A list of frequently/sometimes asked questions.

I made your recipe and it didn’t work. What went wrong?

I work very hard to develop my recipes and make every effort to share reliable recipes on my blog. I provide very clear instructions, typically both in the recipe and post. It’s best to read both before beginning! However, sometimes things don’t work out as planned. Please let me know exactly what was unsatisfactory about your result. Oftentimes it is something we can troubleshoot through so you can have better success next time. Trial and error is how I learned, and hopefully you can learn that way too.

Do you have a cookbook?

Yes, 3! I have three published cookbooks, each with 75+ photographed recipes. Most recipes are exclusive to the books and not available on my website. They are available wherever cookbooks are sold, including Amazon:

  1. Sally’s Baking Addiction
  2. Sally’s Candy Addiction
  3. Sally’s Cookie Addiction

Is there an easier way to get your recipes?

Yes! In case you don’t want to keep checking back for new recipes, you can get my recipes by email. Whenever I post a new recipe, you’ll receive it in your inbox. And it’s completely FREE.

Can you include nutritional stats to your recipes?

No. Every now and then my posts will note if my recipe is sugar free, fat free, vegan, or gluten free, but I have no intention of posting calorie counts for my recipes. However, feel free to plug my recipe into a calorie counting website. There are plenty of them on the internet!

Is your oven convection or conventional?

All of the recipes on my website and in my cookbooks have been tested with and written for conventional ovens. If using a convection (fan-forced) oven, the general rule is to lower the oven temperature by 25°F. Baked goods cook much quicker in convection ovens, so keep a watchful eye on it.

I tagged you on Instagram, can you see the post?

If your profile is private on instagram, I cannot see photos you tag me in. Also, I am tagged quite a lot so it’s easy for me to miss them as they come. An easy way to solve this is to use the following hashtags: #sallysbakingaddiction, #sbacookbook, #sallyscandyaddiction, and/or #sallysbakeblog. I check them all!

How did you start your blog? Do you have any tips for beginners?

See my About page for more information about how I began my blog. Also, I have several posts regarding the subject of food blogging.

Is blogging your full time job?

Yes! I am a full time baker, blogger, author, photographer, and social media obsess-er.

What happens to all the food?

The number one thing I love about baking is sharing the love with others! Every recipe I post on my website gets eaten at some point or another.

Do you eat everything you bake?

Absolutely! I could never share a recipe with you that I wouldn’t personally eat. If I say a recipe is delicious, it is because I think it is delicious! After I’ve had my share, I give the leftovers away.

Sally’s Baking Addiction’s purpose is to share my passion to bake and create recipes and is absolutely no reflection of what I eat daily.

Can I reprint a recipe from sallysbakingaddiction.com or use your photos on my blog or website?

I work very hard developing recipes and photographing them. If you make and photograph one of my recipes, feel free to publish it on your blog rewritten in your own words with credit given to the original recipe post on sallysbakingaddiction.com. If you’d like to use my photography, feel free to use one photo of mine with the watermark in place with a link back to the original post on sallysbakingaddiction.com. I do not allow republishing of my recipe and copyrighted photo of said recipe together.

If you are interested in using more than one of my copyrighted photos, please contact me.

Do you have any gluten free, egg free, or vegan recipes?

Yes! Here are my gluten free recipes, egg free recipes, and here are my vegan recipes.

What camera and lens do you use?

If you’re interested in food photography, check out my photography page.

Can I guest post on your blog?

No. I have been and will always be the only author on my blog.

Can I send you a product to review on your site?

I do not write product reviews on my blog nor do I accept free products in exchange for product reviews.

Do you have another question I have not addressed?

Contact me through email!

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