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Big bakery-style peanut butter cookies on

Here are a few things worth sharing!

1) Today we’re heading to a family reunion. This annual reunion is huge– about 50-60 people each summer. I made a batch of bakery-style peanut butter cookies for it– I chose these cookies because the recipe makes a ton. And we’re having friends over later this weekend who love peanut butter as much as I do. Instead of peanuts and chocolate chips, I used 1 cup Reese’s Pieces and 1 cup chocolate chips. Try them that way! I also made a quick loaf of this greek yogurt zucchini bread to have around all weekend too.


2) I’m dying to try this pineapple peach aqua fresca this summer. With all the fresh mint that I’m growing myself! First time herb garden over here. Speaking of, does anyone have cilantro growing tips? Does it not do well in humidity and excessive heat? Mine’s looking pretty sad. Having trouble.

3) Birthday cake ice cream recipe with actual pieces of birthday cake inside. AHHH!!!!

4) I haven’t baked much with cherries this summer, but I’d love to try this cherry and almond quick bread.

5) Many of you have been asking for a recipe video of my lemon blueberry layer cake. Finally have one for you! I’ve been sharing videos on Facebook and Instagram– this one’s on Facebook now! (As well as in the blog post.)

6) Berry almond crisp is all sorts of summer delicious. Encouraging all my fellow fruit crisp lovers to try this one.

7) Kevin and I had a date night last night. We used to do this every week where we’d put away all forms of technology, cook dinner together, have real conversation, and eat it at the table– not on the couch. We don’t have a kitchen table yet (on its way!), so we sat outside on the picnic table. Keepin’ it classy! We made shrimp and scallop kebabs on the grill along with grilled zucchini and sweet potatoes. The kebabs were kind of random, but all I did was marinate the shrimp and scallops in a little olive oil, lime juice, lemon juice, smoked paprika, cayenne pepper, sea salt, and garlic powder. It was really good!

Q: What are you baking this weekend?


  1. Have fun at your reunion! I’m supposed to have a 10-year high-school reunion thing tonight, but really good friends are having me over for dinner, which I’d rather do anyway 😉 I’ll try to hit my 15- or 20-year reunion 🙂 I can’t wait for my friends to try your cookies tonight! (My mom and I had one each yesterday and loved them)

  2. I know your family is so lucky to have you because you bring the goodies! 🙂 Haha have a great time at your reunion! Tomorrow I’m heading to Boston for a 3 week dance intensive, I’m super pumped! But that means no access to a kitchen or baking 🙁

  3. Sounds weird but get the aerogarden. I got it for Christmas and it’s the best. You can grow anything in it. I do cilantro, parsley and basil since those are my top herbs. But I think I may get a second one to grow tomatoes in it as well. 

  4. I’m dying to make your ultimate peanut butter cookies, it’s on my list of things to bake! This weekend I’m making waffle ice cream sandwiches, and a blackberry lavender buckle, recipe by Kailey’s Kitchen.

  5. Duuuuude. That birthday cake ice cream…brilliant! Solves the age-old problem of getting the perfect ice cream-to-cake ratio. Thanks for the link.
    As to your sad cilantro–nope, cilantro does not like heat. It likes moist soil and sunlight, but not hot weather, so if you’re able to move it so that it only catches morning or evening sun that might help. The biggest problem with cilantro is that it will inevitably flower (a.k.a. bolting], and then you lose flavor in the leaves. I think the cilantro gurus suggest doing succession planting (staggering your cilantro growing so that you always have tasty leaves to harvest), but I’ve never tried that myself–I tend to have one successful little crop of cilantro leaves and then let the plant go.

  6. Just bought the chocolate covered sunflower seeds from trader joe’s. Planning to make your flourless dark chocolate almond butter cookies, and also some graham cracker cookies that I saw on The Kitchn for strawberry ice cream sandwiches! 

  7. We’re having “family game night” with a big muffaletta sandwich, fruit salad, homemade ice cream & macarons. I recently discovered your blog and really enjoying it! My teen daughter took a cooking class at Sur La Table this summer…now she’s learning so much from your “baking basics” (so am I 😉

  8. We’re celebrating my dad’s birthday this week, so I made him a no-bake pineapple and coconut cheesecake, sooooooo good! I’m planning on baking some chocolate chip banana muffins for work snacks tomorrow, and I DEFINITELY want to try your salted chocolate cookies soon. Love these posts, have fun at the reunion!

  9. Hi Sally! I live in LA where there is no humidity and since I am close to the beach, it never gets super hot. I live in a canyon that has 2 (!) wineries that grow an abundance of grapes, mostly because of the perfect weather and the fact that our dirt has a fantastic balance of properties similar to the Burgundy region in France. The reason I am telling you all that is because the fact that even though I can grow EVERYTHING (my pomegranates  and avocados are legendary) I CAN’T GROW CILANTRO. Tried 10 times. It’s really tough to grow!!!!!!!! Good luck! 

  10. Have fun at the reunion. I love getting together with family. I’m not baking anything this weekend.. it’s too hot. I found a recipe for a no bake cherry cheesecake lasagna over on pintrest. We aren’t big cherry eaters, so going to change it to strawberry. My sister is picking huckleberries in GA… she is going to make it with those. I grow mint, my Grandma had it growing here before we bought the place, it has spread to my little strawberry patch.
    Have a good weekend.

    1. That no bake strawberry cheesecake dish sounds really good! I’ve never seen or tasted anything like that I don’t think.

  11. Sadly my cilantro is also looking pretty bad. But this is my first year with a vegetable garden so I am hoping for lots of tomatoes in the next few weeks. I made, even with the heat and no AC, a blueberry lemon loaf and brown butter rice crispie treats. The brown butter really made them so much better! Enjoy your weekend.

  12. i just made your lemon blueberry layer cake yesterday with raspberries instead of blueberries. the video was very helpful. it was delicious!! btw ive been following your blog for 5 years now and i’ve loved everyone of your recipes i’ve made! 🙂

  13. Sounds like a fun weekend for the Quinns! I’m doing a lot of baking this weekend because tomorrow is my brother and sister’s birthday (they’re twins). My mom is baking a super moist and delicious chocolate cake with sour cream AND pudding mix per my brother’s request, and I’m baking caramel brownies, a family favorite, for my sister. I’m glad she requested them because they’re soooo good—the sort of dessert you have to cut a sliver of every time you pass by the pan. Also whipped up some blender PB banana muffins for a quick birthday breakfast!

  14. The video is gorgeous!!! 🙂 I’ve always wanted to make lemon blueberry cake, it just sounds like the perfect breezy dessert for summer. 

    AND I will definitely be trying out that pineapple aqua fresca. It’s one of my favorite fruit. Nobody understands why I want to burn the inside of my mouth with ripe pineapple. Pineapple love! <3 <3 <3

  15. Enjoy your reunion! We just had one a couple weeks ago, about the same size. SO much fun!! My cousin had baked several treats and one variety was rhubarb bars…. yummmm!! I do want to try those decadent pb cookies with reeses pieces and chips, very soon.
    The cilantro… my experience has been like what Lindsay said. I have a greenhouse, and of all the herbs I’ve tried growing/selling, cilantro is one of those I’ve about given up on in our hot Midwest summers… I think what she said about succession planting would do the trick. Failing remembering to do that, I’d like to try just growing a batch or two in the fall, like lettuce and spinach, and see if I can keep it going longer. If you have a sun porch or any place with a lot of light, it might even be happy in a fair-sized pot there into the winter. Worth a shot! And I love your gorgeous new kitchen!!! 🙂

    1. This is so helpful Erin, thank you. I’m glad I’m not the only one because this has been frustrating! I took it completely out of direct sunlight for a couple weeks last month and it seemed to do much better, but now it’s just been so hot. Would love to find a great rhubarb bar recipe!

      1. Now I’m for sure going to try some fall cilantro, and I’ll let you know how it goes. The rhubarb bars we had were very similar to your streusel bars with the shortbread crust, fruit filling and brown sugar streusel… if not identical, i bet that combo would be pretty scrumptious! I think there was strawberry in with the rhubarb too.

  16. Hubby is taking over the kitchen this weekend again! He is taking classes on Tuesdays downtown and likes to make what he learned over the weekend-in case he has any questions. We had a flank steak stir fry last night and will be having pork belly buns and creme brulee for dinner. I know, strange combo! Oh-he made current scones for breakfast! 
    I did make a dark chocolate whiskey cake with homemade caramel sauce last week…and I will be making rose macrons with raspberry buttercream-the cousin to your strawberry buttercream-this week. 
    Enjoy-one more week of summer before I head back to my students!

      1. I have already made the raspberry buttercream a few months ago and it is WONDERFUL! I do strain out the seeds so the buttercream is smooth. I would think it is as tasty as your strawberry!

      1. Yes, coffee and chocolate…a cute date night out (or in) with your sweetie….or by yourself if you are blogging…
        Thank you for all your recipes!

  17. Hi Sally!
    Ok, so I need (NEED) to make those bakery peanut butter cookies.  The Reese’s pieces version sounds incredible!! Or maybe chopped up peanut m&m’s…..  I made your lemon blueberry cheesecake bars over the weekend to bring to a small family gathering & they were another hit! One of my young cousins that was there  has recently been interested in baking so I immediately pointed her to your blog! Thank you Sally, as always!! Have a wonderful week! 

  18. Your kabobs sounded scrumptious! I kept it really really simple this weekend! Since peaches are officially in, I went to the local orchard and bought a bushel! I peeled them and diced them up and then heated them in the microwave for about 15 seconds. Then I scooped them on top of the frozen yogert (and the frozen yogert started to melt a little….ahhhh). I needed something crunchy (always need something crunchy) for the top so I added a teaspoon (ok 2) of granola! It’s now my ‘go to’ until my bushel of peaches are all gone!

  19. Making lemon biscotti this weekend. Does anyone watch The Great British Bake Off/The Great British Baking Show on PBS, or am I a lone wolf?

  20. I also made a commitment to have a dinner in each week with my husband. On Thursdays I am going to comb through my cookbooks (which also forces me to use ones I have neglected!) and plan a meal for Saturday night. I didn’t bake anything this weekend (way too hot), but those bakery style peanut butter cookies are making my mouth water 🙂

  21. Just have to share with you: I had my 1 year old on my lap when i was reading this post and she got very excited about your cookie photo at the top of the page, pointing and saying, “Mama! Cookie!” over and over. I guess I have to give her a cookie now lol.

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