Funfetti Buttermilk Pancakes.

Fluffy and piled high, these vanilla glazed funfetti buttermilk pancakes are the sweetest way to wake up in the morning!

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Popping in from the beach to say a quick hello…

Aloha! Thank you so much for all the well wishes on our honeymoon. This morning we went swimming with sea turtles and happened upon dozens of false killer whales and dolphins near the Kauai coast. Unbelievable! Tomorrow we are going hiking followed with a luau in the evening. It’s going to be hard leaving this weekend! However, returning means I’m reunited with this cuddly monster.

Oh, by the way… I’m typing this introduction with one of the best views in the world.

Kauai Palms at Sunset

Or is this poolside margarita the best view in the world? I can’t choose.

Poolside Cocktails in Maui

Ok, back to your scheduled recipe.

So, I know last week I told you my absolute favorite breakfast on the planet is eggs benedict. Preferably from scratch on a lazy Sunday morning with mimosas and friends at the kitchen table. Is there truly anything better?

Yes. Abso-freaking-lutely. And it starts with the letter F and ends with unfetti. Funfetti buttermilk pancakes piled high with smooth ‘n sweet vanilla glaze.

Let’s all dive in… ↓ ↓ ↓

Funfetti Buttermilk Pancakes

Funfetti Buttermilk Pancakes-2

My good friend Megan got us some absolutely wonderful wedding gifts, but on the night of our rehearsal dinner she surprised me with a 7 lb jug of rainbow sprinkles. In case you’re wondering, 7 lbs of sprinkles is 212 servings. Or, if you live in my insanely strange world, about a month of work. Thank you, Megan, for quite possibly the best wedding gift on the planet. (Though Kevin disagrees – his favorite is our new $10 bagel slicer.)

The morning before we left for Hawaii, we officially began our honeymoon with funfetti pancakes. These pancakes scream CELEBRATION – yep, I’m screaming that as I wipe another sprinkle off my keyboard. That’s three so far this morning.

I use my favorite buttermilk pancake recipe as the base for this funfetti version. I love this basic pancake recipe because it makes the fluffiest, softest, most tender buttermilk pancakes I’ve ever had. This recipe is my all-star pancake recipe and I published it (with lots of blueberries!) in my cookbook earlier this year. Have you tried them yet?

I changed the recipe ever so slightly by adding a touch more flour and sugar, a little almond extract, extra vanilla extract, and a whole lotta sprinkles. The extracts, along with the melted butter, gives these pancakes a buttery cake batter taste that will make your head spin. Paired with the sweet vanilla glaze, it’s absolutely considered dessert. At breakfast time. You are welcome.

Funfetti Buttermilk Pancakes by Fluffy and piled high, these vanilla glazed funfetti buttermilk pancakes are the sweetest way to wake up in the morning!

Because there are so many brightly colored sprinkles going into this pancake batter, let me take a moment to emphasize how important it is to avoid overmixing.

Overmixing your pancake batter will turn it a putrid purple/green/brown from all the sprinkles’ color. Not at all appetizing. You see those golden and white pancakes above? I had to use the lightest hand folding in the sprinkles. It’s possible to do, so just take your time. Stirring the sprinkles is not a race. Sloooooow and steady. Also! Overmixing will give your pancakes a dense, tough texture. A far, far cry from the fluffy stack of rainbow pancakes you see here today. Yuck.

As you may have caught on by now, these are buttermilk pancakes. Buttermilk is an imperative ingredient in them! You would be shocked to hear how often I’m asked if peanut butter can be left out of peanut butter cookies (?) or if chocolate can be left out of chocolate brownies (I’m not kidding). Buttermilk’s lactic acid, as well as its quiet tangy taste, is required in this buttermilk pancake recipe. I used low fat; full fat is just fine.

I finish the pancakes off with the aforementioned vanilla glaze. My glaze recipe doesn’t make a ton of glaze because you really do not need that much! The sweet buttery pancakes are amazing even without the glaze on top (and this is coming from a pancake condiment junkie). The extra sprinkles on top, however, are obviously necessary.

Funfetti Buttermilk Pancakes by Fluffy and piled high, these vanilla glazed funfetti buttermilk pancakes are the sweetest way to wake up in the morning!

I have a feeling today’s recipe will be enjoyed on your next birthday morning. Or heck. Don’t wait for your birthday. An ordinary October Thursday breakfast (or dinner!) is a good enough excuse.

Let’s eat!

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Funfetti Buttermilk Pancakes

Yield: 11-12 pancakes

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Fluffy and piled high, these vanilla glazed funfetti buttermilk pancakes are the sweetest way to wake up in the morning.



  • 6 Tablespoons (90g) unsalted butter, melted and slightly cooled (plus more butter for greasing)
  • 2 and 1/4 cups (282g) all-purpose flour (measured correctly)
  • 1/3 cup (67g) granulated sugar
  • 1 and 1/4 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 2 large eggs
  • 2 cups (480ml) buttermilk
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
  • 1/4 teaspoon almond extract (or to taste)
  • 2/3 cup (125g) rainbow sprinkles (not nonpareils)1


  • 1/2 cup (60g) confectioners' sugar, sifted
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 2 Tablespoons (30ml) heavy cream or milk
  • extra rainbow sprinkles for serving


  1. Melt the 6 Tablespoons of butter first. Microwave or stovetop - either is fine. Set aside to slightly cool. You absolutely do not want it piping hot.
  2. In a large bowl, toss the flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, and salt together until combined. Set aside.
  3. In another large bowl, whisk the eggs, buttermilk, vanilla and almond extracts together until combined. Whisk in the melted butter. Pour the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients and whisk by hand gently to combine the ingredients. The batter is thick and a few lumps may remain. Very very gently, fold in the rainbow sprinkles using a rubber spatula or wooden spoon. Taste the batter. If you want to add more almond (or vanilla) extract, go ahead.
  4. Heat a griddle or skillet over medium heat. Coat generously with butter. Once hot, drop about 1/4 cup of batter on the griddle. Cook until the edges look dry and bubbles begin to form on the sides, about 1 minute. Flip and cook on the other side until cooked through, about 2 more minutes. Coat griddle/skillet again with butter for each pancake or batch of pancakes.
  5. Keep pancakes warm in a preheated 200°F (93°C) oven until all pancakes are cooked. Quickly whisk the glaze ingredients together in a medium bowl until smooth. Start with 2 Tablespoons of cream/milk and add 1 more to thin out, if necessary.
  6. Serve pancakes immediately with glaze and extra sprinkles on top. (Though I love them even without the glaze!)
  7. Make ahead tip: Pancakes taste best right after they are made. Pancakes freeze well, up to 2 months. Reheat as desired.

Additional Notes:

*Use rainbow sprinkles/jimmies. Do not use nonpareils (which are the little balls) - they are prone to bleeding their color no matter how lightly you fold them into the batter! I typically buy my sprinkles in bulk from here if you are interested.

Adapted from Sally's Baking Addiction Cookbook Blueberry Buttermilk Pancakes recipe

© Sally’s Baking Addiction. All images & content are copyright protected. Please do not use my images without prior permission. If you want to republish this recipe, please re-write the recipe in your own words, or link back to this post for the recipe.


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88 Responses to “Funfetti Buttermilk Pancakes.”

  1. #
    meganposted October 10, 2014 at 9:15 pm

    ohmygoodness!! congratulations on your wedding! so exciting, and to be in hawaii? AND give us this amazing recipe? you are wonderful. I have been browsing your site all day, mostly for pumpkin stuff that I will be making this weekend (puppy chow, cupcakes, and the pumpkin krispies), then I looked at the sprinkles page for my sisters birthday coming up. you really do have the best recipes, and I absolutely love that you include so many pictures! thank you thank you! best wishes on your new journey as a wife!


    • Sallyreplied on October 12th, 2014 at 6:58 pm

      Hope you enjoyed the pumpkin recipes this weekend, Megan!


  2. #
    Nora @ Savory Nothingsposted October 11, 2014 at 4:01 am

    Those pancakes look so much fun! What a bright breakfast 🙂 Enjoy the rest of your honeymoon!


  3. #
    Kexin @ Sundayteapartyposted October 12, 2014 at 12:15 am

    This is amazing! Sprinkles on pancakes-why haven’t I thought of that!


  4. #
    CakeSpyposted October 12, 2014 at 8:06 pm

    Since I consider funfetti a food group, I basically think this is the breakfast of champions. <3


    • Sallyreplied on October 12th, 2014 at 8:45 pm

      Funfetti IS a food group. Good call.


  5. #
    Liaposted October 12, 2014 at 9:37 pm

    I made this funfetti pancake and kids love them! It’s soooo delicious yummy and fluffy. Used to make pancake off the box and so glad I ditched it this time. The only thing I changed was glaze, I tripled the milk/cream (50%:50% proportion) and sugar till desired thickness.

    Congratulation on your wedding, new life together, and thanks for the recipe!


  6. #
    Kimberlyposted October 13, 2014 at 4:50 pm

    I made these for my son’s 7th birthday on Saturday! He loved them and they were a fun birthday surprise! Thanks, Sally!


  7. #
    Pjposted October 14, 2014 at 8:40 am

    These pancakes look amazing! I was wondering, can the batter be prepared the night before serving or does it need to be cooked right away?


    • Sallyreplied on October 14th, 2014 at 2:45 pm

      Must be cooked right away – baking powder is activated once it hits the wet ingredients. You *could* mix the dry up in 1 bowl and mix the wet up in another bowl. Cover tightly and refrigerate both overnight. Then mix together as instructed and cook the pancakes in the morning.


  8. #
    Ivy Clarkposted October 14, 2014 at 7:53 pm

    You picked an absolutely perfect honeymoon breakfast. Totally captures the feeling (I would assume…) of sprinkley new marital bliss and warm fluffy happy feelings. Now to get the adoring hubby to make them for you wearing nothing but an apron… or at least that’s how’d I’d roll with my man. Thanks for another “whisk” of tasty genius!


  9. #
    Michelleposted October 20, 2014 at 6:58 pm

    I made these last night and they wouldn’t cook? I’ve never had this problem with pancakes before, but even on a very low heat, the outside would burn before the inside would cook. I followed the recipe with no substitutes, do you have any idea why they didn’t turn out?


    • Sallyreplied on October 22nd, 2014 at 10:39 am

      Hmm. Did the pancake batter spread as you poured it onto the pan/griddle? I would flatten the pancake out a little with the spatula after you flip it so the batter in the center can go to the edges and cook through.


  10. #
    Renuka @ Bakers' Centralposted October 20, 2014 at 9:10 pm

    Okay. This looks so good, it’s like eating b-day cake for breakfast. Which I have been guilty of doing many times…


  11. #
    Mollyposted October 29, 2014 at 9:26 am

    Just made these and they are amazing and so fun! Thanks so much for the recipe Sally!


  12. #
    Dani Conleyposted November 9, 2014 at 1:53 pm

    Delicious pancakes! I left out the sprinkles and glaze but topped them with blueberry syrup and all I can say is WOW! They were awesome. I did have to cook them just a little bit longer than I am used to (before this I used box recipe pancakes) but these are definitely a winner!


  13. #
    Deannaposted November 22, 2014 at 10:57 am

    Hi! So I just made these and they look great! My only thing was that mine were NOT think (as in the batter was pretty runny). I have looked over the recipe 4 times and cannot figure out what I did wrong as I know I measured everything correctly! They still taste great, just wondering why this might have happened? I’ve made your pumpkin ones and they were fantastic!!!


  14. #
    Allison Stankoposted December 11, 2014 at 8:42 pm

    So fun to make and eat!! These pancakes were super easy, and the buttermilk is absolutely needed. I used red and green sprinkles to make them more festive, and they were the best pancakes I’ve ever had. Hands down. Will be our Xmas morning breakfast 🙂 Thanks Sally!


  15. #
    deborahposted December 29, 2014 at 11:11 pm

    Do you have a cinnamon roll flavor pancake?


  16. #
    Shelby @ Go Eat and Repeatposted January 5, 2015 at 7:03 am

    These look fantastic Sally! Might need to try these out this weekend…


  17. #
    Carolineposted January 18, 2015 at 10:21 am

    Hi Sally,

    I made these recently, and while they tasted delicious, they were fairly runny and came out very thin. Almost like crepes! I used powdered buttermilk mix instead of the real thing – do you think that could’ve caused the difference or is it possible that I did something else wrong?



    • Sallyreplied on January 18th, 2015 at 6:51 pm

      That wouldn’t have been it– did you add enough flour? Or leave out the leaveners? Are they expired? I replace mine every 3 months. How strange!


      • Carolinereplied on January 18th, 2015 at 7:52 pm

        My baking powder is expired! I also wonder if I did not let the butter cool enough.

  18. #
    Charlieposted April 2, 2015 at 1:05 pm

    Made these very early in the morn, kids saying only pancakes would do, barely awake, sucking coffee, might have not measured perfectly, added fresh ground cardamon instead of sprinkles (I’m European BUT I love sprinkles, just not in the am 😉 so in spite of being 1/2 asleep (with bad hair & a scary face) and not carefully measuring these are perfect!!
    Nice slightly crunchy delicate texture on the outside, soft, tall and like fluffy clouds on the inside! Thank you!!!


  19. #
    Jillposted April 19, 2015 at 11:55 am

    Your funfetti pancakes are amazing!!!!!


  20. #
    Kateposted May 20, 2015 at 4:09 pm

    These are a staple in my house! Made them for my son last year for his 2 year birthday and now make them every 2-3 weeks. I double the recipe and make a ton (it’s usually a Breakfast for Dinner night) and then I freeze the rest between pieces of wax paper. This way, my son can have a fresh buttermilk pancake any morning (usually every morning) and I don’t have to buy those nasty frozen ones. I microwave one for 15 seconds and then pop it in the toaster and serve with organic syrup and fresh fruit. Sometimes I sub out the sprinkles for chocolate chips or, lately, dried blueberries just to mix it up. Needless to say, I ADORE this recipe! Thank you Sally for helping me feed my son yummy, non processed goodies!


    • Sallyreplied on May 21st, 2015 at 7:44 am

      Thank you Kate! I’m so glad you both enjoy this recipe and I too LOVE blueberries in this recipe!


  21. #
    Aidaposted June 1, 2015 at 1:56 am

    This so delicious.. add M&M choc.. Yummi!


  22. #
    Maggieposted July 1, 2015 at 4:30 pm

    these look so good! I was wondering….can this recipe be used in a waffle iron?


    • Sallyreplied on July 1st, 2015 at 4:32 pm



  23. #
    Sarahposted July 26, 2015 at 8:43 pm

    found this recipe via Pinterest, can’t wait to make these for myself and my son tomorrow morning! Looks so yummy!


  24. #
    Nancyposted August 14, 2015 at 10:34 pm

    Hi Sally, I don’t see any savory pancake recipes on your blog, and I am trying to replicate a dish that I always order at a local French café. It is salmon served over potato pancakes. but the potato pancakes are light and silky, not of the crispy, latke variety. Any ideas what the ingredients could be? When I asked the server, he said it was just grated potatoes, but that’s not possible because they are silky, not crispy at all. Would love to know your thoughts.


  25. #
    Shanaposted August 29, 2015 at 6:08 am

    Hi Sally,

    Found this recipe on Pinterest and wanted to say that it looks delicious.

    What was the Buttermilk that was used here, please? how do you make it?

    (Colombo, Sri Lanka)


  26. #
    Theo Antonovaposted August 29, 2015 at 10:11 am

    Hi Sally! Im a big fan of funfetti so when I found this recipe I was so excited! However, whenever I make it my pancakes come out flat with lots of little air bubbles. Do you know what im doing wrong? 


    • Sallyreplied on August 29th, 2015 at 10:53 am

      Theo– air bubbles usually come from overmixing your batter. Another cause could be that the heat isn’t distributing evenly in your pan– make sure it is centered on the heat. Hopefully these help!


  27. #
    The Little Touristposted October 28, 2015 at 4:35 pm

    These are mouthwatering!!! Yum 🙂


  28. #
    Sondraposted February 26, 2016 at 1:15 pm

    I’d like to triple the recipe – any warnings?  Thanks!


  29. #
    Carolynposted May 12, 2016 at 1:32 pm

    These look absolutely divine!!  I’ve always done a “shortcut” version of cake batter pancakes – subbing half of the dry pancake mix with an equal amount of yellow cake mix and tossing in a boatload of sprinkles and white chocolate chips – but your thoroughly homemade version is infinitely more tempting — your recipes never fail to intrigue me <3  Thanks for giving me yet ANOTHER reason to look forward to this weekend 🙂


  30. #
    JJposted July 16, 2016 at 2:36 pm

    Stumbled across this recipe on Pinterest. Wow am I glad I did! So fluffy and yummy!! I have been trying different pancake recipes for 30 years now, and these are the best I have ever made! 
    I used rainbow jimmies and they never bled into the batter it was perfect.
    Thank you Sally, keep up the good work, I can’t wait to try more of your pancake recipes.


  31. #
    Stephanie Merrifieldposted July 16, 2016 at 11:21 pm

    These were insanely good. So glad we tried them!! It was the yummy taste of a cupcake or a donut in a pancake. Perfect for Christmas morning or a special sleepover breakfast. Thanks for the fantastic recipe.


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