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So I know yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day and all, but that’s no reason to wait until next year to make this Irish soda bread. Have you tried it yet?

We just got back from our mini vacation in Deep Creek Lake where, besides the hiking and playing in the snow, we remained plopped on the couch watching How I Met Your Mother marathons. All day couch potato-ness is not usually included my GO GO GO routine at home. And that’s why it felt miraculous to do… absolutely nothing.

1) Any runners out there? How do you feel about running on the treadmill? We finally got a new treadmill after ours broke last Fall. Our old model was super cheap, so I’m not surprised it was on the fritz. It would’ve cost almost as much as it was worth to fix, so we bought a new one instead– a life fitness model this time. I honestly don’t mind the treadmill, but I know most people find it monotonous. And I found these fun treadmill workouts if you want to check them out when the weather prevents outside runs!

2) Sweet things: Momofuku birthday cake from Milk Bar bakery in NYC, wholesome carrot muffins, hummingbird cake gets us in the mood for spring, and goooorgeous lemon lavender cupcakes.

3) Savory things: creamy potato soup and a beautifully heartfelt cause, broccoli tots that are baked and suuuuper cheesy, side veggie dish alert with this roasted sweet potato rainbow salad, and crockpot chipotle lime chicken!

4) Did you get a giant snow dump this week? We got over a foot in Deep Creek and came home to the same amount. And I jumped for joy because we haven’t had a big snowfall all winter. While it’s surreal to see this amount in March, I’ll take it.

5) And here are my pups in the snow. Jude LOVES the snow and was smiling the entire week on our vacation. All smiles, all the time. Franklin is still sort of confused? What is this white stuff?


6) Despite the snow adventures, I’m ready for spring. And I just bought this lightweight infinity scarf and this super cute floral shirt in anticipation. Obviously not worn together but the scarf with a white tee and that shirt with a pair of jeans. Love both!


7) Coconut: how do you feel about it? I feel like you’re either in 1 of 2 boats. Love it or hate it. I sail with the love it folks. I ask because I’m working on some Easter/coconut recipes!

Q: What are you baking this weekend?


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  1. Waiting for my Irish soda bread to come out of the oven as I sit here! My family loves that recipe. As for running, I’ve never been able to stand treadmills – I ran in a blizzard this afternoon just to avoid the monotony! Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Hi Sally,
    I looooove coconut! I am simply crazy about it! Coconut cake and cupcakes are some of my faves! I greatly look forward to your coconut recipes. 

  3. I love coconut! Flavor mainly, but even the texture doesn’t bother me too much. Though coconut milk on its own tastes like sunscreen 😉 So, random comment: I was looking at your cookbooks on Amazon, and I saw a negative comment that a lot of people were jumping all over in your defense (which is sweet in its way 🙂 ), but you were so gracious and kind in your own response! Thank you; so many people think the internet is license to be incredibly rude and combative, and you were so classy <3

  4. We’re still enjoying the last of our Irish Soda Bread! It was a huge hit and will definitely get made again before next St. Paddy’s Day!

    I am not a big fan of coconut – I don’t mind it in certain things (like peanut butter balls) and the taste of coconut oil is slowly growing on me, but I don’t love the taste or texture. We have almost no snow – we didn’t get as much as expected from the latest storm and then it rained. I’d be good with one more decent storm, now that I’m not worried about going into labour in a blizzard!

    My snack stash is starting to run low, so I’ll probably make a batch of muffins or granola bars. No ambitious baking plans – I need to catch up on some sleep!

  5. Ugh, the weather was so nice for a while and now it’s freezing and snowy. Not a fan, and I’m hoping it’ll change back soon. I’m ready for spring! And I’m obsessed with coconut! I used to hate it, but a few years ago, the switch flipped and I’ve never looked back.

  6. As we sat down to corned beef and cabbage dinner last night, I said how I should have made Irish Soda Bread! I also had corned beef for the first time and it was okay…tasted kind of like vienna sausage, ha!

    I’m okay with coconut, in small amounts. I wouldn’t eat shredded coconut on its own, but don’t mind if it’s baked in with things.

  7. I am not that much of a treadmill girl either. If possible I will run outside, with gloves and everything. But since I live in a rather cold and rainy place in the north of Germany, I do hit the treadmill once in a while.
    I guess I don’t classify as a coconut hater, but I am not that much of a lover either. If I taste a hint of coconut, I am OK, but I don’t like the flavor if it is too dominant.
    I tried an Apple Roses Cake for Easter, it is a lot of work, but I really love the outcome:

  8. I prefer to run outside, but don’t mind a treadmill sprint workout.  Changing speeds and the incline makes the time go super fast!  And I can handle coconut oil but not a fan of coconut flakes, I don’t what it is, I just can’t do the aftertaste.  Glad you had a relaxing getaway, can’t wait to see more pics!

  9. Love the “pups in the snow” video. A number of years ago, I owned a beautiful, sweet St. Bernard…Samantha…who adored the snow. She would bound out the door after a storm and immediately start burrowing through the snow…no matter how deep. It must have been genetic…she would have been a great search and rescue dog. BTW…she also loved riding in the passenger seat of my two seater sports car, top down with her head propped on top of the windshield , catching the breeze.
    I love coconut anything…I have a great cutout coconut cookie recipe I use every year to make Easter cookies.  I would love for you to develop a few coconut recipes.

    1. Would you share your cutout coconut cookie recipe? This intrigues me. Have never seen this type of recipe   Thanks! Love coconut 

  10. Irish Soda bread now! thanks for the recipe!

    I don’t mind the treadmill, but I definitely prefer running outside. It’s nice to have the option though when the weather is not cooperating or you’re shot on time.

  11. LOVE coconut. Coconut cream pie, coconut cake….one of my great aunts made an unbelievable coconut cake, I hope the recipe isn’t lost forever – I need to check into that. And I love the infinity scarf, and the blouse – makes me miss my blonde hair! Probably just doing banana nut muffins this weekend, my dad’s favorite. Any excuse to be in the kitchen, my happy place. Love the photos – have a great weekend!

  12. Love coconut….cupcakes, cake, etc. Making pulled pork in the crockpot, corn bread, and cole slaw. So ready for spring and summer. Hard to go through a milder winter but get hit with snow in March. 

  13. Love the looks of those recipes you suggested Sally! I was on vacation all this week so didn’t do any baking, I’m definitely ready to start this week though. I can’t wait to hear more about your next cookbook; hopefully you had a relaxing vacation away (the dogs certainly looked like they were having the time of their life) and feel refreshed enough to keep trekking through Spring. (P.S, about coconut – I’m in the “hate it” boat but I love coconut milk and don’t mind coconut in Nanaimo bars – weird right?)  

  14. Hi Sally, Love the video of the dogs in the snow! My Sadie does the same when we shovel and ‘throw the snow’….so fun! I too went spring clothes shopping and purchased a fun spring print button down and pastel colored gingham print scarf! You just get in the mood for spring when you see snow I suppose? As for coconut…HUGE fan and even more so if it’s ‘toasted!’ And it is the staple in our house to make an Easter Cake with lots of coconut! Is there really anything better that celebrates spring and Easter? I literally take an entire bag of flaked coconut, toast the entire bag and then keep it sealed in a zip-lock bag to use on lots of stuff….yogert, ice cream, pudding and fresh fruit…huge staple! So you get a big thumbs-up here! 🙂

  15. I got a recipe out of Gourmet magazine (March 1994) for whole wheat Irish soda bread.  Been making it ever since!  It has wheat germ, oatmeal and buttermilk and is so good with my Corned beef dinner!  Day 2?  Why, toasted with Irish butter and a fabulous jam!  

  16. Hi Sally, I made your Irish Soda Bread for our St. Patrick’s Day dinner last night and my family L.O.V.E.D. it and asked that it be added to our traditional meal going forward. It’s always been store-bought in the past so I love knowing I can make it from scratch so successfully. Thank you for sharing it!!

    1. I’m so glad you gave the soda bread a whirl! It is honestly the easiest from-scratch bread I’ve ever made. And there’s no reason to only save it for March! I bake it year round.

  17. Made your strawberry frosting for a cake this morning and it got many thumbs up from party-goers, so thanks! As for coconut, I like it, especially toasted, but I can’t say it’s my favorite.

  18. Runner here.  In fact, I bake just to kill time between runs.  I have an old Nordic track and a new life fitness.  The life fitness is one of those new ones with the routes that adjust the incline. Super fun but I still prefer my 12 year old Nordic track.  It’s so bouncy!  I can run outside now though.  No snow in the heartland this time.  Hope you thaw out soon!

    Oh btw anyone need a decadent breakfast?  Sally’s chocolate baked donuts with Cadbury creme egg buttercreme and Hershey’s chocolate melted on top.  Sent these with my daughter and husband to girl scout day yesterday.  Got a lot of what are these they are so yummy texts!

  19. Hi Sally, 

    Just went to Amazon to pre-order your new cookbook and it’s not there when I go to Amazon and look up Sally’s cookie addiction just your other cookbooks are there. Not sure if it’s because I’m on my phone 



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