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So I know yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day and all, but that’s no reason to wait until next year to make this Irish soda bread. Have you tried it yet?

We just got back from our mini vacation in Deep Creek Lake where, besides the hiking and playing in the snow, we remained plopped on the couch watching How I Met Your Mother marathons. All day couch potato-ness is not usually included my GO GO GO routine at home. And that’s why it felt miraculous to do… absolutely nothing.

1) Any runners out there? How do you feel about running on the treadmill? We finally got a new treadmill after ours broke last Fall. Our old model was super cheap, so I’m not surprised it was on the fritz. It would’ve cost almost as much as it was worth to fix, so we bought a new one instead– a life fitness model this time. I honestly don’t mind the treadmill, but I know most people find it monotonous. And I found these fun treadmill workouts if you want to check them out when the weather prevents outside runs!

2) Sweet things: Momofuku birthday cake from Milk Bar bakery in NYC, wholesome carrot muffins, hummingbird cake gets us in the mood for spring, and goooorgeous lemon lavender cupcakes.

3) Savory things: creamy potato soup and a beautifully heartfelt cause, broccoli tots that are baked and suuuuper cheesy, side veggie dish alert with this roasted sweet potato rainbow salad, and crockpot chipotle lime chicken!

4) Did you get a giant snow dump this week? We got over a foot in Deep Creek and came home to the same amount. And I jumped for joy because we haven’t had a big snowfall all winter. While it’s surreal to see this amount in March, I’ll take it.

5) And here are my pups in the snow. Jude LOVES the snow and was smiling the entire week on our vacation. All smiles, all the time. Franklin is still sort of confused? What is this white stuff?


6) Despite the snow adventures, I’m ready for spring. And I just bought this lightweight infinity scarf and this super cute floral shirt in anticipation. Obviously not worn together but the scarf with a white tee and that shirt with a pair of jeans. Love both!


7) Coconut: how do you feel about it? I feel like you’re either in 1 of 2 boats. Love it or hate it. I sail with the love it folks. I ask because I’m working on some Easter/coconut recipes!

Q: What are you baking this weekend?


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  1. Hi Sally!
    First & foremost the pups are SO cute!! 
    I love running outside but just absolutely cannot stand the cold so treadmill it is.  I do get bored but lately I’ve been doing intervals & changing up speed & incline & that helps A LOT! And definitely some good music!!  
    I made your mint cheesecake brownies on friday for a gathering the next day & they were a big hit!!  
    So fudgey & delicious!! 
    I really love coconut in savory dishes so I cook with coconut oil a lot (especially fish!) & coconut milk but not a huge fan of sweet coconut…..  Having said that, your dark chocolate coconut blondies are amazing! 
    So happy that tomorrow is the first day of spring & all this snow we got last week will soon disappear!!  Have a wonderful week Sally!!

    1. Those mint cheesecake brownies are my weakness. As are many other mint chocolate desserts! I’m making a coconut curry recipe this week. A new-to-me recipe. I love coconut in savory dishes as well!

  2. I don’t mind running on the treadmill and especially don’t mind it since I found Treadmill TV on youtube!  There are some really good ones with some nice scenery, and best of all, it’s FREE! I’ve tried BitGym and while they have potentially more selections (you can pay some big bucks more than just the smattering they offer on your $7 membership – those get old really quickly) – they had one irritating feature that made me quit – just when they get to good scenery, they fade out and those fades are ANNOYING!  On youtube, after you’ve sampled a lot of the Treadmill TV channel, just search on ‘virtual trail runs’ and the like and you’ll find lots to choose from. Definitely makes the runs go faster! On my walk days, I watch documentaries from youtube as well (free!) and that helps as well. Glad you’re enjoying the snow, equally glad we didn’t get any here in the midwest! 🙂

  3. Hi sally! I was wondering if I could do a guest recipe post on your blog, and you could do one on mine, as a collab type thing. I could share a recipe for raw vegan (super healthy) chocolate brownie bites on yours!!

  4. Happy Weekend!
    We have not had much snow at all. In fact, we were 80 degrees this week!! Hubby runs on the treadmill and loves it. We have had ours for quiet awhile. He runs in the early AM and doesn’t like running in the dark.

  5. Your dogs are adorable! So cute playing in the snow. No snow here. It’ s been in the 80’s here all week.
    I love coconut!  I am so looking forward to your coconut recipes. Coincidentally, the next thing I am going to bake is a coconut cake. I am just trying to decide on a filling of lemon curd, coconut pastry cream or buttercream.

      1. Thank you, Sally! Your recipe for lemon coconut cake looks absolutely delicious! I will definitely try it and let you know how it comes out. I appreciate you sending me the link.
        (Your comment about the non fat cream cheese tasting like socks made me literally laugh out loud).

  6. I’m an elliptical gal myself. But I like Life Fitness brand machines–those were my fave at my old gym. (I recently joined the YMCA and it was a process adjusting to a new brand and style of machinery.) I missed a couple workout days this week because the Y closed for snow. We did get some, but not as much as predicted. We were in the MASSIVE DUMP zone (12-24″) but we ended up getting sleet for some of that time, so our total dropped to 6″. It was a huge pain to shovel because there was a layer of ice on top so it was weighed down.
    (A literal pain to shovel, as it were, since I ended up with a blister on my left palm and a large bruise under my knee where, I realized, I had been bracing the shovel before heaving it upward to empty.) My kids had 2 snow days from it, though! As for coconut–put me in the love camp. But I agree with you that coconut seems to be one of those polarizing ingredients. I think it’s mostly textural. Admittedly, I most enjoy coconut when toasted, but I’m happy to eat it any time in any form, even if I have to chew it for an hour. LOL.
    Later this week I’m making that Lucky Charms Bark for the candy birthday party. Good times!

    1. I’m so glad the party wasn’t last week when the huge blizzard came through! My parents in Philly got the same weather– sleet/ice/a little snow. I definitely love coconut most when it’s toasted too.

  7. No snow here-but lovely 70-80 degree weather-so pool time it was for us. Love coconut so cant wait to see your recipe(s)…I baked a Texas Sheet Cake–thumbs up from my 3 girls. I am always on the go working full time and raising a family so I have to force myself to occasionally take a me day and I feel guilty doing it butttt when I do take the time for myself it is sooo nice to have that veg and do nothing all day… 🙂

  8. This weekend, I baked two Dutch Apple Pies, extra pie dough for the freezer, a Peanut Butter Sheet Cake with chocolate frosting, homemade caramel sauce, brownies with caramel sauce, and your Snicker’s Cupcakes posted in 2016 I believe. Your cupcakes were a hit and very delicious! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  9. I made your Grandma’s Irish Soda Bread & like all soda bread, after a couple of days it was only good to eat if warmed in the microwave. So, I made french toast with the remainder of the loaf & ate it with maple syrup. Score! It was fantastic. Thanks for another great recipe.

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