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bread cubes and chocolate custard sauce in a glass bowl

The latest in my kitchen: bread pudding.

Hilari and I didn’t get a chance to test bread pudding in our recipe test week, so I slowly tackled it over the past couple weeks. I studied a couple traditional bread pudding recipes, made 3 or 4 batches, and concluded that I, in fact, do not like bread pudding. Perhaps it was the recipes I tried, but it just tasted like eggy bread chunks with a couple raisins tossed in.

This wasn’t a shock to me as I’ve never really been a fan of bread pudding.

I’m working to expand my baking repertoire this year, so I asked you your thoughts on this dessert. Many of you love it!! So I decided to give it one more shot, but with the addition of chocolate. Maybe that will be tastier? I took a look at 2 chocolate bread pudding recipes: King Arthur Flour and Food & Wine. I used cocoa powder, heavy cream, and eggs. I made sure the bread was super stale. I threw in some chocolate chips, topped with raspberries and caramel and whipped cream. The first batch was good. But I knew I could make it better.

I whisked in fewer eggs, added some whole milk, and ditched the cocoa powder in favor of real chocolate. Now we’re talking.

ingredients for chocolate bread pudding in the kitchen

ingredients for chocolate bread pudding in the kitchen

The result was a pan of warm brownies masquerading as chocolate bread pudding. It was rich. It was decadent. It was worth every single calorie. Since it’s not a dessert I bake often, I was extra curious to hear how others liked it. I took it to my in-laws so I could get a little feedback. They loved it! My sister-in-law appreciated that it wasn’t overly sweet since it’s such a rich chocolate dessert. My SIL’s boyfriend said it reminded him of chocolate monkey bread. (Yum!!) Most of us dove in for seconds. I did, however, think it was better fresh as opposed to reheated.

I’m sharing the recipe on Monday including all my recipe notes and suggestions.


  1. Thoughts on ricotta cookies? I’m sharing a recipe soon!
  2. Thinking ahead here, but any specific baking/dessert recipes you want to see for St. Patrick’s Day? Here’s my Irish Soda Bread recipe. It’s actually my Grandma’s. I make it a few times each year. So simple!


  1. Taylor Caraway says:

    Sounds yummy!!!

    My last batch of ricotta cookies was SO moist and tender but seriously lacked flavor. I would love to see what you do!!

    Do you have any chocolate stout recipes?! Maybe a quick bread or muffin!

    1. I don’t have any chocolate stout recipes, but thanks for the suggestion!

  2. Hi Sally. I’m really excited for the upcoming ricotta cookies, as I’ve never tried to make them on my own. For St. Pattys day, I would love to see an Irish Apple cake, but I’m sure whatever you decide will be delicious! I’ve made the Irish soda bread Recipe from your website and it was easy and wonderful.

  3. I have never had ricotta cookies so I am your blank slate…ready to try whatever you are showing me. 🙂

    St. Patrick’s Day – something using chocolate stout. I am already adapting one of your recipes to use this… 🙂

  4. Love the idea of ricotta cookies – a lemon ricotta would be amazing! Anything with citrus.

    For St. Patrick’s Day, I would love to see a re-creation of “Irish brown bread.” When I went to visit Ireland, every pub and cafe had their own loaves of “brown bread” that came with anything that you ordered, and it was very hearty with almost a nutty sweet flavor. Somewhat gummy/chewy? It was my favorite thing ever especially with their veggie soup in all the Irish cold/damp weather.

    It always came with butter and may have had some honey in it? I know I’m probably not being too helpful describing it, but there was no specific name for it other than “brown bread!”

  5. I loveeee ricotta cookies!! Looking forward to the recipe!

  6. I know this isn’t very St. Patrick’s Day but just have a random request if you are open to it. Have you ever had the Zesty Lemon cookie from Zoe’s Kitchen? It is this thick, chewy lemon sugar cookie with crunchy sugar on the outside. I would love to have a similar recipe in my arsenal. I did a bit of research and Zoe’s did post that they use olive oil instead of butter. I tried converting a sugar cookie recipe but it wasn’t as thick and chewy as the one at Zoe’s…so I am missing something.

    Anyways, fwiw…!! Thanks! 🙂

    1. This is so interesting! I’ve tried a lot, but I’ve never subbed olive oil for butter in a cookie. I think I need to expand my horizons even more. It sounds really good!

      1. Until this morning, I didn’t realize they used olive oil in this cookie and maybe that is the key I am missing. I have used canola oil in cookies – it is very common in vegan cookies- but olive oil now has me intrigued.

        TJ’s is selling glorious bags of Meyer lemons at the moment too…

  7. Hey Sally! Totally unrelated to St. Patrick’s day, but I would love a recipe for tiramisu!! I’m really curious to see how it tastes homemade :)))

  8. You could make a beer-type dessert for st. patricks day!! Something with a Guinness, the best irish stout there is 🙂

  9. For St Patrick’s Dayhiw about Guinness Case or Sticky Toffee Pudding?

  10. I have never been a big fan of bread pudding, either! Usually it’s too soggy for me. However, the best non-chocolate dessert I’ve ever had was a bread pudding soufflé at a restaurant in New Orleans (Commander’s Palace). I have since learned that the soufflé part was why I loved it…I’ve never met a soufflé I didn’t like. That crispy caramelized sugar top like a perfectly toasted marshmallow…. I asked for (and received) ramekins for Christmas last year, specifically so I could try to make soufflé at home; they’re still in the box because I’m chicken. I’ve promised myself to try before next Christmas! That turned into a tangent… ha!

  11. Linda kaldor says:

    So my whole life I thought I hated bread pudding cause I thought the middle would be mushy. Kinda of like undercooked French toast until I tasted it. It was amazing. Please try it. Get a good flavor and try it. I probably have a good flavor and find one but now I have so many recipes for it it’s crazy. Anyway I’d need a few days to find a good one. Or look here for bread pudding or Pinterest. You need something really gooey and warm. Let me know how you do!

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