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So many new website features to introduce today! What you see has been 2 years in the making and my team and I could not be more excited to finally show it to you. We’ve been taking in feedback from readers to improve the website’s functionality and overall experience. So many people came together to make these wonderful updates including my entire team, designer Lindsay Humes, and the development team at WP Site Care.

You will find all of the same recipes you’ve grown to trust, now in a more user-friendly format. There are many more ways to narrow down your search to find exactly what you’re looking for – no small feat with over 1,200 recipes to sort! You will find the complete menus at the top of the page on a computer screen and as a drop-down when you tap the 3 lines on the left at the top on a mobile or tablet device.

So, What’s New?

Beyond the pretty aesthetic changes, here are just a few of the exciting, more impactful updates the team and I have made for you:

  1. New logo: My business is constantly growing and evolving, and the updated logo Sally’s Baking Recipes reflects that. After all, if you search for “baking recipes”, I hope you’ll find this site and I hope you’ll find it useful! (Note that the URL is not changing at this time!)
  2. Start Here page: If you’re completely new to my website, start right here!
  3. New recipe catalog: Introducing my full catalog of recipes where you can find my most popular recipe categories and top-rated recipes. On this page, you can also browse different sections based on dietary restrictions, ingredients, season, occasion, and skill level. And my team and I have created more categories so you can narrow down your recipe search including subcategories under Cakes, Cookies, and Pies. (Visit each page and see the new options such as Layer Cakes and Cut-Out Cookies!)
  4. Filter recipes by skill level, ingredient, special diet, and more: It’s now easier than ever to find your next recipe on the improved recipe index filter page. Looking for a single layer cake for Valentine’s Day? A bread perfect for winter? A cookie that has chocolate and is also dairy free? Narrow down my extensive recipe catalog to find the perfect options for your next kitchen adventure.
  5. Ingredients index: Enjoy a refreshed look on the Ingredients Index page. If you want to bake with a certain ingredient, you can click on the ingredient on this page to find all of the recipes using that ingredient.
  6. Search bars all over the place: And the search function has been massively improved! Simply type in exactly what you’re looking for in any of the multiple search bars.
  7. More user-friendly Sally’s Baking Challenge page: Everything you need to know about Sally’s Baking Challenge is now on one Sally’s Baking Challenge landing page including how my fun monthly challenges work, Sally’s Baking Challenge FAQ, and every single previous baking challenge recipe. It’s all right there!
  8. Updated baking tips page:. Over the years I’ve published many helpful baking tips/tutorials for bakers of all skill levels. Now you can find them all in one place in the growing Baking Tips section. My graphic design expert, Trina, is working on new graphics and free printables including Cake Pan Size Charts, Measurement/Weight Equivalent Charts, and more. Stay tuned!
  9. In-depth FAQ page: Have a question about a recipe? Check out the new frequently asked questions page for detailed answers to your most commonly asked baking questions.
  10. Video section: While I always include detailed step-by-step directions and photos for every recipe I publish, my team and I know how helpful it can be to actually watch a recipe come together on video. Now you can find our wide selection of baking videos easily in one spot. My video crew will be filming me cooking-show style this spring, so stay tuned for lots of fun new video content!
  11. Cookbooks page: Find information on my published cookbooks on the new Cookbooks page. (Note that my publisher informed me that Candy is no longer in print, but hopefully will come back!) And guess what? I’m hopeful to add 1 more published cookbook to this page in the future!
collage image of icons

We’re still working out a few kinks, so if you see anything odd– know that it will be sorted out ASAP! We are also adding a few more little design elements in the days and weeks to come.

Welcome and have fun browsing for your next bake!

Happy Baking,
Sally and Team

Reader Questions and Reviews

  1. You and your team are amazing! I used two recipes before noon today and was so happy to see the new site. My daughters and I watch your video content every day! Congratulations on all your successes.

  2. Your updated web site is great and love how easy it is to search for specific needs such as gluten-free.
    I don’t like the form for comments being at the bottom of the comment section. I have to scroll and scroll and scroll to get to the form so I can add a comment. Perhaps a “button” or change the placement?

  3. This is SO great! Thanks for making all your amazing recipes so easy to search through and find. Plus the design is fantastic. As always, Sally’s is the best!

  4. Sally, I so value and appreciate all the work and care you and the team put into your webpage and recipes. I literally visit your website daily and recommend you constantly. When I first pulled up the new page I was shocked because it looks so different. I think I refreshed the page at least 3 times thinking I had gone to the wrong website. The new layout is great, so naturally intuitive, and gorgeous. Well done!

    1. Hi Caitlin, thank you so much for the feedback and for trusting our recipes!

  5. This is amazing – congrats on the new upgrade! Yours is literally the only baking blog I follow, and it’s been so wonderful and inspiring to watch it grow!

  6. Sally you and your team have MUCH to be proud of! Fantastic job!
    I do have a question though… how do we find your savor y recipes? AKA dinner recipes?

    1. Hi Cathy, You can filter by “type” and savory is an option. Or use this link for savory recipes. Enjoy!

  7. Still getting used to the pink theme for years now…
    Really helpful to have the search function easily accessible.
    Would be helpful to put an option to scale recipes up or down.

    I am so happy for you! As a fellow Sally Addict…I use your recipes at LEAST 3 times a week! I ALMOST have baked all the treats in your BAKING ADDICTION book & LOVE everyone, so do the people I share them with. In FACT…MOST know where I get my ideas from. We talk as if you’re a family member. I guess through YOU, we are. Thank you for making cooking so much fun. I bet your girls have fun making messes huh?

  9. Hello, I’m not sure if this counts as a problem but for me it’s irritating to have adverts in the comment/review boxes. I have accepted it elsewhere as it’s on the side or the bottom one which can be closed, and the recipe box has a print option without them….

  10. Love your new website! Makes life so much fun to be able to search your recipes as yours are the best and your videos are so easy to follow. I just love all you do for all of us!

  11. Love your new website! Makes life so much fun to be able to search your recipes as yours are the best and your videos are so easy to follow. I just love all you do for all of us!

  12. I love the filters now. I was hopeful with the change it would break down a little more some breakfast filters. I really wish in the Breakfast Section there was a filter for coffee cakes. They are so difficult to find being lumped with all the birthday and frosted cakes and not in a filter under breakfast. It’s endless scrolling through the breakfast recipes.

    Also agree with previous post that the comment box at the end results in endless scrolling.

  13. You may need to update links in your recipes. I was on your chewy ccc recipe and clicked the link for tips and tricks for freezing cookie dough and received a page cannot be found error. It took me a minute to find the page, but I did find it under your baking tips link at the top of the page.

  14. WoW Your new site is really great!!! So much information and ideas Thank you very much Sally!
    Kristin Larson

  15. I applaud you and your team for the name change! I appreciate the thoughtfulness around changing words and slang that could have a negative implication or have become outdated.

    1. Hi Rary! To which sprinkles are you referring? I get a lot from my regular grocery store, Michaels craft store, or online Amazon!

  16. Hi there,
    Is there a recipe box feature? Where we can save recipes we want to try in the future? That would be very helpful!

    Thank you

  17. What happened to the banana nutella granola recipe? I had it pinned and now the link takes you to the vanilla almond granola recipe (which I also love). Unfortunately, that recipe doesn’t have the comment section active. Is this an error or was that recipe removed for some reason?

    1. Hi Katie, my team and I don’t remove many recipes from the site but that one has been removed because I was no longer satisfied with the outcome– my team and I still have it and you can email us for it: sally(at)

  18. Cheryl: There is a way to scroll down to the recipe quickly (if you use a mouse): hold down the wheel that’s in the middle of the mouse and click on it; a circle will show up with this >> ; in the middle of the circle. Click and hold that down and move it down to get to the area you need ie. the recipe section. Hope this helps.

    Sandra W.

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