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Hi! I’m here in Scottsdale, AZ this week filming some promo videos for Sally’s Cookie Addiction, as well as food videos for this summer, fall, AND Christmas baking season. It’s a busy week! But we’re getting ahead while we can before baby Quinn arrives. 🙂

I’m working with a video production team and we’re filming at Monark Premium Appliance Co. This place is a baker’s and cook’s dream. Ok, anyone’s dream. We should’ve stopped here before designing our own kitchen!!

I’ll be on Facebook LIVE today at 1pm ET (10am here at Monark so you can see this awesome kitchen gear) for a behind the scenes look at our video shoot. I’ll also decorate some sugar cookies in the video too, so you can follow along with that. See you soon!!

Did you miss last week’s video? Here it is. (You can view it even if you don’t have Facebook.) We made the June Baking Challenge recipe!

June Facebook LIVE Schedule

Here are the upcoming Facebook LIVE date + times:

  • Monday, June 12th 1pm ET: making a pie start to finish!
  • Wednesday, June 21st 1pm ET: a new cookie recipe I’ll publish that day 🙂
  • Wednesday, June 28th 1pm ET: maybe something for 4th of July?

I’m trying to stick to Wednesdays at 1pm ET, but next week I’m busy on Weds. So I moved it to Monday!

Can I just say one thing about traveling when pregnant? Ok, two things. Obviously being at home in your own bed is more comfortable, BUT packing is such a breeze!! All I’m wearing these days are maternity sundresses and sandals, so my clothing options are majorly limited. I packed in only about 6 minutes and my suitcase weighs next to nothing. And this is coming from someone who spends an entire day packing and notoriously overpacks, even cramming more of my crap into Kevin’s suitcase. Why do I need 12 outfits for 4 days? Will I change 3x per day? Do I ever change 3x per day? What is wrong with me?

PS: this is totally not sponsored in any way, but I’m obsessed with pink blush maternity dresses.

Here’s hoping you’ve checked out the frosting section on my site– I just added this go-to chocolate buttercream! In the notes, you can see how I adapt it to frost layer cakes.

Do you have any frosting requests? Let me know!

Speaking of frosting! Did you catch this rainbow piñata cake I created for Allrecipes the other week? I had fun using a new-to-me piping tip: ateco 30. I mentioned this on Insta the other day, but I really encourage you to get out and start practicing piping. That is, of course, if it intimidates you. If you want to begin creating lovely decorated cakes and cupcakes, all you have to do is begin practicing. That’s simply all I did! I’ve never taken any classes. Rather, I just bought a bunch of piping tips (these 5 are my fave!) and started going at it.

By the way, this would be such a fun gender reveal cake. ↓

As the weather heats up, cool treats are on the agenda. Even better if they’re healthy. And delicious. And pink. This concoction was simply 2 frozen bananas (peel, slice, freeze) + handful frozen strawberries + handful fresh raspberries + almond milk to thin out as needed. Tasted unbelievably refreshing but more importantly: it’s HOT PINK. 

Those little thingys on the left are some lightly sweetened and crunchy coconut chip things I got at Wegmans. Yum!

If you’re more into green smoothies, here is a super thick green smoothie bowl that doesn’t taste like veggies! Let’s see… there’s pineapple, banana, spinach, Greek yogurt. Coconut water too. Sorta similar to my glowing skin smoothie.

New Dinner Recipes

Remember in my last coffee break post when I mentioned I cook + create + write for Delish? Basically, they asked me to be part of their weekly Insanely Easy Weeknight Dinners column and this is my 2nd month (here are month 1 recipes!). I’ve scaled back on savory recipes on Sally’s Baking Addiction, just so we can still cook together, but really keep the focus on baking. Anyway, here are the 5 new dinner recipes I created in June:

  1. Crispy Honey Sesame Chicken (pictured above)
  2. Cheesy Spinach Pesto Flatbread
  3. Garlic Cilantro Shrimp
  4. Southwestern Pasta Salad
  5. Creamy Avocado Lime Salmon (pictured below)

We loved the shrimp the most, though the salmon was a close 2nd. The shrimp has all this crazy delicious garlic flavor, plus a slight spice from the chili powder. The salmon has a spice rub underneath that crisp sesame layer– which pairs with the cool and creamy avocado lime “sauce” on top. Both highly recommended for the summertime!

I received a few questions about the cherry pitter I use since I mentioned it last week– here it is. So easy. However some of you have told me about cherry pitters that can pit 4-5 cherries at a time?! So cool.

Need an excuse for a cherry pitter? Here you go.

 Other than that, I’m just cruising along trying to find a balance between getting ahead on work and finding time to kick my feet up. It will be one busy summer! Hope you’re having a wonderful week so far!


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  1. I hope you get some time to relax with a good book soon 🙂 It sounds like such a busy summer for you! But your ambition and go-get-it-ness (it’s early, sorry…I bet there’s an actual word for that, haha) are so admirable 🙂 That cake with the star glitter is gorgeous, I totally agree

  2. That kitchen looks amazing! As an aspiring food blogger it has been such a pleasure to watch your blog grow and adjust to the times of food blogging. Also love how ahead of the game you are!

  3. Can’t wait to try some of your new dinner recipes! Don’t work too hard in AZ, make sure you get some time to yourself to relax and enjoy the weather too 😉

  4. You’re right by where I grew up! Enjoy Scottsdale … even though it’s probably super hot right now! We made your honey garlic shrimp last night and it was delicious. Love all your recipes, but especially the cookies

  5. I tried to view last week’s video, but I couldn’t get beyond having to sign into FB even using this link? I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong? Like Patricia, I too wrote out a bucket list (which I call “A Sprinkle A Day” list) for this summer. Being that we are still settling in the new house, I wanted to make my goals achievable…one of them is to improve my food photography experimenting with lighting and Piping! Other than that I do want to read 3 books! Like you, I’m not a consistent reader and it has to interest me….so this will be a great goal to achieve if I can! Have you posted anything new on your photography blog? Safe travels back from the West Coast! Hopefully the summer won’t be too hot for you!

    1. Hey Sharon! No new posts on my photo blog lately. Life has been CRAZYYYYYY as you know. I love your sprinkle a day bucket list idea. Strange the FB video isn’t working, I’m so sorry!

  6. Hi Sally!! 
    Pregnancy suits you! You look so beautiful!! 🙂
    I’m liking these dinner recipes!  The sesame salmon & pesto flatbread in particular.  
    And yes, I no longer remember where I got it from but my cherry pitter does 4 at a time, & catches the pits.  It came in very handy last summer for your cherry pie & will be put to use again soon!  Today i’m making the lemon burst cookies from the bonus recipes we got for preordering your new book & maybe those chocolate muffins you posted recently.  Enjoy the rest of the week!! 

    1. Thanks so much, Austria! I’m really excited for you to try the lemon burst cookies. Let me know how they turn out!

  7. Sally, you are precious! I do enjoy all of your posts, but (dare I admit it?) I’m new to sprinkles. I’m freezing the cake I’ll make for my sister’s birthday. Can I use sprinkles on the icing BEFORE I freeze it, or would it be better to wait ’til it’s thawed? (I’m concerned about them bleeding onto the white buttercream.)



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