Blueberry Almond Snack Bars

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1 bowl and 7 REAL FOOD ingredients are all you need to make these freezer friendly gluten free blueberry almond snack bars! Recipe on

Snack bar 8.0 today. The 8th addition to my healthy snack bar series and by far, one of my most favorites in the bunch.

But first (1) I finally have a new post up on my photography blog!

And (2) how was your Easter and holiday weekend? Ours was wonderful, spent with lots of family, great food, an Easter egg hunt, and plenty of dessert. I’m always curious to see what others enjoy on holidays, so let me quickly rewind to what we ended up serving. I made a honey brown sugar ham (to die for!), an asparagus salad to which I added some steamed snap peas, deviled eggs, pineapple upside down cake (used this cake for a large 9×13 pan and this topping), and oatmeal raisin cookies. I needed a little extra help, so my MIL made potato salad and my bro-in-law brought over fresh-baked rolls. In the morning we enjoyed maple pecan sticky buns and the night before was walnut crusted chicken, salad, and biscuits. It was all rounded out with a few too many Cadbury creme eggs and jelly beans.

I’m full until Friday.

1 bowl and 7 REAL FOOD ingredients are all you need to make these freezer friendly gluten free blueberry almond snack bars! Recipe on

New day, new week, well balanced eating is on my mind!

I’ve been working on some new snack bar recipes recently. Snack bars are an easy homemade alternative to processed foods. One of my recent new faves is this blueberry almond flavor. They’re like blueberry muffin Lara bars (love!), but have more texture. I’m all sorts of snacky lately and if you’re on the hunt for an alternative to overpriced store-bought healthy snacks– blueberry almond snack bars must be in your eating future.

Like usual, only a few simple ingredients mixed up in 1 bowl. Power players like:

  • dried blueberries
  • whole almonds
  • almond meal/flour
  • almond butter (or any nut butter)
  • honey

And along with salt and vanilla extract for flavor/balance, that’s all you’ll need. If you want, add a dash of cinnamon. You won’t regret it. They’re dairy free, gluten free, and if you use brown rice syrup instead of honey– completely vegan.

Blueberry almond snack bars on

Blueberry almond snack bars on

The trick to success? Lightly pulse those whole almonds so there’s a few broken up pieces. The broken up pieces will help fill in the gaps so the bars remain intact. See that bowl of almonds above? That’s what mine look like. A few whole almonds, a few smaller pieces. I simply pulsed them in the food processor 3-4 times. I love the BIG texture in these bars compared to snack bars I’ve made in the past.

Like the small almond pieces, almond meal helps bind the ingredients together. Almond meal (also known as almond flour, if using blanched almonds and grinding a little more fine) is so easy to make at home. Simply pulse almonds until they reach a gritty and rough flour-like consistency. You can also buy almond meal at the store. Or you can use oat flour. Again, some sort of powder to bind the ingredients together.

Blueberry almond snack bars on

The bars are baked for about 20 minutes to help them set. But good luck not eating the mixture before it goes in the oven. ( ↑ that beautiful stuff ↑ ) It’s a giant bowl of sticky, chewy, crunchy, salty, sweet, and nutty.

They’re best kept in the refrigerator or else they’ll become a little flimsy. You can also individually wrap them for storing or freeze them to pack for lunch/snack during the day. I also love ’em crumbled over yogurt or a smoothie bowl or, let’s face it, ice cream.

1 bowl and 7 REAL FOOD ingredients are all you need to make these freezer friendly gluten free blueberry almond snack bars! Recipe on

1 bowl and 7 REAL FOOD ingredients are all you need to make these freezer friendly gluten free blueberry almond snack bars! Recipe on

Here are 7 more flavors of snack bars to try: vanilla almond snack bars | chocolate peanut butter snack bars | berry cashew snack bars | chocolate cherry almond snack bars | cashew coconut snack bars | spiced pumpkin seed cranberry snack bars | quinoa crunch snack bars

Blueberry Almond Snack Bars


  • 1/3 cup (37g) almond meal1
  • 1/3 cup (114g) honey or brown rice syrup2
  • 1 Tablespoon (15g) almond butter or any nut butter
  • 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
  • 1/8 teaspoon salt
  • 1 and 2/3 cups (235g) whole unsalted almonds (very roughly chopped/minimally pulsed)
  • 2/3 cup (70g) dried blueberries
  • optional: 1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon


  1. Preheat oven to 300°F (149°C). Line an 8-inch square baking pan with parchment paper with enough overhang on the sides to easily remove the bars from the pan. Set aside.
  2. Using a rubber spatula or wooden spoon, mix all of the ingredients together until combined.
  3. Transfer mixture to prepared baking pan and press very firmly into an even layer. You really want it packed in tight- as tight as possible. Bake for 20-22 minutes or until lightly golden brown on top. Remove from the oven and allow to cool completely in the pan set on a wire rack for 1 hour, then transfer to the refrigerator to chill for 1 more hour. This firms up the bars which helps them stay compact. Remove bars from the pan using the overhang on the sides and cut into bars.
  4. Individually wrap each bar in plastic wrap or parchment. Store in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks.

Make ahead tip: These bars are freezer friendly. After wrapping individually, freeze for up to 3 months and thaw before enjoying.

Recipe Notes:

  1. You can use store-bought almond meal or almond flour, or you can make your own. Start with 1/3 cup of slivered, sliced, or whole almonds. Pulse them in a food processor until a crumbly meal has formed. Do not run the food processor continuously; you may end up with almond butter. Little pulses are best. You will end up with around 1/3 cup almond meal.
  2. I do not suggest a thinner sweetener like maple syrup or agave-- honey or brown rice syrup are perfect.

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Here are some items I used to make today’s recipe.

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1 bowl and 7 REAL FOOD ingredients are all you need to make these freezer friendly gluten free blueberry almond snack bars! Recipe on


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  1. Hi Sally! First of all, congratulations on your pregnancy I’m so happy for you!!

    These snack bars look so good! I don’t happen to have dried blueberries on hand, but I have some freeze dried strawberries left over from making your amazing strawberry frosting. Do you think I could sub these for the blue berries in the bars or do you think the texture is too different?

    1. Not the best idea– I wouldn’t bake those into bars. Do you have other dried fruits instead (not freeze-dried)? These would be fantastic with dried cranberries.

  2. Sally, thank you SO much for your two wonderful cookbooks, Sally’s Baking Addiction and Sally’s Candy Addiction!!! They are gorgeous books! The photos are amazing and so inviting. I’m currently reading them both like novels. I’m anxious to make ALL of your recipes. I strongly suggest that any one who loves baking and Candy making purchase both of these beautiful books! Blessings to you as you welcome your baby in September.

    1. Thank you for this incredibly kind comment on my books, Melanie! I really appreciate it as all as the blessings for our growing family.

  3. Sally,
    Good morning! These snack bars have my co-worker’s name all over them-I think I will have to make them for her. 
    Also-thanks again for adding the metric info in your recipes. It will be wonderful to have recipes already converted after the move!
    Hope your day is lovely!

  4. Sounds like you a had a yummy food filled Easter!! We had some great eats too – one of which was fish n chips on Friday 🙂 These snack bars sound like a wonderful (and healthy) way to start off the week. They’re packed with so many good things -love the blueberry/almond combo. Pinning and trying soon 🙂 Have a great week!

  5. Thanks Sally for another yummy treat. I made your My Favorite Carrot Cake into a bunny for Easter and put decorations on it. I even found edible grass. I dont suggest that though as it has almost no flavor, but it did make it look cute. As well as jelly beans and twizzlers. Yum i am addicted to that. It was a succuess. Everyone loved it.
    Congratulations on your precious angel to come. I am so happy for you. Blessings to you and your family, my dear.

  6. This is my favorite flavored Kind Bar. I love that you can see and taste all the ingredients. Thank you for taking the guess work out of it for me. I can’t wait to make these at home. Here’s hoping I can find freeze dried blueberries at the store this week!

      1. Agh! I can’t believe I said freeze dried blueberries, do they even have those? Thanks. I’m going to look for them when I go to the store today! 

  7. Love the sounds of a healthy treat the week after Easter. Despite being a full-grown adult, my mother surprised me with a couple Easter chocolates yesterday. It was a sweet gesture – but now I’m on a sugar high! I’ve made (and loved) your simple vanilla snack bars, so it’s time to try something new. Never had a lara bar before, but I trust these are probably way better than those 😉

  8. Hi Sally,
    I had a question about your red velvet cake recipe but the comments are closed. I’m making a 2 layer 10 inch round cake and was wondering if one batch will be enough for both pans or do I need to make 2 separate batches?
    Thanks so much!

  9. These look lovely and crunchy. Can they be made with no sweetener added? I am T2 diabetic and don’t eat honey, agave or any of the sugar substitutes.
    Love your recipes and the photos are always fantastic ! X

  10. For Easter we had all homemade desserts – chocolate hazelnut biscotti, traditional canolli with chocolate dipped shells, lemon cream cheese pie, and a chocolate bunny cake. You inspired me to dip the canolli shells and drizzle chocolate on the biscotti.

  11. Can maple syrup or honey be substituted for the brown rice syrup? Unsweetened coconut flakes will be great in this too!

    1. I wouldn’t use freeze-dried fruit/berries. Instead, simply dried fruit. Dried cranberries or dried cherries would be a great sub.

  12. Thank you for the link to the ham that you made for Easter. Love the idea of making it in the crockpot !! I also can’t wait to try these Blueberry Snack bars. I love dried blueberries and your pictures look incredible☺

  13. Just popped these in the oven! I had to substitute golden raisins for the blueberries because I couldn’t wait to get to the store to get the blueberries. Hopefully these will be good with the raisins. I’ll also try with blueberries one day!

  14. Sally, these snack bars look incredible! Meanwhile, just dropping by to say CONGRATS a million times over on the bun in your oven (how appropriate is that for the best baker ever?). 🙂 I’m so happy that someone so kind, generous, and hard-working is going to be passing those qualities onto a new generation. Did I tell you, my sister is “like, really pregnant” right now (her words, not mine haha). And it just makes me so happy to know that there are soon to be two more amazing mothers in the world. Sending you lots of love & happy thoughts for your pregnancy. <3

      1. Thanks for your reply! It really made my day and means a lot to me. I’m a teen with a love for cooking, and I just want to thank you for how you’ve inspired me to start my own food blog. I hope you have a great day!

  15. Sally, how are you feeling these days? Are you in any discomfort? I hope you are well. Btw, can we pre-order the new book now?

  16. I just want to say these are AAAAMAZING!!! so delish, I can’t wait to try the others!…. You make it so hard to stay on a diet! Who gets to eat your abundance of baked goods,anyway?!! You must have a large staff. Congrats on your coming addition to your family as well your new book! Finding your blog has been one of my” new” daily delights I’ve come to enjoy! Look forward to openning my “mail” everyday!! Thank You so much!

    1. My freezer gets most of it. Otherwise– anyone who can take it off my hands!
      I’m glad you’re enjoying these blueberry almond snack bars and thank you so much for the congrats!

  17. Just made these and I’m in heaven! They are truly delicious. I always end up buying this sort of thing for a snack in the office….so much nicer and tastier to make myself! 

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