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It’s been awhile since I checked in. How are you? How’s your summer coming along?

My heart is breaking at the condition of our world. It feels like every week, we wake up to (or God forbid are directly affected by) gruesome and chilling news of attacks drawn from nothing but hate. Reading, watching, feeling, breaking, and praying as the stories unfold is a shuttering reminder that there must be change. And it must be now. My heart is pouring out to all those in France this morning as you pick up the pieces from another tragedy. Let’s all stand together no matter who you are or where you came from, talk about it, remain connected, accept one another, hope, pray, stay strong, and find joy in the little things… together.

july pups-2

The pups! These two are hilariously weird together. Since we adopted Franklin a couple months ago, he has doubled his weight. He’s now almost 26 lbs and absolutely hamming it up. He knows exactly how cute he is.

Frank’s current favorites include:

  • Bringing sticks inside and hiding them under couch cushions
  • Laying on his belly and smiling at you
  • Putting his nose inside Jude’s mouth (dangerous in there little buddy!)
  • Eating his food in 12 seconds
  • Chasing bumble bees
  • Being an escape artist

He’s escaped from his crate while we’re gone 3x now. We have zero idea how this is possible and are convinced Jude helps him and then they go romp around the house together. Maybe they invite their friends over? I’m really not sure anymore.

I don’t know if you’ve seen my snapchats of little Frank, but he loves digging for his toys underneath his bed cushion. He lays on his back and snorts like a piglet, all while digging for a bone he put underneath the cushion. It’s impossible to get any computer work done during these snorting episodes.

july pups

He’s obsessed with Jude and follows him all around the house and in the backyard. As for Jude? He has a “whatever” attitude about his new little brother. There were a couple incidents with protecting his food and toys, but things have gotten easier as Jude gets used to Franklin. They snuggle together, play together, and then my heart melts. If this is how I feel about my dogs, I can only imagine the crazy obsessive mother to humans I will be.

july pups-3

Those cookies up up up there? Do I even have to tell you which grocery store bakery they came from? I got them for inspiration purposes. Cookie research, if you will. They were chocolate chip walnut dipped in chocolate. And they were BLISSFUL.

Great news for all future Sally’s Baking Addiction recipes and my personal sanity! The kitchen is coming along quickly these days. We think it will be complete in just a couple weeks. They’re working on the backsplash tile and installing the appliances at this point. The upper cabinets are in, the double ovens (!!!) are in, the handles and knobs are on the cabinets, and the electrical work is almost 100% complete. The sink works, so we have somewhere besides the utility sink to wash dishes. I never in a million years thought I would be so excited about… a sink.

kitchen remodel - july

This weekend is my friend Kristen’s birthday and we’re celebrating big! Kevin and I are staying with Kristen and her husband for the weekend in Baltimore– which is not too far from our new home. Kristen is my running buddy, so we have a long run ahead of us, lots of dog play time, great food, music, movies, and birthday dessert. Last night we celebrated by going to a 90’s themed concert; a cover band playing all 90’s hits. We wore neon and fanny packs and sweat bands. And it was amazing.

Hope you’re having a good one! What are you baking today?


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  1. Hi Sally:

    Your kitchen looks so very amazing! I’m sure you really thought it all out. For those of us who are cooks, the kitchen is the most important room in the house. I mean, we spend the vast majority of our time there and it has to be perfect (that is, if you have the ability to plan it all out!) I think counter space if about the most important feature of a good kitchen and it looks like you have that covered. We are hoping to begin a kitchen remodel on our 20 yr. old home that has had a much too small kitchen all these years– we’ll see.

    I’ve made 3 homemade peach cobblers this week with our incredible Parker County peaches (the county next to Fort Worth). I actually cheat w/the pie crusts and use Trader Joe’s because they are so awesome and about as close to homemade as you can get in a storebought crust!! Can’t wait to see all your kitchen pics!!

    1. Thank you so much Lisa. A crisp, clean, lovely kitchen was important to me for that very reason: it’s where I spend all my time here! I’ve only made peach cobbler a handful of times and am still looking for that *perfect* recipe. I’ve never had TJ’s pie crust before, but I’m not surprised to hear how delicious it is.

  2. HI Sally, I would love to have the “coffee break” cookie recipe that is dipped in chocolate! It looks delicious!

    1. It’s from a grocery store bakery! But I’d love to recreate it 🙂

  3. Sharon K (The Farm Chick Bakes) says:

    Hi Sally – I’m with one of your above responses…your emails bring me a sense of quietness in my crazy, entangled world these days! Isn’t summer suppose to be fun and calm? My BF and I are heading for a 5 day get away with our “new” pontoon boat! I’m in heaven. and my trip to Maui that was my work award trip has FINALLY been scheduled for September! My pool, after a year and a half of concrete and tile repairs is filling ‘as we speak’. So hopefully in 3 weeks summer will really start to ‘feel’ like summer should! But…I’m so glad the pups love one another. As for the ‘break outs’ that Franklin is doing? What a mystery! Finally……………can I just tell you how much I WANT your kitchen! OMG. You are one very lucky lady! And deserving! Amen to that long-awaited and muchly needed awesome kitchen! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! My dream kitchen! Cabinets, counters, double ovens…..oy! Thanks so much for sharing the ‘almost final’ pics!

    1. So much excitement! Have so much fun on the boat! I’m very excited that the kitchen is almost complete. And can’t wait to share pictures!

  4. Amy @ Amy's Healthy Baking says:

    THAT KITCHEN!!! Ohmygoodness Sally, it’s GORGEOUS!! You may never leave it when you move in, even to sleep! (I know I wouldn’t want to!) 😉 Franklin is absolutely adorable! My pup’s “brother,” a golden retriever about 20x bigger than her, always wants to play but… She’s a bit of a princess and refuses. Slash barks at him the entire time. Our golden would love playing with Jude and Franklin though — he’s so energetic and friendly!

    1. So cute!! And maybe I’ll just sleep in the kitchen, who knows! I’ll certainly never want to leave lol

  5. Michelle @ Modern Acupuncture says:

    Aw Jude and Franklin are adorable!! They’re a nice reminder to smile during a week of chaos and uncertainty 🙁 Love that you celebrated your friend’s birthday with 90’s music, fanny packs and headbands! Amazeballs 🙂

  6. Mary Osborne says:

    LOVE this blog and the sweet dog photos… OMG! Hope you had a beautiful weekend. LOVE your kitchen pics… so beautiful. Keep praying for the world- it needs it! Luv. MaryO

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