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Finishing out this week with a mother load of baked goods. I spent 9 hours in the kitchen yesterday which was wayyy longer than I anticipated. (I also went to bed at the embarrassing hour of 7pm.) I mostly worked on Pie Week 2.0– remember pie week from November last year? 5 pie recipes in a row? Get ready for it all over again!

I had a lot of fun showing you how to make checkerboard cake (August Baking Challenge!) on Facebook and Insta LIVE on Wednesday. Did you catch it? All my live videos are saved on my Facebook page in case you miss any– under the video section. I have 15 now! I’ll probably stop in the next few weeks because I move at the pace of a slug and feel like an elephant wearing an apron. Maybe pick up again for the holidays!

Ok let’s get into it! I haven’t checked in with you on a Saturday in awhile, so lots of fun stuff!

1) Up above? My peanut butter M&M cookies! I made them for my friend’s birthday a couple weeks ago. It had been way too long since I baked a batch. I forgot how soft they are!

2) My sis-in-law sent this article to me. Expectant mamas… a must read. ♥

3) We celebrated my nephew’s 2nd birthday last weekend. We had the fam over, had the pool out for the dogs (Jude loooove chilling in it!), and I made this salmon from Becky’s blog. We LOVED it. I highly recommend!

4) I made refrigerator pickles this week with some pickling cukes from our friend’s garden. I roughly used this recipe, but threw in a ton of dill and some sweet hot peppers. We’re waiting a week or so to dig in. I’ll let you know how they turn out! Have you ever made pickles before?

5) I just bought 4 new Fall candles. Did I need them? Absolutely not. I don’t want to see summer go, but nothing nothing NOTHING compares to the smell of Fall throughout the house.

6) I receive my advance copy of Sally’s Cookie Addiction next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sally's Cookie Addiction

7) Coming up this month! Kevin’s birthday 🙂 I made an extra peanut butter pie last week and froze it, so that’s what we’ll have for dessert. Today he’s riding in a bike race, then we’ll head to dinner with some friends to celebrate. Also on tap in August: a giveaway for signed Sally’s Cookie Addiction bookplates and s’mores day on August 10th. Mark your calendars NOW.

PS: Currently brainstorming recipes to bake on LIVE next Wednesday. Maybe the striped fudge cookie sandwiches I shared this week? Any suggestions?



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  1. Yes, striped cookies please! I would like to see any special tips for drizzling the chocolate stripes on the cookies.

  2. Anxiously awaiting my next Sally cookbook!!! Those cookies look amazing, by the way. Enjoy any extra sleep while you can get it!

  3. Oh please make the fudge stripped cookis and send me one through the computer.
    My birthday is August 10!

    I am counting the days for your new cookbook to arrive.  Hope to win a signed bookplate!!

    Happy Baking

  4. Yes, the striped cookies would be great to see!  I am going to make them next weekend and would love to see some tips.  I can’t wait for your new cookbook to come out!!!

  5. So excited for the cookbook Sally! The striped fudge cookies looked SO FUN so I can’t wait to see what everything else looks like. And OMG I just bought 3 Fall-scented candles and a fall foliage leaf nightlight from Bath and Body Works this week, so I feel you on the whole CAN’T WAIT FOR FALL front. Have an awesome weekend 🙂

  6. Love your Saturday posts.  I agree with other on the striped cookies. Your lines are so even, mine end up all squiggly!   Countdown to baby and cookbook, yea.  I have never made pickles, but favor the Bubbies brand.  So many choices of store bought pickles available, and I’m better at desserts.  Let’s start every meal with dessert first.  Too bad my hips don’t agree with that statement, hehe

  7. I’m not sure if I’m more excited for this little baby or the cookie book. OK, the baby of course… but cookies I’m amazed by all your energy (7pm is totally legit bedtime) – good luck with your home sretch!

  8. You look amazing in your apron don’t know what your talking about….I’ll be sad if you need to stop your Facebook live posts, I was watching them all live but my maternity leave ended and I’m back to work . The last one I saw was peanut butter pie and not live. Gonna go back and watch this weeks at some point. I can’t wait for the book I pre-ordered it I’ll be cookie baking up a storm upon receipt ! I agree fall smells are the best and I’m anxiously awaiting my first Starbucks PSL, I need one now… lol. Hope your getting enough rest don’t over-do it. Take care 

    1. Thanks Patricia! I’ll be sure to pick the FB Live videos back up again later in the Fall when I’m ready to get back into it! 🙂 Thank you so much for watching them, it means a lot!

  9. No way! I made refrigerator pickles this week, too! I’ve never made them before but I’m hoping they turn out well.
    I’m planning to make your skinny peanut butter banana muffins tonight! YUM. I made them maybe a year ago and LOVED them and am so excited to have them again!! I used homemade natural peanut butter last time and they were fantastic so I plan to do that again. Though I bet almond butter would also be amazing…!
    Baby and cookbook coming soon, so exciting!! Have a great weekend 🙂

  10. Sally. I used your peach cobbler recipe today to make individual cobblers with last of summer peaches in Texas. A BIG HIT !  THANK YOU. 

  11. I made my first-ever batch of homemade pickles 2 weeks ago. Also refrigerator style because Claussen’s are our fave. They turned out SO well and tasted exactly like the bought ones (and I’d reused an empty Claussen jar to put them in since, why not??) that I honestly asked my husband if they were for sure the homemade ones and not some random jar of the bought ones that were maybe lurking in the fridge. haha.
    As for candles, my husband has the most ridiculous stash of candles. He buys them from Yankee Candle and always knows which deals are the best and which ones aren’t “real” deals. We just organized our garage last week, and made shelves for all our junk. His candle stash takes up two shelves! I told him he is not allowed to buy anymore. And you know what he said? “But we have almost no fall candles! We’re set on the spring and summer ones, sure, but the fall…I’m gonna have to restock or we won’t have anything to burn in the fall.” Sigh. And so it goes. hahaha.

    1. I’m excited to dig into our fridge pickles!!! And OMG I understand your husband’s obsession Natalie. It doesn’t matter how many spring/summer candles you have– if there are no fall candles, the collection is practically useless 😉

  12. I would absolutely love it if you could do a Creme Brûlée recipe!! It’s my dad’s and brother’s all time favorite dessert and I’m looking for a good recipe. 🙂 thank you! 

  13. Hey Sally! Sitting here after a long but happy day catching up reading some of my blogs.. we had a baby girl a little over 3 weeks ago (O.M.G. you don’t even realize how time flies until you have a baby… I’m already sounding like my parents!). Loved the 10 true things about motherhood article… so true. And my one piece of advice to anyone expecting is to REST and SLEEP because you won’t get much of either once your little one arrives. It is glorious and exhausting at the same time. We have, in my opinion, a pretty easy baby so far, too. She’s mama’s sweet pea for sure 🙂 but honestly, I’m type A and LOVE lists and before we had her I was still painting in our house, doing deep cleaning, even doing Tone It Up work outs, and I couldn’t and didn’t sleep much because you’re uncomfortable, pee alllll the time, and got lists and baby on the brain! The one thing I wish I would of done was just rest and sleep, do yoga or at least stretch, read, and write more to my future baby. When I have time to journal and fill in her memory book I am sooo tired. I love love love your blog so just thought I’d pass this along. I feel like out of the thousand things I read during pregnancy, nothing really mentioned this one thing. Best of luck, Sally! It’s the best kind of love and you will cry and laugh and wonder where the days go because it flies so fast!!

    1. Congratulations on your new baby girl and THANK YOU for the advice. I keep hearing “get your rest now” but it didn’t really sit with me until reading this comment. I truly appreciate the honesty and advice, Holly. THANK YOU again!!

  14. Loved the motherhood article! Thanks for sharing it! As a mother to twins, I laughed aloud at the part about poop because it is sooo true!  Recently made your chocolate zucchini bread and everyone in the house was wanting more, just like you said.  I second the advice to rest and relax now, as much as you can.

  15. Terrific cookies!!! I made a double batch,added the mini M&Ms, chopped Reeses mini cups, and peanut butter chips! They came out super moist,and didn’t  spread. I love your recipe, and so did the family. Thanks so much! Kathy 

  16. I love those striped cookie sandwiches…and friend of mine just sent your post to me again to mention that she would MAYBE like it if they showed up at her house. lol! My only concern is that I have cats and I am worried about a rogue hair landing in the ganache. :-/

    So, this is completely random but…I made some bar cookies in a pan that was too small…was baking them forever, never got them to set up properly. My husband suggested just breaking it all up and calling it granola…lol. So I have this big bag of essentially chunks and crumbs of cookies. PERHAPS an interesting (?) blog post would be what to do with crumbled cookies? Just a thought…I Googled a little but thought I would throw it out there. 🙂

    1. I am always on the look out for dog hair in my house so I completely understand the challenge 🙂 And so many fun things to do with crumbled cookies – top of ice cream, decorate the top of a cake or cupcakes, just eat them with milk….

  17. Goodness! How do you even decide what cookies/goodies you are going to make for a family gathering?! I find that there are so many things I want to try, but not enough events to try them at fast enough. Especially when you throw in that sometimes a recipe is so good that you just have to make it again instead of trying something new! 🙂

    1. Whatever I haven’t made int awhile or whatever we’re in the mood for. Or, actually, whatever ingredients I have on hand 😉



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