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collage of pumpkin recipe images with text overlay that says 65 favorite pumpkin recipes

Last week, I asked a bunch of bloggers for their most popular pumpkin recipes. And they delivered. Here is an enormous list of pumpkin recipe inspiration for you this Fall! Some of my own recipes are sprinkled in as well. There’s savory recipes down there and gluten free options for you too!

Are you ready for all this? GET BAKING.



Cookies (they obviously get their own category!)



Gluten Free

And don’t forget to pair your pumpkin treats with homemade pumpkin pie spice!

Reader Questions and Reviews

  1. This is just what I needed this morning, I’m going to a potluck breakfast and I wanted to make something with pumpkin. I’m a huge pumpkin addict during the fall, I’ve already made pumpkin scones, a pumpkin loaf, and pumpkin muffins. I can’t wait to add these recipes to the list!

  2. Sally! seriously, you are ALWAYS reading my mind! my husbands working out of town right now and I swear, we were talking on the phone after I got home from work yesterday and I’m like, “I picked up 2 big cans of pumpkin after work today now that it feels like fall and I can’t wait to bake something pumpkin” then I wasn’t even gonna check your blog today because you’d posted something yesterday but it’s not like you to post EVERY day but I was like, what the heck. and sure enough I open your blog to PUMPKIN RECIPES! I will say that by the time I got to the end the word “pumpkin” was sounding like it wasn’t a real word anymore but my mouth was still watering. I can’t wait! this year I’m definitely giving your pumpkin cheesecake cake a go

  3. Thank you so much Sally!  We had our first cool weather day in Texas yesterday and my daughters and I are ready to make something pumpkin. Your recipes are always my goto! XOXO 

  4. Have you ever made brown butter pumpkin cupcakes? I made your brown butter pumpkin cookies and they were delicious!

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