Strawberry Coconut Macaroons

These strawberry coconut macaroons are moist and chewy on the inside and slightly crisp around the edges. Add a little something extra (and pink!) with fresh strawberries. 

strawberry coconut macaroons

Thank you so, so much for all of the kind birthday wishes! You have no idea how much it means to me to read through each and every one on my blog and all of my social medias. We went out to a wine bar for dinner and since it was mid-week, we are having a big 30th birthday party celebration next weekend. I have 4 out of town friends staying with me, so expect a lot of fun entertaining recipes soon!

Here’s a summery treat I made a few days ago. Strawberries were on major sale because of the memorial day holiday and I’ve had an abundance of shredded coconut in my pantry from candy addiction recipe testing. Threw the two together and voila!

Well, there was a little recipe testing and a lot of taste testing involved.

strawberry coconut macaroons on a white plate

Aren’t these gorgeous?! The specks of pink!

I don’t think you know how simple coconut macaroons are. Read: the easiest cookie I’ve ever made. We’re talking 5 ingredients, 2 bowls, a mixer, and a spatula. Add the strawberries and you’ve got 6 ingredients. I’m coining these macaroons the “make it in your sleep cookies.” Ah! Dangerous.

Ok, so yes. They’re very simple to prepare. But I do admit that it’s a little tough to get the proper ratio of ingredients in order for coconut macaroons to work. By “work” I mean: moist interiors, slightly toasted exteriors, maximum coconut flavor, not overly sweet, and supremely chewy. I love coconut macaroons that have an unbeatable melt-in-your-mouth quality, so I carefully crafted a basic macaroon recipe that works. I posted it on my blog a couple years ago. And it’s been my favorite ever since!

All we’re doing today is adding strawberries. By the way, I’m now officially obsessed with the combination of coconut and strawberries.

2 images of coconut macaroon mixture in a pink bowl and strawberry coconut macaroons on a silpat baking mat

I have two coconut macaroon tips for ya:

(1) Once you mix together the the coconut (the main ingredient), the egg whites (the binder), the sugar (also a binder), the vanilla and almond extracts (flavor!)– let these 5 ingredients sit for around 30 minutes. This allows the coconut to soak up some of the egg white/sugar liquid and prevents the cookies from over-spreading in the oven.

(2) Make sure those strawberries are dry before folding them into the coconut mixture. Chop them up nice and fine, then blot them dry with a towel. Wet strawberries will produce more liquid in the cookie as it bakes, thus resulting in over-spread. Also, wet strawberries may tint your coconut macaroons pink. But not like we care about that!

Because pink cookies. 

strawberry coconut macaroons

overhead image of strawberry coconut macaroons on a white plate

Try dipping the bottoms into dark chocolate. Omg.

Oh! And GUESS WHAT. There is no flour in these strawberry coconut macaroons! And that’s another addition to my gluten free archive.

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strawberry coconut macaroons

Strawberry Coconut Macaroons

  • Author: Sally
  • Prep Time: 40 minutes
  • Cook Time: 20 minutes
  • Total Time: 1 hour, 20 minutes
  • Yield: 18-20 macaroons
  • Category: Cookies
  • Method: Baking
  • Cuisine: Italian


These strawberry coconut macaroons are moist and chewy on the inside and slightly crisp around the edges. Add a little something extra (and pink!) with fresh strawberries.


  • 4 large egg whites
  • 1/2 cup (100g) granulated sugar
  • 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
  • 1/2 teaspoon almond extract (optional– but adds great flavor!)
  • 4 and 3/4 cups (370g) sweetened shredded coconut (a little less than one 14-ounce package)*
  • heaping 1/2 cup diced strawberries


  1. Preheat oven to 325°F (162°C). Line two baking sheets with parchment paper or silicone baking mats. Use an oven thermometer to test your oven temperature. The degree point must be precise.
  2. In a large bowl using a handheld or stand mixer with paddle attachment, beat the egg whites, sugar, and vanilla together on medium-high speed until foamy and the sugar is mostly dissolved – at least 2 minutes. Fold in the coconut, making sure the coconut is evenly moistened. The mixture will be wet and sticky. Cover the mixture tightly with plastic wrap and allow to sit covered in the refrigerator for 30 minutes so the coconut can absorb some of the liquid. Meanwhile, pat your diced strawberries dry with a paper towel. You don’t want them too wet. Gently fold the strawberries into the coconut mixture.
  3. Using a large cookie scoop, scoop 2 Tablespoons of the mixture and place onto prepared baking sheet – at least 2 inches apart. Make sure the mounds are very compact and neat, as pictured above.
  4. Bake until lightly golden brown, about 20-22 minutes. Make sure to rotate the pan to ensure even baking. Otherwise some tops may burn. Allow to cool completely on the baking sheets before enjoying. Cover leftover macaroons tightly and store in the refrigerator for 5 days or 3 days at room temperature.


  1. Make Ahead & Freezing Instructions: For longer storage, these macaroons freeze well, up to 2 months. Thaw overnight in the refrigerator before enjoying. You can prepare this recipe through step 2 and allow the coconut mixture to sit in the refrigerator for up to 2 days before continuing with step 3.
  2. Coconut: If looking to use unsweetened coconut, adjust the sugar in the recipe to taste. Keep in mind that sugar helps bind the cookies together as they bake, reducing spread.

Keywords: strawberry macaroons, coconut macaroons

I have a nearly identical coconut macaroon recipe in my 1st cookbook that uses a little flour and less coconut than today’s recipe. I find them a little more dense, but equal in chew and flavor! I flavor them with orange zest and drizzle them with semi-sweet chocolate. Try them!

orange macaroons with chocolate drizzle on a yellow plate


  1. Silly question but one I’ve been wanting to ask for a long time. Whenever a recipe calls to prepare TWO baking sheets, do you put both of the baking sheets in the oven at the same time? Does that affect how the bottom or top pans brown at different rates? Usually I just put one pan into the oven, bake those cookies, remove the pan from the oven, and then use a different  prepared cookie sheet to bake immediately after. But is this unnecessary? 

    1. Nancy, that’s a great question. It’s really just your preference. I never bake more than 1 batch of cookies at a time. I find that with my oven specifically, my cookies brown and bake unevenly when there is more than one tray in the oven at a time. So, no it is NOT unnecessary at all. It’s exactly what I do.

      1. Thanks for the quick reply! Do you recommend I put the second sheet in the fridge while the first batch bakes? I hope you had a wonderful birthday!!

      2. Yep, you can put it in the refrigerator– though that is not required.

      3. And thanks for reassuring me that I haven’t been wasting a step! 🙂

  2. Hi Sally,

    I made these macaroons. I did add the almond extract and it gave it a nice taste. It was my first attempt to making macaroons and they turned out great. 🙂 I am also making your strawberry crumb cake today and coconut chicken (<–I have made it at least 5 times). You can tell I have an overabundance of strawberries. Anyway thanks for this creation. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that one day you'll simplify the french macaroon recipe for us. hugs!

    1. Thanks Iram– so glad you enjoyed these cookies! And that coconut chicken is on rotation in my house. I make it alllllllll the time.

  3. Alison at Home says:

    Another awesome recipe. They look simple enough to make…I may try them one day (I always say this but never get round to it!) One day, I will have a baking day 🙂

    Alison At Home!

  4. Sally, these are insane! Like the best thing I’ve baked in a long time…wow! I’m moving on to the orange ones next. Have to pull your cookbook out of the cupboard! 😉 

  5. I made these this past weekend and they were sooo delicious.  Each one of my 3 sons, without hearing their brothers comments, said after popping one in their mouth said “oh these are good!.”
    Needless to say they were gone in about 2 hours, all of them!  Can’t wait to make them again, I will certainly have to double the batch!  Thank you again for another wonderful recipe.  

    1. Glad to hear it, Sherry! Thanks for reporting back.

  6. These just look so pretty! I want to make some right now, and then eat them all, since nobody else at my house likes coconut (the crazies!)

  7. Hi Sally! I have a question about this recipe before I make it. I weighed out 370g of coconut, but that only gave me about 3 3/4 cups, while your recipe says 4 3/4 cups. Should I go with the weight in grams even though it’s not the correct volume? I’m worried about not using enough coconut, or having too much! Thanks!

    1. Jessica, that’s odd. Because I measure out 4 and 3/4 cups and weigh it as well. 370 grams. I would go with the cup measurement then.

  8. I’m just wondering if you can use frozen strawberries in these?
    I love your recipes. My daughter just made the red velvet cupcakes. They were very good.

    1. To be honest, they are a little too wet for this fragile cookie. If you decide to try, make sure that the frozen strawberries have thawed and are completely patted dry.

      1. Hi Sally! I just made these cookies today and used a package of freeze dried strawberries. They came out amazing! I think it’s easier to control the excessive moisture by using this instead of real strawberries! I also dipped the bottoms in some bittersweet chocolate. Yum!!!

  9. Hi Sally. I LOVE your site! I made these with no strawberries because i’m always trying different macaroon recipes. It’s amazing how many versions there can be of such a simple cookie. Mine didn’t turn out so great – partly because they were too wet (maybe my egg whites were too large!), and partly because I used unsweetened coconut. Or maybe I didn’t whip the whites and sugar long enough? I did it for 3 minutes! I used 1/2 c white sugar and about 1/3 c coconut sugar (yes the cookies were brown but that’s ok), thinking that would taste sweet enough but not too sweet. I am trying to cut back on my sugar these days. The result was something really delicious on the outside (especially the liquid that leaked out the bottom but got chewy after cooling!) but very fall-apart-y on the inside. Plus, I think all the flavor came out the bottom. What can I do to make this better without using sweetened coconut? Thank you!

    1. Hi Carin! Coconut sugar and white sugar have completely different baking properties. I would simply use 3/4 cup regular granulated white sugar. Using this type of sugar is imperative as it helps bind the cookies together as they bake.

      1. Thanks! I will try that next time. Maybe I will recycle this batch and use them in a chewy granola bar recipe!

  10. can I use freezer dry Strawberries instead of fresh strawberries?

    1. Definitely!

  11. Kelley Johnson says:

    Hey Sally!

    I made these with a twist by replacing the strawberry with fresh mango tidbits. I used a VERY heaping 1/2 cup and dried them on a paper towel, but they’re such a wet fruit that I also added 2 tbsp of flour to help binding just in case. They came out so delicious! I drizzled them with a 60% dark chocolate 🙂 The only mistake I made was using aluminum foil instead of parchment – I realized halfway through baking I was out of it – so my bottoms were stuck and I had to take some time pulling them off cautiously. I don’t even like coconut in most cases, but it’s a pretty healthy ingredient that I’m trying to work with more. These were great! Thanks for the fun recipe!

  12. these looked so cute that I’m making some for my auntie today, just wanted to make sure… which rack should I place these in the oven? top 1/3 like other cookies?

    1. Yep, that works.

      1. They turned out so cute and moist! 

        the entire kitchen smelled of coconuts ten minutes in so I was worried they’d burn but 20 minutes was perfect.

        Thank you so much for sharing, my grandparents LOVED it! going to make more for grannies club thing tomorrow 🙂 

  13. I love Sally’s website…especially the cookie recipes…my go to site for yummy cookies.  But these didn’t work for me …they seemed too wet…I blotted the strawberries dry…kept the batter in the fridge for two days and it was very syrupy…I even drained off the excess liquid and squeezed each ball before placing them on the tray.  Not sure what happened?? Help!?

  14. Hii sally, I can’t find sweetend coconut shreddes where I live. Is there another way i can sweeten them without ruining the recipe:/

  15. Hi how to dip these in dark chocolate? Is there a recipe for the chocolate and instructions? Thanks again!!

    1. Hi Sarah! You can melt some dark chocolate and dip the bottoms of these baked macaroons in it. Then let the chocolate set before eating.

  16. I made the strawberry macaroons tonight for the staff cookie exchange. They taste and look incredible.  Thank you so much. I hope I don’t eat them all before I have to share them.

  17. Hi Sally!
    Do you think these cookies would hold up okay if I mailed them?
    Thanks 🙂

    1. they aren’t the most sturdy cookies, but you could try!

  18. Bunny Peters says:

    Hi Sally:

    Can I make these cookies with either maraschino cherries (dried and chopped fine) or glacé cherries?

    What about lemon peel and chopped crystal ginger? Or orange peel and chopped crystal ginger?

    Can one use “gel” food coloring with these cookies? If so, when is it added?

    I am trying to come up with some interesting combinations to serve at a brunch for ~100+ people……

    Would love some advice!!!

    Thank you very much in advance for your wonderful help!!!

    1. Hi Bunny, you can use chopped maraschino cherries, citrus peel/chopped crystal ginger, and some coloring to tint. I would tint after the batter is mixed together. Enjoy!

  19. So easy, minimal and simple ingredients, and so yummy! I love that you use the egg whites instead of sweetened condensed milk (I refuse to make these any other way, ha), and the addition of strawberries was fun! My dad has reduced his intake of flour for health reasons, and I thought these would be a good treat! Also, my boyfriend is on a low-cholesterol diet, and these fit the bill for a treat for him, too! My dad hasn’t tried them yet, but my boyfriend’s comment: “YUM!” 🙂 A big YUM from me, too! I also melted some semi-sweet chocolate and drizzled on top since I’m a choc-o-holic and felt the combination of coconut and strawberry would work well with that addition. Thanks for always sharing awesome recipes! I always check your site first when I have a dessert or meal in mind, to see if you have a recipe for it. 🙂

    1. Hi Sara, I’m so glad you found a treat that works for everyone! And I agree, chocolate on these is wonderful! 🙂

  20. i love macaroons but dont always have all the fruits handy so i substitute with strawberry jam tastes good and cheaper also

  21. Wow!!! Absolutely delicious! I took the advice of one of the commentators and used freeze dried strawberries because it’s just starting to be strawberry season and so often they’re disappointing. Got them from Trader Joe’s and they worked out beautifully.
    My only other comments, besides how absolutely delicious these are, is that because there isn’t butter in them, that you can load more onto the cookie sheet than the 2 inches apart. Also, I see no mention that they are good for Passover, but they are (no flour), so get ready to impress your Seder guests!!

  22. These look delicious! Have you done traditional macaroons before?

    1. Hi Megan, This is my recipe for a more traditional coconut macaroon:

  23. Meagan McGuirt says:

    Hi again, so I had asked about traditional macaroons… I did some research, thinking I was crazy because I thought they looked completely different… I was thinking of MACARONS. That’s what I meant to ask you about, lol! Have you ever made those?

    1. Haha – Yes I have those too! This is by full basic guide and if you use the search bar on the top of this page you can find a few different flavors also:

  24. Love the idea of using strawberries. My question is can the coconut be shredded for this recipe the same as the other macaroons recipe? Thanks.

    1. Yes, pulsing the coconut into finer shreds works here too!

  25. Looks delicious, can I use desiccated coconut instead of sweetened shredded? Cant find it in the shops at the moment!

    1. Hi Faith, thank you! Desiccated coconut isn’t as moist so the macaroons will taste a little dry (and not as sweet). Feel free to add another egg white.

      1. Hi! thanks for the reply. I ended up adding an extra egg white and a little bit more sugar, my eggs are medium sized and I wonder if it needed two extra egg white although did hold (just about) there shape. Really yum!

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