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pregnancy announcement

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Kevin and I feel immensely blessed and are so excited to share that we’re adding 1 more heart to our growing family. I’m pregnant! We are eternally grateful for this gift of a healthy pregnancy and another baby on the way.

Though this will be our 2nd child, this is my 3rd pregnancy. Please let this be a sliver of hope for any woman reading this who has experienced pregnancy loss. There can be light after heartbreak and you are not alone.

I’ve been waiting so long to share this news with you! Due in early July, I’m 20 weeks along already. I can’t believe we’re halfway there. (The photos in this post were taken a month ago and my bump is 100x larger now. You show a lot earlier in your 2nd pregnancies!!)

pregnancy announcement

Experiencing my 1st trimester during my busiest time of year (holidays!)– while also chasing around a 2 year old– has made this pregnancy fly by. I feel healthy, strong, and ready to be a working mother of 2. Noelle says “big sister” all the time, though I’m not sure she knows what’s about to rock her world. We count our blessings every single day. 🙂

We know the sex, but are keeping it a surprise for most. We can’t wait to introduce our baby to you all!

I’m already prepping summer content for my time off, so send over any recipe ideas! Thank you for sharing this special time with us as we focus on welcoming another bundle of joy. xo


  1. Congratulations Sally, Kevin, and Noelle! All the best to you. xo

  2. Congratulations! May the rest of your pregnancy go without any hiccups & may the blessings continue throughout the coming years.

    God bless & many prayers & positive thoughts your way,

  3. Congratulations!
    Hugs to you and your family

  4. Congratulations,
    Your having a baby wow I’m so excited for y’all

  5. Congratulations Sally!!! That is such great news.
    I have my prediction and you look wonderful. Love to your family!!

  6. Oh what joy!! Scriptures teach us the joy of life! Blessings sent to you and
    your family!! Many have walked the journey of the loss of a child, but joy comes and your fans are praying that for you now! Can’t wait to meet your joy! Blessings!!

  7. Donna Schwartz says:

    Awe, congratulations!!!! . Such exciting news!!! Thank you for sharing all of your recipes, despite having your hands incredibly full!!! What a blessing ❤️

  8. Martha Mitchell says:

    Congratulations, Sally—we wish the best to all of you! This is wonderful news!

  9. Congratulations!! So happy for you and your family! You look fantastic!

  10. Siobhan Clyburn says:

    What amazing news! Thank you for sharing it with us today. So happy for you guys.

  11. How Wonderful, Blessings to you and your family. As a “Nana” to 6 its such a exciting time. Hope everything goes according to plans. Congrats.

  12. Congrats!

  13. So Exciting! You’re an “old pro” now, and you’ll find yourself very different with the 2nd than the first (not so obsessive/freaked out about it all!) You will realize that yes, you can do this “Mama” thing and do it pretty well (most of the time!) and there are those “little things” that aren’t near as important as you thought they were to be so concerned over. Hopefully the postpartum won’t be so bad with this one either.

  14. Sherry Underhill says:

    Congratulations! And thank you for sharing your great news with us. Wishing you all my best.

  15. Marianne in Mo. says:

    Congratulations! And you are right about not giving up hope. My oldest daughter had two miscarriages between her firstborn and her last, with a seven year age difference. She never told me until she was safely pregnant with her second born, because she knew I would worry about her health. Finding out at that time was a hard thing to hear among the joy, but knowing my daughter, I had to accept her explanation. Water over the bridge now, the boys are 15 and 8 years old. I hope you have a blessed and comfortable 2nd half!

  16. Congratulations on your growing family. This child will be welcomed and blessed to be in your family. And the memories when she or he grows up of the great stuff mom baked! Awesome!

  17. GLORIA STEWART says:

    that’s so exciting! Many blessings to you and your family! I’m sure your little 2 yr. old will make a great big sister. Great news!!

  18. Nikki Chirico says:

    Congratulations to you and your family!! What an incredible blessing. I’m sure Noelle will make a wonderful big sister.

  19. Congratulations!! Such a blessing!

  20. Patricia Cook says:

    This was the very best email that I received today. Congratulations!

  21. Awwwww Yes congratulations

  22. virginia Simpson says:

    Blessings On you and your family ! Thanks for sharing the exciting news. WE will be praying for a continued healthy time and easy delivery. What wonderful news to share with fans. Love and prayer go with you

  23. Arleen Delgado says:

    Congratulations to both you and your husband and best wishes for a healthy pregnancy as well as a healthy and beautiful baby!

  24. Such amazing news on V day❤️
    I truly excited for you especially because you over obstacles to get here. Faith and Love foster Hope and gives us the Grace to persevere. Congratulations to the family ❤️

  25. Congratulations. Very exciting news.

  26. Congratulations!! My first baby will turn 4 years old on July 3rd – maybe share a birthday with your little one! Wishing you and your family many blessings!

  27. CONGRATS!!! Such awesome news, so excited for you and the family. Hopefully, this will be an easy pregnancy and delivery!! Wishing you all the best with your soon to be new addition!

  28. Carol Kearney says:

    Congratulations hope all goes well .

  29. Congratulations! My daughter and son-in- law also have a 2 year old girl, my beautiful and energetic granddaughter, and expecting another girl in 3 weeks! God Bless and sending prayers to you all!

  30. CONGRATULATIONS…another blessing on the way❣️❣️❣️

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