Coffee Break

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Halfway through the first month of 2018. Anyone still writing 2017 on everything?! I’ll be doing that until June.

Let’s catch up! First, I have to show you these football sugar cookies I made. I posted them last week, but backdated the post since it’s not really a “new” recipe. (Just my favorite sugar cookie recipe!) Still, I wanted them to have their own spot on my blog so you can see the tips/tools I used to make them. If your team’s still in the playoffs, make them. And definitely try them for the Super Bowl too.

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Some of you have asked how to make the red wine chocolate ganache without red wine. Easy: just make chocolate ganache! When we include red wine in chocolate ganache, we have to add a few extras to produce a delicious texture and flavor. Things like butter, sugar, a little cocoa powder, etc. But pure chocolate ganache is just 2 ingredients: heavy cream and chocolate. You can find a basic chocolate ganache recipe with this cake.