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Tropikale Energy Smoothie.

A simple 4 ingredient, incredibly thick green smoothie filled with healthy produce and leaving you energized. And it actually tastes good.

A simple 4 ingredient, incredibly thick green smoothie filled with healthy produce and leaving you energized. And it actually tastes good!

Tropikale… tropical + kale. See what I did there? SALTS.

The start of a new year. New beginnings, clean slate, fresh starts. Let’s kick it up a notch and energize ourselves with a gorgeous, totally energizing, and actually-tastes-good green smoothie.

4 Ingredient Tropikale Energy Smoothie-- a green smoothie that actually tastes GOOD!

There is nothing fancy about this smoothie. No strange ingredients you can’t pronounce. No chalky protein powders, no added sweeteners, no nut butters, no dairy. Just produce you know, love, and is readily available to you. Eating (and drinking!) healthy doesn’t have to be a chore. I guarantee you’ll fall in love with this simple, tropical infused green smoothie and if you’re anything like me, begin craving it every day.

There are only 4 ingredients you’ll need: kale + pineapple + frozen banana + almond milk. I call this my “magic formula” and the perfect, tropical tasting starting point for other flavors. Add some strawberries for a berry-tropical blend or add some frozen mango chunks to turn the tropical flavors up. For a citrus infusion, add an orange and a splash of orange juice. The possibilities are endless here; make a different smoothie each week using this smoothie as a jumping off point. Hello, healthy you.

Since there are so few ingredients, there is little playing room with substitutions to the basic formula. The frozen banana is key and if you’ve reading my blog for awhile, you know why. Ultra creamy, ultra thick texture. Freezing the banana rids some of the banana flavor as well. The pineapple is where all the flavor lies, so I don’t recommend using a different fruit. Coconut, soy, or cow’s milk are fine replacements for the almond milk. And kale could easily be replaced with spinach, but then you won’t be able to say tropikale anymore. Which I’m sure you care about… right??

A simple 4 ingredient, incredibly thick green smoothie filled with healthy produce and leaving you energized. And it actually tastes good!

I like to make two of these smoothies at a time in the morning. Drink 1/2 in the mid-morning for a burst of energy, put the remaining half in a cup with a lid, keep it in the refrigerator and enjoy in the afternoon. Or just keep the other half in the blender in the refrigerator to have later in the day.

A simple 4 ingredient, incredibly thick green smoothie filled with healthy produce and leaving you energized. And it actually tastes good!

↑ Oops that picture is definitely blurry.

A simple 4 ingredient, incredibly thick green smoothie filled with healthy produce and leaving you energized. And it actually tastes good!

One sip of this tropical oasis I mean tropical smoothie and you’ll instantly feel like the healthiest person on the planet. Or something like that. This smoothie is:

  • Creamy
  • Thick
  • Cold
  • Refreshing
  • Easy
  • Super healthy
  • Sweet, not bitter or tasting like kale

Here’s to a healthy January with some weekend cake on the side. You just drank kale! You totally deserve a slice of cake.

Tropikale Energy Smoothie

A simple 4 ingredient, incredibly thick green smoothie filled with healthy produce and leaving you energized. And it actually tastes good.


  • 3/4 cup almond milk
  • 2 medium bananas, previously peeled, sliced, and frozen
  • 2 cups fresh pineapple chunks
  • 2 heaping cups kale


  1. Make sure you have a strong, powerful blender that will blend up the kale and frozen bananas. I like this Ninja or this Vitamix.
  2. Add all of the ingredients to the blender in the order listed. Blend on high for at least 3 minutes or until smooth. Scrape down the sides of the blender as needed. Add more milk if it's too thick. Serve and enjoy. Store any leftover smoothie covered in the refrigerator for up to 8-10 hours.
  3. Makes 2 smoothies. You can easily halve this recipe to make only 1 smoothie. I like to make two at a time and keep half in the refrigerator to enjoy later in the day.

Recipe Notes:

I call this smoothie my "magic formula" and the perfect, tropical tasting starting point for other flavors. My suggestions for variations: add some fresh or frozen strawberries for a berry-tropical blend, add some frozen or fresh mango chunks to turn the tropical flavor up, and for a citrus infusion blend in a peeled, sliced orange and a splash of orange juice.

Coconut, soy, rice, or coy's milk are OK instead of almond milk. I always use unsweetened vanilla flavored almond milk.

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I get my colorful straws from Sweets & Treats Boutique. 🙂

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  1. I am allergic to bananas what would you suggest to replace them to keep the smooth texture?

  2. I almost fell over, Sally. We both posted Tropi-Kale smoothies. I love how different yours is, however, with the shorter ingredient list, and yours is “much” greener! I’m new at the green smoothie thing, so I didn’t go too green. I’m loving them, however, so my smoothies are destined to be greener in the future! 🙂

  3. Ugh! Have half of these ingredients right now! I knew I should of bought that kale and pineapple last night, lol!

  4. I totally LOL’ed at the SALTS thing 😉 Love the kale and pineapple. Can’t wait to try this!!

  5. This sounds so delicious, Sally! I’ll definitely be trying it out and adding the mango per your suggestion!

  6. Made this this morning..thanks so much for the recipe Sally! It was time to say bye to the last of holiday cookies and baked goods. I really didn’t miss them with this! Perfect Monday post workout smoothie.

  7. Love the green color 🙂 Looks like party 😛

  8. This looks so good Sally!!

    Have pinned this and shared on FB, and am looking forward to trying this gorgeous green smoothie for myself.

    I don’t have a lot of pineapple either as I react to too much, so might try it with mango like Chiara. But for pineapple lovers, this would be awesome! And the combination with almond milk sounds so creamy and delish!!

  9. I love frozen banana in my smoothies. Also, frozen pears have the same effect, creates equally creamy smoothies. Love this smoothie. You made me crave kale, Sally! SALTS 😉

  10. Kale yeah! Love the name. Love kale smoothies.

  11. Great minds think alike; I just posted a smoothie recipe with our favourite dark green leafy friends! Your basic formula is great, thank you! And perfect name for the smoothie, I love spin-off words, pinned!

  12. Dear Sally, thank you for all of the hard work you put into writing your cookbook! I got it for Christmas, and it’s just amazing! Thank you so much! I drool whenever I flip through it, and I’ve already tried a recipe (mint chocolate chip cookie dough balls, yum!). 🙂 Thanks!

  13. This is just delicious. What a refreshing, inspiring start to this new year! I hadn’t gotten on the green smoothie boat yet, but I’m there now. Wally didn’t have unsweetened AND vanilla flavored almond milk in the same carton, so next time I make it I’ll remember to add a bit of vanilla to the mix, and it will be even better! Like someone else said, I’m kind of done with cookies for awhile. I see needing to go back and read that in a few hours, ’cause I know me… 🙂

  14. Sally this looks amazing! I just got back from Hawaii and this will help me cope with all the snow 🙂 It’s the perfect way to detox from all the holiday cookies too!

  15. Making this TONIGHT! Can’t wait! =)

  16. Tropikale… Oh Sally, you are SO darn cute! You must have your honeymoon on your mind. 😉 I love how you brightened up the cold winter blues with such warm flavors! It probably balances out all of those sweet treats you’ve been making… And I’m SO excited for your official announcement tomorrow!!

  17. LOVE this, made it twice already, one for at home after a workout and once this morning. I never have time to make a smoothie, much less eat a quick breakfast, but I threw this in the ninja in a single portion cup and took it with me to work. I eyeballed the measurements but it came out exactly like you described. Thanks for another winner Sally!

  18. Sounds amazing! Tis the season to be drinking green smoothies : )

  19. I am drinking one now and it is delicious. It is the first green smoothie I have ever had!

  20. I love !!! Tries to orange juice, kale, ginger and rutabaga. It’s so yammy 😉

  21. I must say, the tropikale smoothie looks delicious!!! 🙂

    I’ll definitely give it a try.

  22. Just want to say I’m new to the whole smoothie making deal. I never really have eaten to health  conscious just whatever I have a taste for and now it has caught up with me… I’m morbidly obese and always sick.  Food literally makes me sick.  I decided to juice/smoothie fast. Tropikale was my first smoothie and it tasted great.  Hopefully I can find d more great tasting smoothies to help me on this journey. I definitely recommend to all the skeptics out there… This is a keeper!  Thanks for posting! 

  23. This sounds so good. I’m new at the smoothie thing so just curious, this is one serving?  Do you by chance know what the sugar content is?  I have had people say with smoothies you have to be careful about the sugar.  Like I said, I’m new at this and starting to look for recipes for smoothies because they seem to be a good way to get some good nutrition.   Thank you and the pictures are so pretty!!!!!

    • Thanks Pam! I’m unsure of the sugar content in this smoothie. The recipe makes 2.

    • I just imported the recipe to My Fitness Pal and it says it’s 18.3 grams of sugar for 1 serving (so that would be half of this recipe). Hope that helps!

  24. Just made this smoothie, and it is soooo delicious! I added a bit of mango, and the flavor is perfect. No hint of bitter greens!
     I’m hoping my kids will also enjoy it. I’ve saved the rest for their after school snack. A great way to add in some extra veges! 

  25. wow! Tropikale Energy Smoothie looks awesome. I have not tried, I can not resist the Enticement to see! thanks for share…

  26. Good recipe. I do a similar smoothie and add raw oats to make it more filling. My kids love it.

  27. Loved this smoothie!!! So good you wouldn’t expect this 

  28. Hi, sally
    That sounds so good and I love how easy it is! I think it will be a great breakfast recipe for me.

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