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Salted caramel chocolate chip cookies on

Happy weekend to you! And I know exactly how you should pamper yourself: whole wheat waffles with a side of kicking your feet up. Because it’s Saturday and you deserve it!

Did you catch my LIVE baking demo this week? I made salted caramel chocolate chip cookies (above!) and also gave you a sneak peek inside Sally’s Cookie Addiction. I got a little teary eyed talking about this book as it’s very near and dear to my heart. Thank you all for your never-ending support and love. And don’t forget to pre-order to receive your 5 bonus recipes! (Read how to send in/receive them in this post.)

Exactly 1 month until it’s released!!!

Sally's Cookie Addiction

More things to chat about:

1) You all know I’m taking time off from recipe testing/photographing this fall. That means that I’ve been working ahead all summer. I’ll still be writing on the blog (of course!) and checking in on my social medias here and there, giving you updates on baking, cookbook, baby, and life! Excited for this new journey.

2) Speaking of socials! Have you joined the SBA Facebook group yet? It’s been so much fun seeing all your creations and chatting about baking all day long. xoxo

3) Have you ever tried cauliflower rice? I had it for the first time this week– just picked up a frozen bag of it from the store. I had it with this shrimp teriyaki. I LOVED it. Tastes like rice, but even a little better? I don’t even really like cauliflower, so I was pleasantly surprised!

4) My assistant, Steph, came over yesterday! We had a bake-a-thon all day. She’s helping me get ahead on work and test recipes for Sally’s Cookie Palooza. This will be year 5 of the holiday cookie countdown!!!! Can you believe it?

5) Pumpkin: too soon? I think so. I want it to be a little cooler out to begin enjoying it. But that doesn’t mean we can’t get excited for pumpkin snickerdoodles.

6) How are your checkerboard cakes coming along? Don’t forget to upload August’s baking challenge recipe to Instagram using the #sallysbakingchallenge hashtag or post on my Facebook page, Twitter, email me, or the new Facebook group I mentioned in #2!

7) Recipes I’m inspired to try soon: creamy garlic butter salmon, cookie dough cheesecake (just because!), and this cream cheese banana bread. (YUM!!!)

Make it a delicious one!







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  1. Hi Sally! Happy Saturday!
    I’m so excited for your new book & look forward to baking allllllll the cookies!!  Speaking of which I made the fudge striped cookie sandwiches a couple of days ago & they did not disappoint!! So yummy!!   
    I need to buy a waffle maker because those whole wheat waffles look so good.  Must try them!
    Also, I make cauliflower rice often (I rice the cauliflower myself, never tried the frozen ones) & while I do not think it tastes like rice we do love it in my house.  On the skinnytaste blog theres a few variations that we like, cilantro lime, fried ‘rice’, & others, if you’re interested.  Its definitely a nice light/low carb alternative to having rice. 
    And definitely too soon for pumpkin.  I need to savor as much of summer as we have left (its my favorite season!) 🙂  

  2. I made the Super Moist Chocolate Cupcake recipe with your Chocolate Butter Cream Frosting for our son’s 40th birthday. I was a little afraid because I had never made a cake from scratch and most of the ones I had eaten before were dry and dense. I was pleasantly surprised at how light these were when I removed them from the oven and even more so when they were served. Thank you for such a easy recipe . I look forward to trying many more of your recipes

  3. The whole wheat waffles look amazing!! I have all the ingredients on hand and I’m planning to whip these up tomorrow morning! Today I am baking the s’mores chocolate chip cookies! Dough has been chilling in the fridge since last night. I have not had cauliflower rice and I’m not a budge fan but maybe I’ll have to try it out with your baked pineapple teriyaki chicken. The more baked recipes I’m seeing and the teasing companies like Starbucks are doing for the pumpkin spice is getting me in the fall baking mood. It’s my favorite time of year I just don’t want summer to leave just yet. So excited for that cookbook! Hope you’re feeling well Sally, and that you’re getting a little rest before the baby arrives! 

  4. Hey Sally! THOSE COOKIES LOOK GREAT!!!!!!! I recently decided to make your Cinnamon Roll Blondies and they were a hit! Thanks so much!

  5. Hi Sally! I also don’t really like cauliflower but I like cauliflower rice too. I keep it in my freezer and make taco bowls with it all the time. I promised my youngest I would make your overnight cinnamon rolls again before she leaves for college next week, they are the best! Your chocolate coconut almond tart must be the first thing I make in my new tart pan, it looks so good. Have a great day. 

  6. Sally,
    We are still waiting for our boxes to arrive-they are at least 1-2 weeks late. Can’t wait to try your recipes! Make sure you are taking good care of yourself in your final weeks of pregnancy-lots of water!
    Take care-

    1. Drinking water like a maniac!! Thank you for the well wishes! Ahh I’m so sorry the moving boxes are taking so long, but let me know what you begin baking up when your kitchen is ready to go!

  7. Hi Sally 
    Just was wanting to make sure that you received my email with my proof of purchase from Amazon. I haven’t received your bonus cookie recipes yet so I thought that I would check. Thank you for checking. I love all of your recipes and can’t wait to receive your latest creation.  

  8. Hi Sally 
    Just was wanting to make sure that you received my email with my proof of purchase from Amazon. I haven’t received your bonus cookie recipes yet so I thought that I would check. Thank you for checking. I love all of your recipes and can’t wait to receive your latest creation.  Take care of yourself.

    1. Hey Dawn! When did you send? I don’t check it as often on the weekends. Send again if it was before this weekend– so sorry if I missed it! 🙂

  9. Hi Sally,
    I follow your blog, but am kind of a lurker when it comes to posting. I’ve just pre-ordered your cookie book + will be sending you the confirmation #. Love your recipes and am looking forward to many more. Waiting with great anticipation pics and stories of you, your hubby and the baby. Very excited for you! Thanks again for your blog and fantastic recipes!
    San Pedro, CA

  10. wow, Rolos, that takes me back! Also, nice whole wheat waffle recipe, have an old family recipe that I’d forgotten about that it reminded me of, so thank you for all of this and very happy for you and your new book!



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