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April 2020 Sally’s Baking Challenge Recipe: Homemade Flatbread Pizza

I know you’ll all appreciate a recipe that doesn’t require many ingredients, gets the kids involved, and doubles as dinner. Enjoy the flatbread plain or with any toppings you love!


By emailing your recipe photo to us, you are automatically entered in the baking challenge. 1 winner receives a $250 Amazon Gift Card. We keep track of your photos and randomly select 1 winner at the end of the month. The challenge is open to the whole world. Visit the Sally’s Baking Challenge FAQ page if you have any questions about my baking challenges!

margherita flatbread

Let’s Review the March Baking Challenge

March 2020 Sally’s Baking Challenge Recipe: Homemade Crepes

What a blessing to spread the baking joy this past month! Though there wasn’t any baking involved, I know cooking homemade crepes brought smiles to many homes this past month– especially during a difficult time where we could all use a little extra joy. Many of you had never made crepes before and were pleasantly surprised by their ease! What I loved most about this particular challenge was that you had full creative control for topping, filling, and serving your crepes. Some of my favorites included a bananas foster variation, eggs and hollandaise, a Boston cream pie inspired crepe complete with pastry cream, and salted caramel blackberry crepes. So creative!!

One of my favorite recipe reviews came from reader Betsy:

“Amazing…that’s how my crepes turned out. This was my first time making crepes and Sally’s recipe and directions were so helpful! I watched the video first which helped me create the perfect crepe! I had left over custard and filled the crepes with custard, strawberries and blueberries. Yum!”

We gathered as many homemade crepes photo entries as we could and included them below. (Email is the best way to help guarantee your photo will be included!)

Challenge winner for March is Becky and she has been notified. 🙂

homemade crepes winner image

Reader Questions and Reviews

  1. I can’t wait to try your Flatbread Pizza, your dough looks nice and thin. I just tried another Flatbread Pizza recipe and although we liked it, the dough was thicker than we thought it would be.
    I made your Homemade Artesian bread Sunday, my husband loved it! The crust was nice and soft but had a crispness to it that we like.
    Thank you Sally!

  2. This recipe was so easy to make. Hardest part was waiting 45 minutes for the dough to rise. Our pizzas actually required less than 15 min in the oven. I think our oven heats up higher than it actually is set at. We usually buy store bought pizza dough so it was fun making this on our own. We will try your pizza dough recipe next!

  3. Hi Sally. My daughter-in-law made the flat bread pizza. So easy to handle, and really tasty. Thank you for sharing such lovely recipes.

  4. Kids and I had a great time making these today. Was alittle tricky to find yeast in my town but finally found some in the next town over.

  5. I made the flatbread, and it came out quite good. I added herbs and cheese to it. It was a bit salty, but I still liked the texture a lot.

  6. Hi Sally loved the recipe, i have to say i was a little concerned at first cause the dough was a little dry and seemed like it needed more water, but i went with it and it was great! My family really enjoyed it!

  7. Your flat bread dough recipe is fantastic! My son says this is his new favorite pizza! Nice, thin crust with a crunch, but not too hard and crispy! We will definitely make this again!

  8. Delicious recipe! My dough stretching needs some work but it still tasted great. I went with goat cheese, apple, red onion, arugula and honey as my toppings.

  9. I loved making flatbreads this month! We need more so each family member could top their own and we all loved them!

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