2012 Recipe Superlatives. (and my #1 favorite)

Cake Batter Chocolate Chip Cookies by Sallys Baking Addiction

Rather than simply taking you through my most popular recipes of 2012, I’d like to name a few superlatives as well.

2012 marks SBA’s first full year in the blogworld. I told you how I began, started, and grew my blog in this post. But what about the recipes?  How did my recipes do this year?  How did I grow and develop as a baker? Which recipe was made the most?  Which recipe was reposted the most?  Let’s take a stroll through 2012 memory lane together. Grab a cookie, you may get hungry.

Favorite Recipes

10 Most Popular Recipes of 2012

10. Cake Batter White Chocolate Fudge

It’s no surprise I love cake batter flavored treats. In fact, I’m not the only one who likes the taste of the cake batter more than the baked cake! There are three cake batter flavored desserts in my top ten most popular recipes and this super easy fudge definitely earns its spot in the top ten. Love this stuff.

cake batter fudge-2

9. Mini Cinnamon Buns

Sometimes, I just don’t have the patience for yeast to rise, to knead the dough, to wait wait wait. A glorious solution? These mini cinnamon buns. Made form store-bought crescent dough, these cinnamon buns are ready in 20 minutes! That’s it. I cover them in a 3-ingredient maple icing. Wait until you try them warm from the oven! And aren’t they adorable?

Mini Cinnamon Buns No Yeast

8. Soft-Baked White Chocolate Cranberry Cookies

Want to know my secret for super-soft, super-thick cookies?  I used a special ingredient in 4 of my cookie recipes this year. And I will never turn back!  his will be the softest cookie you’ll ever taste. And they are loaded with white chocolate chips and tangy dried cranberries. I made these a couple times in November & December. Everyone loves them!

White Chocolate Cranberry Cookies-6

7. Fudge Brownie Cupcakes with Cookie Dough Frosting

You love cookie dough as much as you love cake batter. Well, the same goes for me. This is, without a doubt, one of my very favorite cupcakes ever. The cupcakes are super fudgy, the frosting is thick, creamy, and studded with mini chocolate chips. You could even use a boxed brownie mix for the cupcake.

Fudge Brownie Cupcakes with Cookie Dough Frosting

6. Skinny Frozen Peanut Butter Pie

You love peanut butter and healthy treats as much as I do. I really need to thank Kevin for this recipe – it is what we had for his birthday dessert! He loves peanut butter and chocolate together and with all the other treats we had that week, I decided to make something a little healthier for his birthday dessert. Ironically enough, this does NOT taste healthy at all. The most unhealthy-tasting healthy dessert.

Skinny Frozen Peanut Butter Pie

5. Skinny Peanut Butter Swirl Brownies

See? You all love your peanut butter desserts! You and I are a lot alike. Made with no butter or oil, these brownies are still one of the fudgiest brownies I’ve ever tasted.  Whole grain oats are ground up with yogurt, cocoa powder, sugar, and a few other easy items to make a thin brownie batter. Swirl in some melted peanut butter and bake. The end result is one CRAZY fudgy guilt-free brownie. I still make these all the time!  Just made them yesterday in fact.

Skinny Peanut Butter Swirl Brownies - made with oats, yogurt, and you can control how much sugar!

4. Cake Batter Chocolate Chip Cookies

The 4th most popular recipe on my website. You guys love your cake batter. This is also the most tested recipe on my website. It took me 11 months to develop. I first made them back in January, then again in September, then again in December. Each time I took more and more notes, deciding how I can continue to improve it. Dozens of batches. That’s a lot of sprinkles!

The third time is a charm. You and I love the final version so much.

Cake Batter Chocolate Chip Cookies by Sallys Baking Addiction-12

3. Chewy Butterfinger Cookies

This recipe is one of the most remade recipe on my website. Readers have commented, written in, emailed, tweeted, and Facebook chatted with me letting me know they made and loved these cookies. This recipe took me 1 month to develop. And it’s the simplest cookie recipe!

Chewy Butterfinger Cookies by sallysbakingaddiction.com

(Are you noticing a cookie trend here?  You love your cookies!!)

2. Confetti Cake Batter Cookies

A recipe posted recently quickly jumped to the top 3 of my most popular 2012 recipes. You all love how easy this recipe is – and so do I!  Made from a cake mix, sprinkles, and a couple other pantry staples… these cookies are the quickest, fluffiest, sprinkle loaded cookies you’ll ever taste.

Holiday Confetti Cake Batter Cookies by Sallys Baking Addiction #cookies

(drumroll please……..)

1. Peppermint Crunch Puppy Chow

I published this recipe 33 days ago. In those 33 days, it has been viewed over 200,000 times. It blew up on Pinterest, too. You guys LOVE this stuff!! And I do as well. Thank you to everyone who has written to me letting me know how much you love it! It is my most popular recipe… and it was only published a few weeks ago.

Peppermint Crunch Puppy Chow-4


Recipe Most Made by Readers (as far as I know – be sure to comment or email me if you make a recipe of mine!) – The Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie.

Soft-Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies

Recipe That Took Me the Longest to DevelopCake Batter Chocolate Chip Cookies.  11 months to get the perfect recipe – more flour, less flour, more butter, less butter, eggs, no eggs, etc!  So worth every failed batch. 🙂

Recipe Most Pinned on PinterestPeppermint Crunch Puppychow – 152,000 pins! What would we do without Pinterest?

The Most Unhealthy-Tasting Healthy DessertSkinny Frozen Peanut Butter Pie. Tastes like a sinful peanut butter/chocolate explosion.  Creamy, rich, and umm… diet friendly!

Recipe Most Reprinted – my Chewy Butterfinger Cookies were most remade by other bloggers. I am so flattered to see that so many bloggers enjoy this recipe!

Most Popular Cake – with cookies overflowing the top ten list, I wanted to share my most popular cake recipe.  Buttery Caramel Apple Upside Down Cake. You all love this cake so much – I’ve had so many great reviews on it. The flavor is spot-on and it’s such a stunning cake to look at.

My Favorite Recipe of 2012

Another recent recipe I shared with you are my Raspberry Sweet Rolls. Not only are they my favorite recipe to eat, but I am most proud of this recipe as well. It was my first yeasted roll recipe. From the mixing, to the kneading, to the rising, to the rolling, to the baking, to the photoshoot, to the editing, to the post-writing… this recipe and post took me over 20 hours. But for you to remake this recipe – there is only about 30 minutes of work time and then 3.5 hours of waiting time as the dough rises. Not too shabby! Worth every single darn bite.

Raspberry Swirl Sweet Rolls

Q: What were some of your 2012 favorites? 


  1. What a wonderful list, I am totally hungry now!! Your blog is doing amazing, and you deserve it with all the work you’re putting in – 11 months developing one cookie? I am totally impressed with your determination!

  2. This is awesome!!! I’m just about to write my own “best of 2012” post. I think the brownie cupcakes with cookie dough frosting will be on mine too! In fact, I think you linking back to me from that post was the way I originally found your blog (from the traffic sources). I’m glad I did! And I’m not surprised at all that the peppermint puppy chow took off… it looks Pinterest perfect!

  3. It’s been such an amazing year full of DELICIOUS treats Sally! Love your round up and superlatives 😀

    (And I agree, it is the worst when people steal your work!!)

  4. Congrats on a fantastic year!!! I can’t wait to make more of the recipes that made the top 10! xo

  5. Love this post! And I definitely contributed to the pinning of the puppy chow… 🙂 You’ve definitely had a great (and delicious) year!

  6. So glad I found you in this big, bad internet blogging world, Sally. All of your recipes are just amazing, and I can’t wait to see what you bake up in 2013! Happy New Year!

  7. OK, this has got to be the most delicious roundup in my reader 😀 I’m so glad to have found you this year and I’m so looking forward to being inspired even more by you in this next year! Everything in your roundup looks incredible! (I’m so sorry to hear about the butterfinger cookies though 🙁 That’s awful! I know how you feel.)

  8. I’ve made your fudge brownie cupcakes with cookie dough frosting and they are amazing!

  9. Love the post and I’m excited to try some of these out! 🙂

    Ps…all the recipes I tried over the holidays, people loved them!

  10. Love this post, Sally! 🙂

  11. Sally, I just found out about your blog a month before Thanksgiving and it was the best thing I’ve ever stumbled upon haha. I made the Salted Caramel cupcakes for Thanksgiving and all of my family members raved about them! Then 8 batches of the cake batter cookies and death by chocolate cookies, my Christmas cooking was complete and I’m now the designated holiday baker! Thanks for all your incredible ideas! I make sure to tell anyone who asks me to go to your blog and check out the recipes! Keep the yumminess coming 🙂
    – Bekah

    • Hi Bekah! What a sweet message, thank you so much for reporting back about the recipes you made. 🙂 Both cookie recipes are outstanding, a couple of my very favorites. The salted caramel frosting is equally incredible, I love how thick and creamy it is! I love hearing from you, so thank you very much. Happy Baking!

  12. Oh Sally you are killing me here…..it’s 10 PM here in London and I have just spent the last hour drooling (really my scarf is wet from the drool) over so many of your gorgeous recipes! I need to go to bed but all I can think is “do I have enough dark brown sugar in the house……where in the heck is my corn starch (must be at the back of the cupboard somewhere??????) and geeze, are my dried cranberries in date”…..oh AND, “if I go buy a bag of snack size Butterfingers and then only use 8 in the Butterfingers cookies, I will have to EAT the remainder and then I will have to run twice a day to avoid becoming the size of a house!!”
    If only I had come upon your blog at 10 AM, I could have spent the whole day baking…..now I have to spend 12 hours dreaming of baking.
    Can’t wait to get baking in the morning

    • Hey Annie! you are SO sweet! I certainly did not mean to torture you! your comment made me laugh. 🙂 Just by the ingredients you listed, I know exactly which recipes you’re going to try. Let me know how they turn out. And I can never, ever be trusted with butterfingers in the house!

  13. I love to bake and have tried many of your recipes-they’re all so good!
    My grandmother and I made the sweet rolls with strawberry preserves and I’ve
    made the white chocolate cranberry cookies, chocolate chip cookies, and
    love the peanut butter trail mix bars and so many more!! Thanks for all the
    great recipes you’ve published!!

    (Ps.have you ever thought of opening up your own bake shop?)

    • I would love to open a bakery someday. Hope to get there at some point. 🙂 I love all the recipes you’ve made. Especially those white chocolate cranberry cookies. Thanks Kay!

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