Stepping out of the kitchen today so a new family member can have his formal introduction!

Everyone, meet Franklin.

Kevin and I rescued this little guy a couple weeks ago– and I’ve been dying to spill the beans about him. But first must come a slew of cute puppy photos followed by even more mama snuggles. Of course.


We’ve been wanting a 2nd dog for over a year now, but this past month felt like the right time to adopt. Jude is extremely territorial in our current house, but not too familiar with our new house just yet. After talking to our vet about 500 times, we decided moving into a new home where Jude may be a little more welcoming is the best time to add a 4th family member.

I went searching and that’s when I found our Franklin. (Previously named Martin. Franklin just seems much more fitting for this stud muffin!!!) He’s a shepherd/rottie mix, about 12 weeks old. We’re told his mama was found wandering down a deserted country road this past February, possibly looking for a place to have her puppies.

When we first met Franklin, Kevin picked him right up, I was uncontrollably using my dog voice/melting into a love puddle, then Franklin let out this huge sigh and just melted into our arms. Like, ahhhh. Home sweet home. ♥


Franklin is a whopping 13 lbs, exactly 100 less than his giant redheaded big bro.

The two of them together? Well, it’s interesting. It’s only been a couple weeks, so they definitely aren’t friends yet. Franklin follows Jude everywhere, while Jude just ignores him like the diva he usually is.

Just like this, actually.


Still smiling, though. Always smiling.


Franklin is a determined little guy! His body moves quicker than his legs so when he tries to run, he just stumbles all over the place. He loves discovering new things and is very thoughtful and generous, often bringing me wet leaves and pieces of mulch when I call his name outside. Franklin also loves to cuddle and will let you know he’s sleeping when he begins to snore like an old man.


I’m over the moon with Franklin and when I asked you about fun dog-friendly birthday activities, I secretly meant friendly for TWO dogs! I’m excited to unveil Franklin on Jude’s instagram account and I’ll happily share mountains of Franklin photos with you on the regular.

Until then, here’s one more. 🙂




  1. Mary E Osborne, MLIS says:

    Bless your sweet heart!  Yours AND your husbands! Franklin is adorable-ness personified!  Jude will learn to love him – wait and see!  Best of luck with your new bundle of love!

    Have followed your blog and have used many of your recipes!  THANK YOU!  

    Mary E. Osborne

  2. Your puppy Franklin is so cute and I love his name!! I can’t wait to see all the great pictures of him!! 

  3. Demeter | Beaming Baker says:

    Franklin might just be the cutest dog I’ve ever seen. Sally, I love how happy you look cuddling Franklin in the car pic!! 🙂
    Also, the whole thinking about a new puppy name for two years is completely understandable!!! I have a long list of names for when I can adopt my own little guy. 🙂
    Oh, that pic of Jude & Franklin together is the cutest (word of the day for this post) EVER!!! Franklin following Jude around makes the most sense. Jude has to show him around, of course! 😉
    Nicknames: Okay, but if he starts singing, you can call him Franklin Sinatra! <3 Can't wait to see more pics!

    1. Franklin Sinatra is my new favorite!

  4. I just melted from the cuteness of that puppy. HE’S SO CUUUUUTE!!!! 

  5. LeeAnne Gelfand says:

    GGaaaaahhhh!  i just hurt myself falling in love with this doggie.  ♥  blessed you are.

  6. Congrats to you and the family for adopting a rescue puppy!!! He is absolutely adorable! I love seeing the smiling Jude pictures and now I can’t wait to see both boys photos! 🙂

  7. AWWWWWWWWW!!! He is so unbelievably cute! Congrats on acquiring a new family member, I hope Jude warms up to him! 🙂

  8. Take a trip to El Paso and share a photo of Franklin on the Franklin mountains. 

  9. well aren’t you a sneaky little thing- I encourage my dog activity even more now!! Take them shopping and buy Franklin a little sweater. Or a collar. Or Both. And get Jude a bow tie. You just cracked me up so hard with this post. I’m super weird because even though a lot of my friends are having babies right now (and I do love babies- I was just asked to be a god mother to my friend’s little girl) when you show me dogs I Scream “DOGGIE” in a loud sqeal and melt. I AM That person that will get right in a dog’s face even when their owners say “He’s not friendly”. That’s just because they need to feel some love. Congrats on your new addition- he’s absolutely gorgeous! I do have a question- what happened to the mother? I hope someone took her in 🙁

    1. Angela, we’re soul sisters because I LOVE DOGS. Always have. I had dozens of dog stuffed animals when I was young, but was never allowed a real dog because my mom isn’t the hugest fan. So now I’m making up for lost time. I want all the dogs! My mom has slowly come around though 🙂 I’m unsure what happened to Franklin’s mom, but I’ll certainly find out.

  10. Congrats on your new baby! I am a proud mama of 3 pups myself. That’s awesome that he is a rescue, they make the best pets. Way too many shelter animals need a forever home. Jude will come around, he is just use to being the king. Just wait until Franklin tries your homemade dog treats! Thank you again for all of your wonderful recipes. All the best to the 4 of you!

  11. Precious puppy! Hopefully, Jude will warm up to him soon. 🙂

  12. Congratulations.  Franklin is adorable.  I am the proud dog-momma of a boxer named Cali.  While I absolutely love love your posts please include more of  the fur-babies!

  13. Congrats – he is precious and so lucky to have you! Or as my daughter says, “I am the lucky one, mom” when talking about her fur kid. They do make life extra special! I am behind but wanted to offer my sympathy for Kevin’s grandfather. I know he is missed. I lost my last grandparent in September and I miss her everyday. Maybe Jude and Franklin will help ease the sorrow a bit – they will keep you busy for sure! That and getting settled in – Good luck and have fun!!

  14. Congratulations to all 4 of you! I’d say Franklin thinks he won the lotto!!  Love his name and Jude is so tolerant and will be a great big brother!

  15. OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!! He is absolutely and completely adorable! I hope he and Jude become the best of friends one day!!!!! Also, my fiancé and I are both obsessed with the name and love that you call him “Frances” when he’s being fancy!!! We definitely want to get another dog so our current fur-baby can have a little sibling, but are definitely worried because Henry is rather content being an only child. He gets along great with other dogs, but when they try to cuddle with us, he will find a way to push them away from us and take their place. We have also been thinking about new puppy names and know we will definitely go with a “human”  name that also sounds distinguished! Some of our current favorites are Ferdinand and Augustus. Anyway, congratulations again!!!!!!

  16. Congrats to both .. actually, all four of you!  So exciting to have a new dog!  I’ve often thought of getting a partner in crime for my puppy but not sure about getting another dog.  He is absolutely adorable and he looks really happy.  So glad you got him from a shelter.  Enjoy!

  17. OMG! Franklin is sooooo adorable! CONGRATULATIONS on your new addition! Lucky Franklin
    being adopted into your family!!  The pictures are precious!
    Keep them coming!! The one of of Jude and Franklin (great name!!)
    together is price-less!! Now I want a new “baby!!” Our dog (Yorkie mix) is now 10.

  18. Congrats on the new addition! He’s adorable!

  19. Sally Gudger says:

    Such a beautiful dog! 
    On another note, please let me tell you that it is such a treat to read your cheerful, informative posts. Thank you for bringing so much sunshine into all of our lives.

  20. Aw, so cute! Congrats Sally!

  21. Congrats!!! Adorable. We recently got a second dog so I know what you mean about them not being friends. We’re 2 months in now and things have gotten better. Not perfect, but better. I love Franklin’s name. There’s a kid’s show where the main character is named Franklin, so he kind of has his own theme song: 🙂

  22. I have 4 Rottweilers and love each one have had them for over 25 years now and all total have had 7 of them . Not know at first what to look for we got from back yard breeder and she had bad hips and then cancer lost the first one at 8 yrs .. Second one have same thing back yard and lost her at 8 yrs with massive skin and ear infections. Then bought my sweet Lakota Souix and had her for 13 yrs I was learning then but my Cheyenne and she is now 10 and tho she has had tick fever and vet said she would not live a long life I still have her and her daughter Ojibway, and Ojibways Two daughters 1/2 sisters Diamond aka Peanut as was a 10 0z runt and also Dineh’ I am 1/4 Indian and my sister names them. I raise them for I have cancer and need the extra money for med reasons but only bred them 3 time then retired them and only sold to family’s and blocked out all breeding right. I am still here as you can see but done breeding when these babies all go if I am still here I will adopt a pit bull as so many of them need good homes.. God Bless you for adopting your special baby she will one day some how pay you back..

  23. Love your info on Franklin!!!!! He’s adorable.   I look forward to seeing him grow and how/when he and Jude become best pals!!! 
    I adopted a three year old 98 pound bloodhound six months ago. I’m still working on migrating him with my two cats.  Love my four legged kiddos! 

  24. Congrats! He is adorable! 
    New puppies are the BEST!!!
    They will get along, just it some time!!

  25. He is so adorable!

  26. Oh Congratulations on your new fur baby. He’s just so adorable and looking at the puppy photos makes me want one desperately :-). Hopefully Jude will come to love him and they’ll be great friends soon. 

  27. Michele @ Alwayzbakin says:

    He’s precious! Congratulations on your new baby!

  28. Congratulations! He is too cute. Thank you for the pictures and look forward to seeing him grow up. Jude is very handsome too 🙂 Hope they become best buddies soon. 

  29. How adorable, I can’t stop looking at the pictures!!!

  30. What a cutie! I’m also right outside of Philly and looking to adopt a dog in the very near future. I’ll add Bourbon County Rescue to my puppy radar!

    1. They were incredible– and QUICK! We put in our application for Franklin and had him in only a couple short weeks.

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