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May 2019 Sally’s Baking Challenge Recipe: Scones

Using my perfected scone recipe, you can make virtually any scone flavor, including savory scones! Compared to other baking challenge recipes, scones are relatively easy but they might be something new for many of you. If you’re already a pro at making scones, use this as an opportunity to try a new exciting flavor.


Everyone who participates in the May Sally’s Baking Challenge is automatically entered. See below for How to Join Sally’s Baking Challenge. My assistants and I keep track of your photos and randomly select 1 winner at the end of the month. This giveaway is open to the whole world. Visit the Sally’s Baking Challenge FAQ page if you have any questions about my baking challenges!

variety of scones with icing

Let’s Review the April Baking Challenge

April 2019 Sally’s Baking Challenge Recipe: Dinner Rolls

From bagels to dinner rolls, so many of you are tackling your fear of yeast this year. And that’s what the baking challenges are all about– to bring you confidence and inspire you to make something NEW! This month’s challenge brought over 1,000 participants and hundreds of you added a little flair to the recipe with herbs, spices, and toppings like sesame seeds and cheese. There were Easter supper rolls, whole wheat rolls, and rolls used for sandwiches and mini burgers. As always, I love your hard work and creativity!! Thank you for making these challenges so fun and successful. They would be nothing without you!

One of my favorite recipe reviews came from reader Amber:

“These are the best dinner rolls I’ve ever made. Easy and the flavor is perfect. Very fluffy and delicious. This will be my new go to dinner rolls recipe.”

We gathered as many dinner rolls photo entries as we could and included them below. Look at all these carbs!! (Email is the best way to guarantee your photo will be included!)

Giveaway winner for April is Diana and she has been notified. 🙂

dinner rolls winner image

Reader Questions and Reviews

  1. Looking forward to joining this challenge! I love scones, and plan on making them for mother’s day. For me! And my lovely mom of course! Thanks for the cool plan!

  2. I love your scones recipes! I always get complimented on how moist they are since most people have experienced only dry scones. Can’t wait to try other flavors, especially savory ones.

  3. Yay!!! I make scones frequently (basically whenever we have leftover whipping cream in the fridge because that’s not an ingredient that’s a staple in my house), so looking forward to it! 😀

  4. Yay! Been wanting to bake one of your scone recipes! I’ve never made them homemade before but I’m very excited to try

  5. Yay! I LOVE making scones! And since May is my birthday month, I have the perfect excuse to whip up a batch of brilliant birthday scones…I can’t wait for this recipe! And perhaps I’ll enter the Baking Challenge this month, too! Seems like a lot of fun 🙂

  6. Love your scone recipes.

    Apparently do does my Sunday School class. I have taken both your blueberry and banana scones to share with the class to rave reviews. This past Sunday, the class greeted us and several folks said, “What, no scones?” and “Where are your scones?” (I think we’ve created several scone loving monsters).

    Looking forward to participating in the May challenge.

    1. Haha – sounds like the perfect challenge this month for your class! You will have to let me know what flavor is their favorite!

  7. SCONES! I had all the ingredients except the blueberries, but I DID have chocolate chips. This is my first time making scones and they are amazing! I call this my Game of Scones moment!

  8. I love scones and have made them many times. I made the cinnamon chip ones for the challenge which are my personal favorite advice well as the blueberry. I may get creative since I still have heavy cream and try a savory flavor. These were great as treats to give away as a thank you for family watching our dogs this week. Super yummy recipe!!

  9. Take 2! I made blueberry scones for Mother’s Day brunch. They tasted fantastic but they spread everywhere (hot, Florida kitchen with only 15 minutes refrigeration before baking). So, I tried again…on the same day but it’s okay because my family already knows I’m crazy! Now they look AND taste fantastic. For those with warm kitchens, 45 minutes is a better bet for refrigeration time.

  10. Looking forward to participating in my first challenge and making my first scone recipe! Trying to decide which flavor my teens will love

  11. Made the chocolate chip scones for the May baking challenge! It was my first time making them and the detailed instructions made it really easy:)

  12. YAAASSS! I love your scones and have convinced my family of their greatness by using your recipe! Bye bye dry gross scones at the store, hello homemade Sally goodness!

  13. Finally made the scones today. I chose to make Lemon/Blueberry. Don’t know what happened but they failed in appearance badly. The frozen blueberries bled over everything and even though I froze the dough for 15 minutes they spread all over. I glazed them anyway to give them a try and I must say they were delicious. Didn’t feel like I was eating a scone but some kind of delicious breakfast cake. I will try the recipe again but I will not be disappointed if they turn out the same way. 🙂

  14. I just did my FIRST EVER baking challenge (I made lemon blueberry raspberry scones), and I am so proud of myself that I totally nailed it!!! They came out AMAZING!!! Thank you so much, Sally, for teaching me (even though you didn’t know it) that baking is TOTALLY possible! Before your blog, I could barely make boxed brownies :p

  15. Made these with chocolate chips and they were a hit with both the adults and the toddlers in our group 🙂 Both my husband and my dad commented on how delicious and buttery there were. Grating frozen butter was a genius trick that worked!

  16. First time I made Scones (Strawberry Lemon Scones). I was worried about the outcome because my dough seemed to be too moist so I added more flour. They turned out crispy on the outside and juicy inside. Very tasty…thank you for your recipes and your videos (they are very helpful) 🙂

  17. First time I’m participating in your baking challenge and I couldn’t be happier about the outcome. I tried the blueberry-lemon and raspberry-buttermilk-almond ones. I (and the few people who were able to try them) am so much in love with them that I included them in my recipe collection. Thank you, Sally! These recipes are keepers and I’m sure I will try the other variations and other recipes of you, soon.

  18. Hi Sally!

    Somehow I have never made blueberry scones before (!?), so I went with this classic recipe for this month’s challenge! After making them, I think I may be grating frozen butter every chance I get! Ha! It worked SO well and I love how each strand of butter was coated with the flour mixture. It was then super simple to combine the buttermilk and the blewbs together (as I lovingly refer to blueberries!) I gobbled one of these babies as soon as I could. Next time I need to allow for a little more space on the pan (they spread a little more than I was anticipating) and/or need to chill my supplies more!

    Later that morning, I brought a couple scones to my parents house to share, and my mom also gobbled her scone up right away! She said they were one of the best scones she’s ever had! 🙂 I will definitely be making scones again soon, but will try some other varieties. I think cinnamon chip is up next! 🙂

    As always, thank you for your amazing recipes and for making them not only delicious but easy to follow!! :*

    PS. Happy Birthday!! I hope you have a beautiful day! :* <3

  19. I made the lemon blueberry scones last night. I was worried about my dough (I’ve always had an issue with biscuit-y dough) but they are so soft and not dry. I can’t wait to try more variations. I have some rhubarb at home so I think tonight I’ll try that with some strawberries.

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