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chocolate pb no bakes

Checking in with you because it’s been awhile! I haven’t done a coffee break post since mid-July, so how has your summer been since we last chatted?! I can’t believe it’s practically over by now. It makes me a little sad, but with all the exciting adventures this summer has brought, I’m pretty content. And… obviously Fall baking is right around the corner so that’s an instant game changer.

I was in the poconos (northeast PA) this past weekend for my friends’ bachelorette party. I made chewy fudgy brownies and these no-bake cookies for the weekend. Both disappeared, especially those no-bakes pictured above. I’ll actually be up there again this coming weekend for Labor Day. My friend’s family has a house on Lake Wallenpaupack– and we’re bringing the pups. It will be Franklin’s first time swimming. Jude loves the water, so I hope Frank does too! I love lake weekends more than anything. Not sure what it really is– maybe the tranquility? I prefer lake weekends over beach weekends. How about you? Here are pictures from visiting Lake Wallenpaupack a couple years ago!

Frank in August

Speaking of the dogs– Franklin had his 6 month check-up and some puppy shots yesterday. He’s 37 lbs now– up 11 from last month. Quite the ham and growing a ton everyday, I swear! The two are getting along just fine these days. I feel like Franklin’s brought out a more playful side in Jude. Have you seen my Snapchats and/or IG stories? They play tug together all the time. Their new toy is this monster looking octopus; Franklin carries it around to every single room in the house and is very concerned if you move it from where he last left it. He also has a favorite stick that he keeps by a tree in our front yard. Kevin almost crushed it with the lawn mower, but luckily most of it was saved. Crisis averted!

He follows Jude around everywhere he goes. And Jude follows me around where I go, so I have two furry shadows with me all day long. Right now, Franklin’s very into growling and grunting at deer in the front yard. There’s a ton of deer where we live and they’re out in the yard every night at dusk. Both pups watch them from the window, completely mesmerized/protective, for like 30 straight minutes without moving. It’s very entertaining/hilarious.

frank + jude in august

frank in august

I have some new videos to show you! Recipe videos have been my main goal this year. I haven’t put them on my YouTube channel yet, but I have been sharing them on Facebook, Instagram, and in each recipe post too.

Ok guess what? The kitchen is 99% complete by now!

kitchen in august

It’s an incredible feeling, especially in the morning when I watch the sun shine through the windows. It’s been a 5 month project with most of the delays coming from working around the wood beam structure of the home. But it’s well worth every second! Right now we’re waiting for a special cut cabinet to come in for the one corner (unpictured) and a custom range hood duct cover. But it’s completely usable! I’ve been baking in it for the past month. I plan to share more kitchen pictures including before/after once everything is finally done, so stay tuned.

Speaking of design work! I mentioned before that my website is currently undergoing a little facelift. The redesign should be finished in September. I’m really excited to unveil it! Not much will change, though the whole site will be much more user-friendly. It’s time for an upgrade. 🙂

Coming up in September: I’m announcing my 3rd cookbook! It won’t come out until next Fall 2017, but I want you to be part of the cookbook writing process over the next 6 months. So I’ll fill you in on what that cookbook is soon. Sally’s Candy Addiction 1st birthday and our 2nd wedding anniversary (seriously, 2 years already!!!). Also my friend’s wedding at the end of the month. I’m the matron of honor! So much to look forward to.

Hope you’re having a good one! What are you baking this week?


  1. Totally LOVING your kitchen, Sally. Someday, I hope to have the same 🙂 #kitchengoals Also, totally scared of dogs (horror experience as kid -which I can’t even remember btw-), but Franklin is seriously too cute! P.S: When you possibly ever find the time, could you do a post on how you organize your photos for blogging?

    1. Do you mean like how do I store all my photos? You can always email me about it! info (at) 🙂

  2. Wow, congratulations on a new cookbook! You are certainly on a roll…catching up to, like, Shakespeare and Tom Clancy! 😉 I can’t wait to hear more about it 🙂 Your kitchen looks beautiful!

  3. Patricia @Sweet and Strong says:

    Your kitchen looks gorgeous!  And yes totally before lake weekends over the beach, they’re just a lot quieter and more relaxing.  I hope to bake either some cupcakes or brownies for labor day weekend coming up.

    1. Have fun baking!

  4. Marina @ A Dancer's Live-It says:

    The kitchen looks AMAZING, Sally! Seriously. so many kitchen goals. I’m baking lots of cookies this week to send to friends who just got back to school. 🙂 I cannot WAIT to hear about the third cookbook, ahhhh so exciting! 🙂

    1. Perfect back-to-school treats if you ask me.

  5. So excited about your third cookbook! Congrats, can’t wait to hear more about it! Loving the pics of the pups, they are just too cute

  6. Kayle (The Cooking Actress) says:

    ahhh the kitchen looks amazing!!!

  7. Your kitchen is beautiful, congratulations! Love that your pups get along so well. They look so happy with you! LOVE people who rescue dogs and give them a happy forever life so kudos to you- it’s one of my favorite things about reading your blog 🙂 Have you read/seen anything about the Boston Terrier pup Libre? It’s a pretty huge deal locally (I’m just outside Harrisburg) and it was trending all over FB most of the summer. I won’t get into it because it’s a sad situation but it has a very happy ending and he is not healthy and happy with one of the people who rescued him. I’ll never understand anyone who doesn’t get how truly amazing dogs are. Anyway I digress. Have a great Labor Day weekend at the lake!!

    1. I haven’t heard about that Boston Terrier pup but will look it up as soon as I’m done tonight. Thanks for the congrats!!

  8. Nurfatma Perveen says:

    Damnnn, so many good news all at once!! Glad your summer went by well. You really had me at the cookbook and I’m just as anxious to find out what it’s gonna be about. Can’t wait for fall and a whole slew of fall recipes to bake with. 

    Also, Franklin is just sooo cute

    1. Glad you’re excited too!

  9. Hi Sally!! All your recipes sound awesome! I haven’t tried any yet but I am wanting to. I Love your easy cinnamon roll recipe but I would like to triple the recipe so I can freeze some. I figure since I’ll be baking anyway might as well make it worthwhile! So if you could please help me with that that would be great! And also I don’t have red star yeast I have fleischmanns active dry yeast will that work?

    1. Thanks Mary! The active dry yeast works just fine for those. Instead of tripling, I highly recommend just making 3 different batches. Sounds like a pain but those particular rolls will taste/look best when you work with a smaller amount of dough.

  10. I love, love, love the wood beams on the ceiling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Franklin is the cutest, he’s growing before everyones eyes!!!!!!! :):):):) And I cannot wait for the new cookbook, so much fun happening right now!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Btw your kitchen looks beautiful!

  12. Catherine Smith says:

    I am so excited for your 3rd cookbook!! I’m actually going through a kitchen remodel right now. picking granite can be so overwhelming!! Your finished kitchen just looks gorgeous! I’m already embracing Fall and hope to bake pumpkin cupcakes this weekend!

    1. The whole process is daunting but just you wait until you’re cooking and baking in the finished kitchen. And I just bought a few jars of pumpkin today to get started myself 🙂

  13. Dawn @ Girl Heart Food says:

    Wow! So much good news! Your fur babies are just adorable! Franklin is getting so big! Your kitchen is just gorgeous, by the way! And you must be pretty excited about the new cookbook! Looking forward to it and seeing your new site soon 🙂

    1. Thanks so much Dawn!

  14. I really appreciate no-bake recipes today, since my upstairs AC went out this morning. Not sure I’ll be moving around all that much, but these at least give me something to dream about. Love the new kitchen, it’s insanely gorgeous. And deer sightings too, on top of that park-like yard? Very jealous! Congrats on the beautiful home!!

    1. Thanks Jennifer– and stay cool!

  15. Wow, deer on the lawn! I would love to see that, can you post a pic? We have kangaroos and quenda on our lawn!

    1. I’ve never seen either of those on our lawn before 😉 Much more interesting than a deer! Lol

  16. The kitchen looks fabulous! I see you went through with the white cabinets… really brightens things up!

    A new cookbook sounds perfect! 🙂 I hope you do pies/cakes or something like that. What do you have in mind? 

    1. Thanks! I really wanted a bright kitchen since the past few kitchens in the apartments and then the last home (the one we rented) felt pretty dark.

  17. I LOVE your kitchen Sally! I’ve been eager to help my mom redo her kitchen (since it hasn’t been updated since they first bought the house… in 1988…) and although we have a lot less space than you do, I still think we could make it look amazing. I’m so excited about your 3rd cookbook! I make so many recipes from your first two, so I can’t wait to have even more to add to my rotation. I feel like you should add some savoury recipes in there too since some of your dinner recipes I’ve tried and loved. This week I baked some butterscotch chip cookies (my fav) and your blueberry streusel muffins (love those!). Also on the menu is some sort of pie for the Labour Day weekend (having trouble choosing between blueberry and apple) and some granola. Hope you have a great time at the lake and at your friend’s wedding! Sounds like a busy weekend but a super fun one 🙂

    1. You’d be surprised at what you can fit into a smaller size kitchen. Our house before this… the one we rented… had a tiny kitchen but the space was utilized very well. It felt like a decent space. But have fun baking this week! Butterscotch will always be one of my favorites too. Let me know which pie you end up with. I’d go with apple any day if you ask me!!

  18. I prefer lake weekends over beach weekends too! There’s no sand, and in my experience the lake has much more to do!

    I tried out the Brookie Pie this past weekend and it was a hit. I topped it off with Blue Bells newest ice cream flavor (new to me anyways) Cookie Two Step — cookies and cream mixed with chocolate chip cookie dough. HEAVENLY!

    Anyways, I am mainly writing to bid farewell for a few months. I am in grad school for counseling and one of my assignments this semester requires us to give something up for the duration of the class. After a lot of thought and wrestling with my own emotions, I have decided to give up my biggest addiction…sweets. I know, an utter sin!!! In order to succeed, I am unsubscribing/unfollowing for the semester because your posts are oh so tempting!!! However, I have decided to use this opportunity to enhance my cooking skills, so I will still be vising the site to browse through your savory recipes (can’t wait to try your newest shrimp and chicken recipes). I’ll let you know how it goes!
    Until next time, SBA! I’ll miss you.. 🙁

    1. I’ll miss you too! But more power to you. You’ve got some incredible strength and willpower my friend. I hope you enjoy some of the savory recipes, let me know about any you try!

      And Cookie Two Step? I’m already obsessed with it.

  19. Congrats on your third book!  You have so much energy!  Your kitchen is gorgeous!  Lots of decision making there…  Your puppies look so happy and content.  I love seeing them as Franklin seems to grow A LOT each picture!  I have been cooking and baking low carb lately.  Both myself and my son have to eat that way for awhile. Anyone have a good low carb bread or roll recipe, or protein bars that are tasty and low carb???  

    1. I wish I could help, I don’t have any low carb bread/roll recipes. Protein bars either. But thank you for the congrats and thoughtful comment!

  20. I am sad about the end of summer, but excited for fall. The only thing better than baking with strawberries is baking with apples. Fall’s my favorite season anyway, because hoodies and jeans and Halloween and pretty fall foliage. I work at a haunt in Suburbadelphia (Bates Motel and Haunted Hayride at Arasapha Farms; you should come by if you get a chance), which makes fall even MORE fun.

    I always preferred lakes as well. No chlorine and no salt. We’ll be up at the Finger Lakes for Labor Day weekend; Boything’s parents have a house on Lake Owasco. It’s the best 🙂

    I am so envious of your kitchen! Look at all that counter space! My kitchen is barely big enough for me.

    1. Exact reasons why Fall’s my favorite too. 🙂 Have fun up there this weekend!

  21. Your kitchen is beautiful… the beams and back splash….
    Now the pups the are so cute and look like they need a few hugs from me.
    Enjoy your week end!

    1. They always welcome hugs! Especially from girls. They love the ladies.

  22. Peppermint Dolly says:

    I don’t know where to star – your kitchen – those no bake cookies – but I think the winner has to be your doggies, oh my days they are so cute!! Cannot wait for the day when I can have a lil dog *all my own!!


    *refuse to share cute doggie with Husband 😉

  23. Michelle @ Modern Acupuncture says:

    Yay for your gorgeous new kitchen and your upcoming cookbook! And every time you sit next to Jude I realize what a gigantic pup he is… love him and Franklin 🙂

    1. Everyone says that! And everyone always comments on his size when they meet him. Or just random strangers passing by on our walks lol

  24. Can’t wait to get my hands on that new cookbook!!

  25. Your kitchen is gorgeous! And congrats on the book!

    1. Thanks Miranda!

  26. Hey me again!:) so I did triple that cinnamon roll recipe today And they turned out great!!

    1. Oh that’s wonderful to hear!

  27. Sally this year is going by too fast. I can’t believe soon you will be posting your pumpkin recipes. 🙂 I think you have done a stunning job with each detail in your kitchen. I love the see thru cabinets. Excellent choice with countertop. So happy for you…and I am just excited about your new book. Lots of love!

    1. Thanks so much Iram and I, too, can’t believe it’s almost time for pumpkin!

  28. Sallysbakebloglover says:

    Oh my goodness! I LOVE your kitchen! It looks great!

  29. Sooo soo excited for September and pumpkin everything. I LIVE for this time of year. Your kitchen looks amazing! So worth the process ☺ And 3rd cookbook?! I don’t know how you do it!

    Give those pups a hug for me!

  30. Aquafresh RO Service says:

    I LOVE your recipes Sally! I’ve been eager to help my mom redo her kitchen and although we have a lot less space than you do, I still think we could make it look amazing. Thanks for sharing these amazing recipes.

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