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It’s officially June and unofficially summer! As will happen this time of year, we’re getting outside and soaking up this beautiful weather before sweltering August hits us like a ton of (very hot and humid) bricks. I kicked off the weekend yesterday with a long walk/slog– meaning, slow jog. Because running just has not been happening the past couple months. I can’t believe I’m 25 weeks along now!

Before digging into my usual 7 ramblings, I want to thank you for tagging the recipes you make from my blog with #sallysbakingaddiction on Insta. I check these out (read: STALK) every night. Nothing makes me happier than seeing your versions of these recipes!!! Thank you thank you!


1) New post is up for my favorite chocolate buttercream. I’ve been slowly expanding my frosting section to make it easy to pick and choose flavors based on what cakes/cupcakes you’re making.

2) It’s been a year since we moved into our new home! We moved in at the beginning of June last year. We lived and worked through a kitchen remodel for most of the summer, but once that was crossed off the list we began to settle in. We had some rooms painted the other week and future projects include finishing the basement, landscaping, and planting a big garden!

3) My plan was to make a deeeeelicious chocolate zucchini cake this week. That never happened. Instead, I made about 89 pies that currently reside in my freezer. But with a bucket of zucchini in the fridge, I resorted to these zucchini parmesan crisps. WOW! They were unbelievable! We couldn’t stop eating them. Sorta reminded me of French fries. Confession: I dipped them in ketchup. ♥

4) Other recipes I want to try soon: on a pasta salad kick lately (remember?) and this greek pasta salad looks like it’d hit the spot. Also: this s’mores layer cake means it’s officially summer and strawberry frozen yogurt pie, and these raspberry rhubarb almond bars!

5) I’m headed to Phoenix this coming week to shoot a ton of recipe videos and a special Sally’s Cookie Addiction cookbook trailer/preview video! This will be the last time I fly when pregnant because MAN, it is so uncomfortable! I’m not a fan of flying as it is, but flying when pregnant is…well… it’s the pits. Especially cross country trips! We’ll also be shooting a Facebook LIVE on Wednesday, June 7th at 1pm. Behind the scenes of the video shoot and a Q&A session, too!

6) Baking anything this weekend? Today we’re celebrating my 5 year old nephew’s birthday and I made some fun summertime cookies for the party. I’ll share that recipe this month!

7) Peach pecan crisp, anyone? I’ve gotten questions about using frozen peaches in this instead of fresh and yes, you totally can!

Make it a good one!


  1. Hey Sally love you facebook live videos and really excited about the next one! Here at home it’s almost the end of summer and we’re expecting (praying for) heavy rain anyday now. I made your key lime pie truffles the other day and we can’t stop eating them! It’s the 3rd time I’ve made that recipe and it’s one of my favourite no bake treats (a close second to your chocolate peanut butter bars).
    Also waiting for the humid weather to pass so I can make toffees and candies from your Candy Addiction cookbook.
    Have a great weekend!
    P.S. I know you hear this all the time but seeing you grow and take your blogging and photography to new levels makes me SO happy Sally! Been following your blog for 4 years now and you never filed to amaze me

  2. I made a traditional German Black Forest Cake for a friend with kirsch liqueur and everything yesterday. It was a huge hit. Nothing beats chocolate, cherry and whipping cream!
    The next thing on my list is a no-bake strawberry cheesecake. So thanks for the inspiration.
    Oh, and I will definitely tune in on the video! I always love behind the scene videos. Very excited for Wednesday!

  3. I make those Parmesan crisp ALL the time. My family loves them. I can never make enough of them. Sounds like you won’t need to do any baking this summer after making all those pies. More time to experiment with ice box dessert ideas and maybe a fruit salad? Have a great weekend. 

  4. I am drooling over your pictures…as usual! I will be baking my son’s birthday cake this week. Since we had a MASSIVE graduation party in May at the house, he is going to get together with friends at his apartment at college (he has that until he leaves for Germany in 16 days) for his birthday. All he wants is a yellow sheet cake with chocolate butter cream. I think I will try your recipe! It pops up on Facebook and looks so temping.
    I think that will be my last baking in the states for a while. It’s time to pack the kitchen! 
    I will continue to follow you and will make lists of things to make once I am settled in my new place in Rennes!

  5. Hi Sally!! I’m such a big fan and just watched your hilarious Facebook Live of your icebox dessert. Loved seeing you in action and you are so happy and funny. It’s really cool when the person behind the blog is as wonderful as you are!! Keep up the great work and I will continue to drool over all your gorgeous recipes. 🙂

    Hi to Kevin and your furry babes! 


  6. Love your recipes Sally! I made your Breakfast Cookies last weekend. They were easy and great. I am making your key lime squares today!

  7. Hi,  can you help me find a recipe for pommendine muffins?   I ate them on a cruise ship and fell in love with the almond apple flavor and moist texture.   Many thanks.   

      1. HI.  A pommendine is a muffin.  It has sliced apples which may have been originally dried and lots of almond flavor.  The chef may have used almond paste.  Oceania cruise ship Marinia served them for breakfast.  I have a picture.  Yummy.  

  8. I am so excited it’s June! So much going on this month, so many events to bake for 😉 Fruits are all in season and fruit desserts are among my favourite. Can’t wait to make that icebox cake btw.

  9. Sally,
    I made Chocolate Drop Cookies with gorgeous white frosting using a recipe my Grandmother cut off the back of a box of C&H brown sugar back in the 50-60’s!  A total family favorite!  Sent picture to my siblings who replied with drools!  Our family favorite cookie forever!  Also made that stunning key lime pie recipe and my husband and I absolutely loved it!  A keeper!
    Love your site and updates!  

    1. chocolate drop cookies sound so good! and I’m so happy you tried the key lime pie, too. And loved it! 🙂

  10. That chocolate buttercream frosting has my name written all over it…I love chocolate everything and those cupcakes look to die for! Definitely going to give them a try 🙂
    P.S. Make sure to pack plenty of tank tops, flips flops and sunscreen for your Phoenix trip…this week is going to be hot hot hot. Too bad your trip wasn’t last week, we actually had some pretty decent weather….until mother nature remembered it’s June 🙁

  11. I made up about 4 dozen cupcakes this week for my brother-in-laws graduation party today!! I used you classic chocolate cupcakes and your perfect vanilla cupcakes. They were a huge hit!!! It was a good chance to practice my piping technique! 

    1. Each time you make a batch of cupcakes and pipe the frosting, you improve! Practice makes perfect– that’s how I learned!

  12. I’m hoping you get around to that chocolate zucchini cake! I’m not kidding when I tell you there are times I crave your double chocolate zucchini bread…seriously!! I can only imagine (hopefully I won’t have to) how AWESOME the cake would be.
    I’m glad you’re feeling & doing well. 

  13. Oh yes, I just want to scrape some of that chocolate buttercream right off the screen. I’m sicker than the proverbial dog this weekend, so no baking for me. Had hoped to bake an apple pie, but may have to make applesauce instead–less work. Now I’m off to see about those Parmesan zucchini crisps.

  14. Most of my baking plans did not come to pass, so instead I made soured cream Bundt cake with butter glaze and butterscotch cookies this afternoon.  It helped to make the time fly whilst the rain poured down outside.  Welcome to British Summer Time!

  15. Holy PIES batman! Wow…I wouldn’t even know where to store 89 pies IF I had a freezer big enough. You go girl! I hear ya about the flying….I’m not a fan regardless as well but couldn’t imagine pregnant and doing a 5 or 6 hour flight! Those Zucchini Crips sound like a recipe I tried off of Food TV. Any zucchini is good by me! Since I baked so much last weekend (to get my mind off the very sudden passing of my dog, Sadie) I took this past weekend off. I still have about 3 pieces of that Banana Cake in my frig (not sure how but I do). It got RAVE reviews from neighbors as I took it to a Memorial Day Picnic. I definitely want to try and practice more piping perhaps this weekend. It’s suppose to be nice out here this weekend so maybe more cupcakes as they are transportable for a boat ride on the lake :). Safe travels, Sally!

    1. Oh Sharon, I’m so sorry to hear about Sadie. I’m thinking of you because I know how much she meant to you and your family. Sending all my love!
      I saw that you made the banana cake! 
      And it wasn’t *really* 89 pies. That would be hilariously… crazy. I just made 6 🙂

  16. Hi Sally, i made your raisin and oatmeal cookies last week for a road trip we took on the previous long weekend we had in Germany. They were flavoursome, moist and kept well despite the heat. I have an extra batch of cookie dough in the freezer, which l will use when we move at the end of the month for when the snack attack comes between lifting boxes!
    However for this week, l need another cookie fix and am looking forward to choosing a new recipe from your lovely selection to bake! Greetings from Germany! 🙂

      1. Hi Sally, thanks for replying! Yes the raisin and oatmeal cookies were a great way to kickstart the day or have as a snack whilst staying in the hotel.
        As for the next round of cookies l’m trying out, l went for your peanut butter snickers cookies. I’m letting the cookie dough settle in the fridge for one more day (I did eat A LOT of the dough on the path between the mixing bowl and the fridge!) and then l’ll bake them tomorrow. I’ll write you a comment on that post’s page and let you know how they turned out! (Of course they will turn out perfect, all your recipes are extremely accurate!)

  17. Sally, you have to try the strawberry frozen yogurt pie. It is so delish! Really great for summer and I know you have been craving fruit. I just made your key lime pie from your book. OMG, to die for! Every recipe I make of yours ends up being my favorite. Too bad I am a insulin dependent diabetic; otherwise, I would make a new desert everyday. I know the real stuff tastes best but do you ever bake with Splenda? I know you have a few less sugar recipes but maybe you can think about your next cookbook with a chapter devoted to people like me! Thanks for all your wonderful recipes. I can’t wait for your new cookbook this fall! Leah

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