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kitchenaid stand mixer on the floor with a broken bowl

I suppose it was only a matter of time until my kitchen gadgets began dancing off the counter because my singing voice is just that atrocious.

But before we get to that story, welcome back to another recipe testing post! A little behind-the-scenes look into my recipe adventures before the recipes make their way onto my blog. Curious about previous testing posts?

My entire baking life has been consumed by croissants lately, so that’s where all the focus is today.

croissant on a baking sheet before baking


It was a Monday morning, naturally. I was testing chocolate croissants, a recipe I’m publishing in a couple days. I usually hover over my mixer as it mixes dough, but I stepped over to the sink to clean a silicone baking mat so I could use it. The dough wasn’t too heavy, so the mixer would be fine. Surely the mixer wouldn’t unplug itself and fall off the counter, right?

Wrong I was! That really happened! The piercing bang on the floor jolted through my body. I screamed at the unexpected sound, which startled the dogs, who began barking, which woke up Noelle from her nap. It all happened in about 2 seconds. I looked down at my shattered glass bowl, a direct representation of my heart because I had to begin all over again. Croissants, man, croissants.

Seriously though, it wasn’t that big of a deal. After I blockaded the pups from the kitchen and catered to my girl, I cleaned up the mess and started over again later that day. My mixer miraculously still works, but I’m left with a gnarly dent in my kitchen floor. I’ll just call it my croissant scar. I’ll show it off proudly. 😉

dent from stand mixer on kitchen floor

I thank my lucky stars that sweet Jude wasn’t laying there because he’s usually by my side in the kitchen. Though if he was, I likely wouldn’t have walked away from the mixer. Regardless, I learned a lesson: stand by the mixer at all times or place the whole thing on a silicone baking mat so it doesn’t dance away. Do you do that?


Like I mention above, croissants have been my main focus in the kitchen. I studied a couple recipes, tested them, tweaked what I found necessary, and played with recipes for weeks. I was really happy with the croissant dough and lamination process, but I kept facing hurdles when it came to shaping and proofing. My croissants always flattened out.

overhead image of croissants on a baking sheet after baking

I began rolling the croissants a little tighter, which helped them stay raveled as they baked. Additionally, I took a second look at my proofing process. Proofing, the process of rising, allows the shaped croissants to puff up before baking. I was proofing them at room temperature for 2 hours, which I concluded was too much time out of the refrigerator. Croissant dough, as you learned, loves being cold.

I began proofing the shaped croissants at room temperature for 30 minutes, then in the refrigerator for some time before baking. This gives the shaped croissants time to puff up in warmer air, then finish proofing in a cold environment. A lot of bakers do this the other way around (fridge then room temperature), but I found the croissants flatten out too much.

After several success batches, I moved on to chocolate croissants.

What a mess.

overhead image of chocolate croissants on a baking sheet after baking

I don’t know which sight is worse: my mixer on the kitchen floor or these deformed chocolate croissants. My problem here is that (1) the dough rectangles rolled around the chocolate were too skinny and (2) I didn’t roll them up tight enough. They unraveled and/or toppled over. Both easy fixes.

Luckily I still had dough leftover in this particular batch. I shaped it a little differently and rolled each chocolate croissant up suuuuuper tight. Success!

chocolate croissant on baking sheet after baking

After another test batch, I was ready to photograph them.

Can you spot a Jude? ↓

kitchen counter with croissants and baking supplies

Croissants have been a baking bucket list item for years, so I feel like an absolute rockstar for tackling this delicate pastry!!! Worth all the time and mess in my kitchen. Chocolate croissants are coming Monday!

chocolate croissants on a wood serving tray


  1. Cheesecake. Nothing fancy, just simple cheesecake. Do you like it?
  2. Baked goods with rhubarb. Thoughts?

Have a great weekend!


  1. Ouch! I gasped too when I saw that! Glad you’re okay.
    1. Cheesecake . . . always good! 🙂
    2. Same w/rhubarb . . . how about some berry/rhubard crumb bars or a rhubard crumb cake? I’m sure that anything you come up with will be terrific!!! 🙂

  2. Oh your poor floor! It doesn’t surprise me that the mixer is ok. I swear those will survive a bomb. 

    To answer your questions, no and no. I don’t really like any cheesecake and texture of baked rhubarb is unpleasant to me. 

    Congrats on tackling and defeating croissants!

  3. Jennifer Holt says:

    If I had to choose…cheesecake, but only the thick New York style kind. 

    My heart jumped when I saw the mixer and glass shattered on the floor in the picture. That just as easily could have been MY kitchen too! Silicone mat? Nice thought! However, with my one year old, I just better stay next to my mixer!

  4. Thumbs up on the cheesecake! Not a rhubarb fan though. After having watched my husband and my father-in-law install our family room hardwood floor, I see the mark as *almost* tragic but I also see as a sign of a good recipe 🙂

  5. Cheesecake always yes! I don’t love rhubarb baked goods but my husband does! I’d be interested. 

    Glad the kitchen aid didn’t harm any of your babies!! It’s also so great of you to share your not-so-stellar baking moments. I don’t think I challenge myself enough in baking because I’m afraid to do so, so I really appreciate your honesty!

  6. Alison Hood says:

    The same happened with my Kitchenaid except I was standing over it, the glass bowl jumped out of the  ring at the base, smashed and cut my hand.  There is a design fault here with the thread of the bowl and the base needing to go in opposite directions. I contacted Kitchenaid and asked for a metal bowl replacement, no more issues!

  7. Kay Patrick says:

    Cheesecake – Yes, please!
    Agree that the texture of cooked rhubarb is most unpleasant. I always take a pass on anything rhubarb.

  8. ! Happy no one was hurt and that your floor and bowl was the only real thing to take hits!!!!! Loving these pictures of perfect chocolate croissants and JUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And thanks for sharing the imperfect pictures and how you got to petfectuon. It’s most helpful!  To answer your questions, a big yes! To cheesecake. And yes! To rhubarb. In a pie or a tart or a crumble… with something like strawberry, yum……

    1. Oops! Typos!

  9. Sally seriously thank God your baby is not crawling freely around the house yet. And please please post a plain NY style cheesecake one day. I would try that in a heartbeat. T c

  10. I LOVE Rhubarb. In fact, I looked today and mine is coming up! Thanks!

    1. Oh how exciting!!

  11. Ooh! I’m glad that no one was hurt. Though very sorry for your floor . 
    Mmmm… Cheesecake and rhubarb. Love them both. Maybe there is a way to combine them together )) Like rhubarb topping ;))

  12. Can’t wait to see your new recipe! Sorry to hear about that mixer though. 😉
    Cheesecake – yes! I recently made a chocolate no-bake cheesecake with a cookie dough crust. It was divine!
    Rhubarb is good! But it has to have SOMETHING to counter the sourness. 😀

  13. I love plain cheesecake. I have never tried rhubarb.

  14. Gotta love the resiliency of  Kitchen Aides and glad Jude wasn’t in the path!  Love cheesecake, plain or otherwise, but find I don’t make it often as it is just my husband and I so it ends up getting wasted after a few days.  I have never made anything with rhubarb but I would love to to try it!
    Have a wonderful weekend and hope you enjoy some beautiful spring weather!

  15. Elizabeth @ Confessions of a Baking Queen says:

    I remember the first time I made croissants, like you they were on my list for years. They are one of the most rewarding things to bake and you savor every bite that much more than your average cookie. No offense to cookies but seriously you work for croissants rolling that cold butter, its a workout! Yours look gorgeous! So you think putting your KA on a silcone mat will hold it still? Mine does get a bit rambunctious when mixing dough!

  16. Growing up in the midwest, cheesecake and rhubarb recipes were some of the first recipes I tried as a new bride. Rhubarb/strawberry anything is my favorite! However, now living in the NE metro area, rhubarb is very difficult and expensive to find, unless you make a trip to a seasonal farm stand. In rural areas, rhubarb is so proficient, it grows almost like a weed. Sadly, even my single frozen rhubarb source has been discontinued. Most of my coworkers have never tasted rhubarb. It is a taste worth exploring.

    Dense cheesecakes with a fruit topping are my favorite. Always looking for additional cheesecake ideas.

  17. Kitchen Aid mixers are da BOMB! I got mine in 1969 and it is still
    going strong! Glad nobody was hurt. Croissants look amazing.

  18. So thankful no one was hurt with the Rogue Kitchenaid! I love the glass bowls but mine has the metal bowl and think I am going to stay happy with that! Maybe Kitchenaid will send you one of the new painted bowls!

    I only like plain cheesecake-it is so rich that adding toppings, especially sweet ones, just makes it too much for me. But I can easily pass cheesecake by.

    I have a wonderful recipe for a rhubarb pie-not strawberry/rhubarb. It’s the pie that won me over to liking rhubarb and I have won many other rhubarb haters with slices of this pie. I’m on board if you have a recipe to share and like someone suggested- a cheesecake /rhubarb recipe might be pretty good because the tartness of rhubarb would temper some of that sweetness of cheesecake.

  19. Oh Sally, your floor!!! Your croissants!!! But I’m feeling more ouchie for your floor  
    Yes on both – cheesecake & rhubarb! Would love to see a plain classic NY cc as well as variations on it, for ex. a fruit swirl, choc swirl etc etc. I love love love sweet/tart combos in baked goodies so pls give us a rhubarb crumb cake or bundt cake perhaps.
    Thank you for being so interactive and involved with all your readers! I truly admire your personal attention to all of our questions and concerns.

  20. Oh my, what a day!
    Not a cheese cake fan, but I love rhubarb! Chop the stalks into small pieces so that the texture is not an issue. 

  21. I love all cheesecake, both simple and complicated. I’ve been obsessed with trying to turn key lime pie into key lime cheesecake, replete with lime curd. Re: rhubarb, I think the only thing I’ve made with it was some kind of tart a couple of years ago. During rhubarb season, I usually get distracted by all of the strawberries!

  22. I LOVE cheescake, and sometimes simple is better.

  23. So sorry about your mixer! That sound must have been so startling I’m so glad no one got hurt! Can’t wait to try the croissant recipe I’ve always wanted to make them from scratch! 

    To answer question #2 – yes I love rhubarb! Especially anything strawberry rhubarb! I’d love a different recipe to try other than pie, although strawberry rhubarb pie is a favorite of mine! 

  24. Kim McElhaney says:

    Cheesecake is one of the food groups, right? Well no matter, it is in mine! So that’s a yes there and rhubarb, I’m I refused with it and would love to bake with it, just seems as though it always gets paired with strawberries which get old. Not sure what I would put it with though.

  25. You named my two favorite desserts! I always have a slice of cheesecake on my birthday. My favorite pie is strawberry rhubarb. I went on a cruise last year and they served chilled rhubarb soup. It was amazing. Would love more recipes for both items.

  26. Love cheesecake and love rhubarb! Yes and yes!

  27. OMG! My eyes about popped out of my head and my mouth fell open when I opened your blog and saw this picture. I’ll bet that made one heck of a crash when it hit the floor. WOW!  The chocolate croissants sound delicious.  I always think of the movie Its’s Complicated when I hear of them. Pretty good movie.  Cheesecake and rhubarb, yes please.  Love your site!

  28. I love both…how about a strawberry rhubarb topped cheesecake?

  29. I would love a rhubarb cheesecake. I’ve been thinking of making rhubarb ginger cheesecake or something like that. So sorry about the mixer bowl! But the croissants look delish!

  30. Oh how many times have I walked away from my mixer for a quick second or two . . . . perhaps I won’t be doing that again as I have seen my mixer dancing while standing there adding ingredients and mixing.  I’m sure I would not be as lucky as you and would end up with a broken mixer as well as a broken floor.  We have wood-look porcelain tile in our kitchen and I’m sure my mixer would break and also the planks of tile would break.  My Golden girl is often right by my side as I’m working in the kitchen as well.  I can’t stand the thoughts of her getting clobbered by a falling Kitchen Aide.  So glad Jude wasn’t there.

    YES to cheesecake!  And YES to rhubarb.  Love it mixed with strawberries in a pie.  I remember my grandma making rhubarb sauce (just like applesauce) and loving it!  Rhubarb is such an old-time vegetable and spring-time delight!

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