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Let’s Review the November Baking Challenge

November 2021 Sally’s Baking Challenge Recipe: Cranberry Apple Slab Pie

Oh my PIE! Cranberry and apples sitting in homemade pie dough filled our kitchens this past month. My team and I loved seeing all these free-form pies come together with many of them gracing your Thanksgiving tables. There were rectangle shapes, circle slab pies, full pies in a pie dish, lattice crust tops, full crust tops, thick dough strips, pie dough braids, and more. For many of you, this was the first time attempting a lattice pie dough design and even making a from-scratch pie. A challenge to many if there ever was one. 🙂

Thank you so much for participating! We gathered as many cranberry apple slab pie emailed photo entries as we could and include them below.

November Baking Challenge Winner

Challenge winner for November is Laura who has already been notified.

November 2021 Baking Challenge Winner Image

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