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Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Celebrating with Guinness brownies? 🙂

Today let’s take another behind-the-scenes look at my latest kitchen adventures. As it turns out, I haven’t been in the kitchen much since my last recipe testing post. Computer work and photo editing were both piling up and Kevin was out of town for awhile, leaving me in charge of miss Noelle, the pups, and the house. We also began dabbling in recipe videos again and had family visit a few weekends in a row. It’s been a lot of fun, but I’ve been barely scraping by with day-to-day work!

We settled back into our routine a few days ago and I revisited a couple recipes that I began testing in February. I’ve been very frustrated coming up with a whole wheat dinner roll recipe. Maybe my expectations are a little too high, but I want whole wheat rolls that:

  • are soft
  • are hearty
  • actually taste good!
  • are 100% whole wheat
  • don’t require any strange ingredients

It’s a tall order and took me 3 or 4 tries to land on a whole wheat roll I’m not only happy with, but EXCITED about! The repeating issue was a dense texture, which is typical when working with whole wheat flour. Whole wheat flour simply lacks the same level of gluten as refined flours, which is a big problem when you’re baking bread. Most whole wheat bread recipes call for adding vital wheat gluten, but I don’t keep that around. And I figure you don’t either. My work was cut out for me!

I started out with my honey butter rolls recipe, ended up adding more moisture to fully hydrate the whole wheat flour, and love how the rolls turned out. I’m posting the final whole wheat roll recipe this week just in time for Easter brunch or supper!

The ball of dough up way up there? That’s a chocolate chip cookie recipe I’m working on. I’m taking my typical slice & bake cookie dough and incorporating dark chocolate chunks, brown sugar, sea salt, and salty pistachios. Come back soon for that! Other slice & bake cookie recipes:

I’m also working on the April Baking Challenge recipe. It’s been on my baking bucket list for years and I’m thrilled to finally cross it off my list. Many of you have requested it too. Warning: it will be the most challenging (and rewarding!) one yet.


  1. Angel food cake. Love it or leave it? (Here’s a fun angel food cake I posted a couple years ago!)


  1. Love Angel food cake and always make mine from scratch. Especially love it with strawberries and whipped cream!

  2. I love angel food cake! If you are thinking about posting another angel food cake recipe, maybe you could do a trifle with strawberries, homemade cake, and whipped cream. 🙂

  3. Hi Sally! I started reading your blog a few months ago, and every recipe looks sooo good! I don’t know where to start! And angel food cake sounds heavenly. I was wondering if you could consider trying homemade churros. They are some of my favorite treats, and I bet you could make an awesome version. And thank you so much for sharing these wonderful desserts!!

  4. Your new slice and bake cookies sound amazing! I love all the ingredients that you’re incorporating into them!!!!! I have made your toasted hazelnut slice and bake cookies with milk chocolate and they are The Bomb!!!!!!!! Can’t wait for that recipe. As for angel cake, I like it, but have never made it. I’d love to try though.

  5. I’m a fan of angel food cake, but wasn’t really until I started making it homemade (big difference). My mother in law always had them growing up (but only a boxed version), so I made her a homemade angel food one year, with a fruit sauce and fresh whipped cream. It is now the only cake she asks for for her birthday (makes it easy for me!)

  6. I looove angel food cake, though I’ve never made it myself, homemade or otherwise. I definitely plan on trying the one you already have posted – I clearly need to get my stuff together!

  7. Keisha Pizzo says:

    LOVE IT!! Just made your recipe last night with a pink glaze!! Was soooo good!! 

  8. Lisa Pettit says:

    I love angel food cake and nothing is better than homemade. I made your recipe not long ago – YUM! Those rolls look delicious (I took a sneak peek at the recipe on the Red Star website!) and the cookies sound divine! I am looking forward to April’s baking challenge. You have intrigued me! Keep up the great work!!!!

  9. Love it! My husband really loves it and I’m a total convert.

  10. Sue Ringsdorf says:

    I’ve been making the same whole wheat honey bread for years, and we love it! It was my momma’s recipe. ALL of your baking is amazing. I look forward to everything you make and drool at your pictures! You are a true talent, Sally!!

  11. Love it!!!! YUMMMMMMM

  12. I guess I am in the minority…I am not a fan of Angel Food cake. I just don’t get the same satisfaction as I do from a real cake with a dense but tender crumb and layers of yummy frosting.

  13. Cant wait for those whole wheat dinner rolls!! And I’m so intrigued with April’s baking challenge!! I’m thinking its croissants!! 

  14. I never liked an angel cake. To me it is like a cotton candy but in a form of a cake – way tooo light (you just don’t have a feeling that you are a cake – you bite it and it disappears in your mouse before you have a chance to really taste it). 
    Can’t wait to see what is the next challenge;) M

  15. Oooo! Whole wheat rolls would be great to try out. Also, I made the Guinness brownies yesterday for my husband’s game night with the guys. They were a huge hit!

  16. I think an Angel food cake recipe would be great. The only reason I haven’t made the first one you posted is because I haven’t justified needing a tube pan yet, but with a new recipe that all changes, right???!!! Looking forward to all of your recipes!!!

  17. I do like angel food cake. Especially in the Spring and Summer!

  18. I love angel food cake , but that is one cake I have never made! You inspired me to try it now, and if you offer a new recipe I will try that too! Love the one you already made with the sprinkles!

  19. Vicki Tunell says:

    I do not like angel food cake, it is the worst kind of cake in my opinion :). Looking forward to the whole wheat roll recipe!

  20. Love angel food cake especially in the summer with fresh berries. Yum!

  21. I haven’t tried making homemade angel food cake before so I can’t wait to see your recipe!

  22. Leave it. Boring….

  23. Love it! Especially with fresh berries 

  24. Love it! Especially with fresh berries in the summer 

  25. LOVE angel food cake. its always fun to dress it up because its such a basic cake.

    1. agreed!!

  26. I’m excited to see your chocolate chip cookie recipe, I am on the lookout for the perfect cookies! x

  27. I love angel food cakes! For me it’s the memories and the taste. Growing up, my grandma always made me one for special occasions. So now when I make one I always think of her. And oh how good they taste! Yum. 

  28. I love angel food cake!! I am excited to see more savory baking recipes. That is one place that I feel like I need a lot more practice (and recipes). I’m excited to see what the April challenge is! Happy St. Patrick’s Day. We love the brownies!

  29. Love angel food cake, one of my favourites.  I can’t wait to see what the April challenge is, that teaser is killing me with anticipation 

  30. Love the homemade (box or scratch) ones, not so keen on the store bought ones though. My favorite part is the ring at the top! I made my first one from scratch one weekend last summer after using lots of egg yolks for homemade ice cream and an Atlantic Beach pie…it was Sooooo good!

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