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Hiiii! Aren’t these cookies fabulous? They’re a cookbook recipe I worked on this week. Sort of like cake batter chocolate chip cookies, only without the cake mix. Excited for this book to come out in the Fall!

How are you this weekend? I can’t believe it’s the Super Bowl already. Any big plans for it? For food– which matters most– I decided on Old Bay seasoned chicken wings and my favorite pepperoni pizza dip. Who are you cheering for?

1) Some other Super Bowl ideas for you: soft pretzel bites and here are 12 super easy super bowl recipes!

2) Fun new video for snickerdoodle cupcakes!

3) Thoughts on the baking challenge? I am overwhelmed by your response; thank you for everyone who wants to get involved! I’m even more excited now knowing that you are too. Brainstorming a new recipe for March’s baking challenge already. I can’t wait to see all your lava cakes this month!

4) Baking around the web: easy no knead bread (!!!), chocolate cherry cookies, and red wine brownies! Gluten free readers: these almond meal chocolate chip cookies.

5) Have you ever taken the 16 personalities quiz? My friend told me about it. It is SCARY how accurate this thing is. When I was reading my results, I was literally nodding along. “THAT’S ME!!” It’s eye opening, too!

6) This simple, gorgeous necklace would be a wonderful gift for the gal in your life this Valentine’s Day. Since I know I don’t have many male readers (hi if you’re reading!!!), the necklace is perfect for you to spoil yourself or your bestie. And this bracelet and this necklace (I want!). Also this scarf for staying warm. I think I need to do some shopping.

7) And if you’re single, this is the best of them all.

Have a great one!!


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  1. so excited for the baking challenge! I’ve been on a work-induced baking hiatus for a month now, but I’m ready to bake again!

    superbowl always means buffalo chicken dip for me, yum!

  2. Oh my gosh.  I love Saturday Seven!  Just took the personality test.  I thought that there was no way they could peg me.  My answers seemed so random.  But they got it.  Awesome.  Apparently, many fictional villains are modeled after my personality type. Hilarious!  Making pizza dip, jalapeño croissants, spinach dip bread, Italian meatball sliders, and cake pops for Super Bowl.  Happy weekend, everyone!

  3. Hi Sally, 
    I cannot believe the timing to see this recipe for Soft Pretzel Bites.  My husband and I have been going to the movies quite a bit lately and he has a big giant pretzel instead of popcorn. And he’s been asking me for like 2 months to make him some homemade pretzels and voila…There you are!!  I have faith in all your recipes never thinking I need to “try it out” first…..Since I am the QB in my kitchen this weekend, I’m going in for a touch down with these pretzel bites and follow up with a field goal kick by making the Kicked-Up Cheddar Cheese Sauce.  ….THIS is perfect for SuperBowl.  And once again….my kitchen island will be filled football food with recipes from Sally.!!  Thank you Again. 😉
    Cheering for the New England Patriots !!  
    Come on Peeps.  Let’s Go Pats !!

    1. Brenda, they’re honestly my favorite pretzels on the planet. It’s a family recipe! I hope you and your hubs love them. Have fun tomorrow!

  4. I REALLY want to make those chocolate lava cakes for the baking challenge. I’m probably going to try them for Valentine’s Day! I’m not cheering for anyone for the Super Bowl except Lady Gaga (half-time show and football appetizers are all I care about). Those snickerdoodle cupcakes look ridiculously delicious; they’ve been on my bake-list for quite some time but I never get around to them and I don’t know why! And I love Etsy too; there’s so many cute, hand-made gifts with a lot of thought and work put into them on there. I’m not seeing anyone right now, but for a friend who has a birthday very close to Valentine’s Day, I got her the cutest cupcake pendant from Sears of all places. Have a great weekend too Sally and enjoy the Super Bowl 🙂

  5. Can’t wait to make these Lava Cakes tomorrow! As for who we’re routing for? ALWAYS the underdog when it comes to the NE Patriots! Enough is enough already! LOL They are kind of like the Williams’ Sisters in the Tennis World. Ha!

  6. Sally, I must say this. Your amazing. When you write these Saturday blogs and look at items and share it with us, you care about our budgets. Your not looking at a $80 and above  necklace. You are looking at necklaces and other stuff that is below $60. You for care about saving money and us too!Plus, your supporting local business that are in there house or own a store.  I love your plate. Where did you get it at? Thank you for being you and sharing your life story.

    1. Thanks, Laura! I sincerely appreciate this thoughtful comment. The polka dot dessert plate is from Bed Bath and Beyond– it’s a few years old. I don’t see it for sale anymore online!

  7. Dedicated male follower Sally.  I’ve baked lots of your scrumptious treats over the years and always enjoy reading your blog.

  8. Hi there, 
    Your cookie/bar recipes are always on my go to baking Pinterest board. Excited for the release of your book this fall! Any plans for a book release tour yet? 
    – Meghan M

  9. I am also super excited about the baking challenge! However, if I had to have one critique it would be that lava cakes were a questionable start…. I try to eat super healthy at home (a special dessert is rare!) and when I bake goodies I like to indulge in a piece but then bring them to work/school. Lava cakes are such a commitment! (I.e. they require 6 people present to eat them IMMEDIATELY). I can’t exactly bring lava cakes to work 😉 So, it’s unlikely that I’ll be making these cakes in Feb.

  10. The personality test is a version of the Myers-Briggs personality test. I was so relieved when I took it 25 yrs ago to find out that I’m a strong introvert. It made life so much easier to know that I’m not supposed to enjoy being in front of a crowd. I encourage everyone to take it. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Cannot wait for your cookbook to come out! I’m going to check it out from the library as soon as possible since we don’t go to many bookstores.

  12. I made your pizza dip last night and am in love!!!! It will now forever be my go to dip! So easy and soooo yummy! I also made red velvet cake pops with white chocolate and oreo crumbs and some strawberry hand pies (your pie crust) shaped like footballs!!! My husband is from Atlanta so it was a very sad end of the night for us but I ate my weight in yummy food so all and all it was fine 🙂

  13. LOOOOVE those pretzel bites and the cheese sauce. It’s now a super bowl tradition in our house. We also made nachos. Then finished up with cupcakes. THANK YOU for making everything so accessible and attainable. You make me a success. 🙂

    1. I’m actually ESFJ! Though it leads the description with being “very popular”– and I was not in school. Haha!! Though being very social, sensitive, and gathering energy from others rings loudly true. 🙂



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