answer comments. I’m glad I will get to continue to love your blog and recipes!!! You’re the best!!

    1. My pleasure!

  15. I didn’t think I really needed an exscuse to have some, but some great ideas. No reason not to have it every day 🙂

  16. hi sally! this is a fabulous gift to my co-workers this Christmas! I just want to ask – until how long should this last? I just might add a small note that says the best before date.

    thanks for sharing your recipes. you are my go-to site whenever I need to bake. all the best to you!

    1. Hi Lorraine! About 2 weeks, but I’ve had it int he fridge for well over a month and it’s perfectly OK!

  17. Sandy Navarro says:

    Hi your caramel recipe sounds delicious. I have a question, Can you use this salted caramel recipe for caramel apple?

    1. Hi Sandy! The caramel I use for coating apples is much different. I’m not sure if you have a copy of my cookbook Sally’s Candy Addiction, but it’s on page 93. I use heavy cream, corn syrup, and brown sugar to create a soft caramel that will also set on foods like apples.

      1. Sandy Navarro says:

        Thank you so much for the info. Cant wait to try this recipe out. I don’t have your book but im definitely buying it

  18. I just added your salted caramel to my apple cinnamon steel cut oats this morning!! Fabulous!! It was just oats, shredded apples, cinnamon, and toasted walnuts. I wanted it slightly sweeter …so I added a swirl of your salted caramel and oh my goodness!! THE PERFECT TOUCH!!

  19. I wanted to leave this comment under the actual salted caramel recipe, but for some reason I couldn’t find out where to do that…so I’m leaving it here. I forwarded your ’50 ways to eat salted caramel’ to a friend of mine. She was so inspired that this self-professed non-kitchen, non-cooking person made it up yesterday. She also made up another caramel recipe I had that I hadn’t yet had a chance to try. On the surface I liked the other caramel recipe because it used ingredients that I always have in my house. Your recipe calls for heavy cream, something I don’t normally have. Anyway, she brought both of them over last night and we taste tested on vanilla ice cream. OMword….there was NO CONTEST…your caramel sauce won hands down…and I think the best way to eat it is just with a spoon :~). I tried both with a small teaspoon at first, and when I put yours in my mouth, I rolled it around and around and literally started moaning!!! THANK YOU for this great recipe…I can hardly wait to make up your cinnamon rolls and put caramel frosting on them (since my friend kindly left the caramel with me!)

    1. This is an amazing friendship! I’m thrilled that your friend found it so easy to prepare (it really is and no one believes it until they try!) and that you both loved it so much 🙂

  20. Would this work on popcorn? Or would it be too sticky?

    1. Hi Michelle! It’s too sticky. Here’s my recipe for caramel corn— it’s my grandmother’s recipe passed down. It’s easy!

  21. I just tried a new way to eat your salted caramel last night! It was in a pumpkin snickerdoodle sundae.
    Place one white chocolate pumpkin snickerdoodle (seriously my favorite favorite fall cookie) in a bowl. Top with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream. Generously drizzle with salted caramel. LOVE it! Try it! It’s amazing. And when I was done with my bowl, I told my husband that I had to tell you about it, like we are BFF’s or something 🙂 Thanks for making me a great baker-in-training!

  22. I’ve made this Salted Caramel recipe a couple times, and it keeps turning out with a slight burnt aftertaste. I feel like I am following the recipe correctly, so I was wondering if this is normal, or if there is something I can do to prevent it. Thank you so much!!

    1. Hi Katherine! Are you using a heavy duty pan? I find that cheaper pans actually burn the sugar, not caramelize it. And remember to stir constantly as the sugar melts.

      1. Okay, thanks so much for the help!

  23. There does not seem to be a way to ask questions on the salted caramel sauce recipe page.

    What type of salt do you use for the basic caramel sauce recipe? And do you change the amount based on the type: table vs kosher vs sea salt?

    1. Hi! I use regular table salt, though you can use kosher salt instead.

  24. It’s delicious! Can you double the recipe? Also can you hot water bath it to keep unrefrigerated? Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Mary! Since it’s technically a candy, I don’t recommend doubling or even tripling the caramel recipe. Make separate batches. Added volume will prevent the caramel from cooking properly.

      1. Thank you Sally. That’s what I thought.

        Can you can the caramel in a hot water bath? Usually processing is 10 min but I’m not sure if you can can candy?

  25. I LOVE this recipe and make it every year at Christmas, since our family tradition is to eat homemade ice cream after opening presents. Do you think I could add a bit of vanilla after I’ve stirred in the salt?

    1. Yes, absolutely! I recommend 1/2 teaspoon pure vanilla extract. Love your tradition!

  26. Sally, tomorrow morning when you make your coffee get out your cute Holiday mug, pour you coffee, top it with whip cream, then top with your salted caramel. Then…..photograph it and POST it on here for your coffee drinking caramel fans. 50 Ways to Eat Caramel and 2 Ways to drink it. I’m sure people are drinking it straight out of the jar when no one’s looking. And I’m sure someone has already tried it in Eggnog. Oh, that’s 3 ways to drink it.
    Salted Caramel Brandy or Rum sounds good. Up to 5 ways to drink it now. Start a contest. How do you drink your Salted Caramel

  27. I was wondering if raw sugar (turbinado sugar) or white turbinado sugar would work as well in place of granulated sugar.

    Also, would this recipe work for coffee or other drinks?

    1. Hi Christina! No, I do not recommend using raw sugar in the caramel. Stick to regular granulated white sugar. The salted caramel is fantastic in coffee, yes!

  28. John Pansera says:

    Can this be used in Caramel Tassies

    1. Yes, this should work!

  29. John Pansera says:

    Sally I used you recipe for the caramel cups. I doubled the recipe and becoase I was concerned it might not be thick enough I added 2 tsp of cornstarch to it. I stirred in the cornstarch after I removed it from the stove I also added 2 tbl of whiskey that the cookie recipe called for after I dissolved the cornstarch. It filled 10 dozen cups with about 1 tbl left over. They turned out great and everyone raved about them

  30. Hi Sally!
    Does it get better with brown sugar?

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