Sally’s Baking Addiction Cookbook

Cookbook available for sale HERE.

Sally's Baking Addiction cookbook

Welcome to my first cookbook! Today, September 20th 2013, is a huge day…

Not only is it exactly 1 year – 365 days – 525,949 minutes – until I marry the man of my dreams, but it is also the day that my very first cookbook “Sally’s Baking Addiction Cookbook: Irresistible Cupcakes, Cookies and Desserts for Your Sweet Tooth Fix” is available for sale at any of the online retailers listed & their prices.

 ♥ (Read pre-sale and giveaway details below!)

Ahhh! I have a few butterflies in my stomach as I’m typing all this. Better go grab a snack…

white chocolate blondies on a cooling rack

Ok, I’m back.

You see, the past 5 months have been a complete whirlwind for me. I’ve been writing a cookbook manuscript. My entire summer has been spent secretly developing, testing, baking, styling, shooting, editing, and writing 75+ recipes behind the scenes. My second home has been the grocery store. I have washed the same mixing bowl 400 times. I literally found a sprinkle in my hair.

I even bought a new camera and lens to shoot the entire book!

The cover of the book? That photoshoot took me 5 days, over 300 shots, 12 different napkins, 5 different surfaces, 4 bags of chocolate chips, 3 different plates, arranging sprinkles with tweezers, and stalking the weather for perfect sunny afternoons.

cake batter chocolate chip cookies on a white plate

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you’ve been getting sneak peeks of my cookbook all summer! Look for #sbacookbook.

75+ recipes, 8 chapters:

  • Breads & Muffins (9)
  • Breakfast (8)
  • Brownies & Bars (10)
  • Cakes, Pies, & Crisps (10)
  • Candy & Snacks (9)
  • Cookies (10)
  • Cupcakes (8)
  • Healthy Choices (11)

70+ new and exclusive recipes, and 5 recipes that are already on my blog – a couple of my very favorites that I chose to publish. There are 7 new cookie recipes (peanut butter! oatmeal! sprinkles! butterscotch! macaroons!). Triple layer cakes, a lot of ice cream cakes, a SKINNY cake, a skinny milkshake, salted caramel drizzle everywhere, and the fluffiest pancakes in the entire world.

Oh, there are TWO pink cakes in the book…

side view of strawberry cake on a glass cake stand

(cake stand from Pier 1… obsessed)

The book concentrates on classic recipes that have been revamped in a modern way. Do you need a go-to oatmeal cookie? A tell-all, be-all pumpkin bread recipe? The best darn brownie recipe ever?!


So, what’s in the book?

* Grams. You asked me for it, so I’m doing it! Every single recipe is written with both cup measurements and gram measurements.

* Photos. Every single recipe has a photo that I styled and shot. I have a bookshelf full of cookbooks and one of my pet peeves is reading a recipe and not seeing a picture to go along with it.

* Easy. Every single recipe is just as uncomplicated, approachable, and unfussy as the goodies you know and love from my website. They’re relatively quick and kid-friendly, too. Perfect for both novice AND experienced bakers.

* Healthy. You don’t have to kiss your skinny jeans good-bye. My longest chapter is my Healthy Choices section. I love to revamp indulgent recipes to fit a healthier lifestyle. I include vegan and gluten free goodies as well.

* Learn. You’ll learn a few important baking techniques, shortcuts, and lessons. I grew up enjoying pies made from scratch and I’ll show you that homemade goodness is relatively simple.

* Yum. You will also learn that s’mores shouldn’t only be enjoyed around a campfire.

caramel coffee chocolate chip torte on a white cake stand

Do you like:

  • Nutella?
  • Lemon glaze?
  • Peanut butter? Peanut butter CUPS?
  • Almond butter?
  • Cookie dough?
  • Strawberry whipped cream?
  • White chocolate cupcakes?
  • Streusel?
  • Juicy fruit crisp?
  • Cinnamon-roll stuff?
  • Granola?
  • Bananas + chocolate?
  • Coffee + chocolate?
  • Raspberries + chocolate?
  • Chocolate + chocolate?
  • Pound cake?
  • Frozen yogurt?
  • Healthy muffins?
  • Waking up to french toast?
  • Sprinkles?
  • Pumpkin pie?
  • Brown sugar glaze?
  • Chocolate for breakfast?
  • Healthy chocolate?
  • Butterscotch + frosting?
  • Mint-chocolate chip ice cream?
  • Powdered-sugary-ness?

Yeah, you’ll see a ton of all that in my cookbook.

glazed pound cake on a cooling rack

That glazed thing you see? I made it 4 different times. Twice to test it, twice to devour it. That was the day I ran 8 miles. Nothing like a huge slice of coffee-shop inspired goodness to enjoy after a run.

My cookbook is available for sale NOW at any of the online retailers listed (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc).

pink spatula that says life is short eat dessert first


  1. I saw that you’re giving some away. How might I be able to win one? I love your goodies and so does my hubby. I tried to get him to bring some to the guys in his unit(US Army 38th combat Engineers @ Fort Lewis WA) but he refuses to share lol

    1. Hi Crystal! Be sure to check back in a few months when I will be giving a couple cookbooks away. I am not at the moment. Happy you love making my treats and that your hubs loves to eat them 😉

    2. Katherine Livingood says:

      Hi Crystal:)
      Our family’s favorite holiday cookie is a rolled out sugar cookie. It has been our family’s yearly, holiday tradition to make, bake and decorate sugar rolled out cookies together. Thank you for asking. And Happy Holidays to you and your family.

  2. Hey! Will your book be publish in countries like Singapore?
    Anyway, your recipes are awesome! Love them!

  3. Your recipes are amazing. I was thrilled to discover your cookbook.

    1. Thank you very much Trisha!

  4. Absolutely adore the cover! It’s perfect Sally! Wishing you a happy new year and many more cookery book deals!

    1. Thank you Radhika! Happy New Year!

  5. hi Sally, I jst got a good news today. a book store in my country told me that your cook book will be available on march 2014. omg can’t wait to grab your cooking book. I love your recipes very very much.
    I always fail in cooking but with your recipes it’s successs.. yeah
    1st cookies that I did is chewy choco chunk cookies. it’s amazing! this recipe bring me to know successful lol. everyone love it so much expecially my family.
    thank you dear for the best recipe.
    but some recipe I can’t make it due to I allergy peanut. poor me.
    now I will keep waiting until march 2014. yahooo. I love your website.
    and I also follow pinterest as well.

    1. Hi Uri! So glad you will be able to purchase my cookbook!! Very happy about that. Thank you for following along, I’m glad you love my recipes and blog!

  6. Oh wow, you’re getting married on my birthday! That’s awesome! Your book seems fantastic, i’d love to buy one! Definitely going to get it when it’s out!!

    1. Thank you Antonia! Hope you enjoy my cookbook. And happy very very very early birthday. 😉

  7. Hi Sally, I’m Claire and I love your blog and recipes so much, I’m wondering if I can be you? (Just kidding, but seriously). I never buy cookbooks but I think I’ll have to buy yours because I use your recipes all the time (omg your soft baked cookies are the best things to hit this planet). Stay groovy and full of sugar,

    1. Thanks Claire. 🙂 What a sweet comment! I appreciate it so much. Hope you love my cookbook!

  8. when will your book be released in the UK?

    1. In March!

      1. thx sally. I can’t wait to purchase your amazing book.

  9. What can I substitute Graham crackers with in the U.K. ?
    Many thanks

    1. I’m not from the UK, so I cannot be 100% sure. I do know readers have used digestive biscuits with luck. But it depends on the recipe you are asking about.

  10. Dear Sally, I just wanted to let you know, that your book that I pre-ordered on Amazon Germany has been shipped today! Now the Germans get all the goodness too! I won’t even try to tell you how excited I am ’cause I can’t put it into words! 😉 Bake-athon this weekend!!!
    Love, Sophie

    1. Alright. I just realized, that when the book has been shipped by Amazon today, I won’t have it in time to bake this weekend. Well, next weekend it is then. I am getting ahead of myself! All this excitement is getting to me 😉

    2. Wow!! That’s so early for shipment in Germany! I’m thrilled for you and all those in Germany who pre-ordered! Love the idea of a bake-athon. Tell me what you make first!

      1. It is here. Yessssss

  11. Hi Sally! My sister ordered me a copy of your cookbook for my birthday (Feb 1st) and it’s here!!!! It is such a beautiful cookbook and the recipes look amazing, as always. I’m so glad you published.

    We couldn’t help ourselves, so we started baking as soon as it got here. I think you would be proud with our first recipe selected – peanut butter cookies c:

    Best wishes –

    1. VERY happy about your first recipe of choice, Sheila! So happy you finally received the book. Let me know any other recipes you try!

  12. Hi Sally! I first ran across your website/blog after seeing some of your recipes on Pinterest. I have tried many of your recipes and I love them. Wednesday is my sister’s birthday and she is a baker extraordinaire. I order your cookbook for her on Saturday and she received it today and LOVED it. She raved about the pictures and the directions. I’m so excited, I ordered one for myself today and anxiously await it’s deliver on Wednesday!

    1. Woohoo! That’s so great, Bobbie – thank you! I hope you or your sis bake a treat for her birthday this week! Enjoy.

  13. I just found you through Pinterest, looked over some of your recipes, and ordered your book through Amazon. Literally. Just seconds ago. I’m so stinkin excited! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Tonya! I’m excited for you to receive it – let me know any recipes you try!

  14. Del's cooking twist says:

    Hi Sally! I’m totally in love/obsessed with your cookbook and I keep telling everyone how much your recipes are just perfection to me! I baked a few batches of your Oatmeal Butterscotch Cookies (slightly slightly adapted) that we find on your cookbook and finally decided to share the recipe on my blog with my readers. Here’s a quick preview of the recipe re-made by Del’s cooking twist: Of course I mention your name in the recipe 🙂 Thanks again for spreading the love for baking around you! Cheers!

    1. Yours look wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing my recipe. I’m so happy you are enjoying my book!

  15. I love all your recipes!!! I print a handful at a time and take myself to the kitchen!! I am trying to open up a bakery on my own and you are an inspiration!!! Thank you!

  16. Sally, just wanted to share with you what a pleasure it is to make your recipies. Let me begin by saying I work @ a very large department store in fragrances & the day before Mother’s Day I brought in your oatmeal rainsin cookies but added a twist by sandwiching with icing in between each other. (Double Doozies) They were delish. Father’s Day is next already planning the next recipie. Great Job Sally you rock girl 🙂

    1. Thank you Bren! And I love your creation of the sandwich cookies.

  17. There are no words to truly describe how delicious your recipies are, and how well they always turn out (fails have only occurred when I try shortcuts or don’t follow directions correctly haha)! When I’m searching for a new recipe on Pinterest, if you’ve got it, I use yours, I know it will work out. So, I ordered this one for myself, and for two of my friends I ordered this one, and preordered your next. I will continue to stalk my mailman until it arrives… and then… watch out kitchen! 

    1. Thank you so, so much Andrea! Let me know which cookbook recipes you try!

  18. Sally, I made your oatmeal raisin cookies this past week, and they were a HIT! Literally gone in 1 day. Thank you for sharing, I just ordered your books today! Looking forward to making more of your treats!

  19. Hi Sally. I will be very grateful to have your cook book to assist me to be a good baker.

    Thank you.

  20. Congratulations on your cookbook.

  21. But I am wondering why you did not make a hardcover
    Expanded edition, just a paperback expanded editions?
    I noticed that on books a million’s website. But
    They are both available at the Meadowbrook mall
    Books a million book store in Bridgeport, WV.
    So I will go there someday and look at both and
    Determine which one I would like. I do like hardcover
    Cookbooks better anyway. I would have liked to
    See the hardcover of this cookbook in expanded edition
    form though.

  22. Stacey Hancock says:

    I am wanting to buy this book, even though I’m a little late. Sorry. But I believe either the paperback or the hard cover has a few more recipes. Which one is it? I’d like to get the one with the bonus extra few recipes!

    1. Hi Stacey! The paperback version has bonus cookie recipes 🙂

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