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Wanted to share a quick update as we prepare for baby #2.

I’m 36 weeks pregnant and our lives are rapidly about to change. We’re excited for Noelle to become a big sister, but know that comes with its own unique set of challenges. She understands there’s a baby coming and seems very excited, but I know the reality will be an adjustment. You’ve given me some wonderful advice for this big change, so we definitely feel better prepared.

An update on our dog, Jude. He has come off chemotherapy. While his bloodwork has been normal and he’s been eating/sleeping/smiling like usual, we made the decision with our vet this week to take him off any more medication that helps stop his cancer from spreading. It’s hit his lymph nodes and is enlarging, so we understand the medication is no longer working.

Nothing but snuggles for our big guy moving forward.

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It’s been a heavy few months. In addition to our world tragically losing hundreds of thousands to the pandemic, there’s also immense grief and sadness following the death of George Floyd, among others. This isn’t a news or lifestyle website; it’s a food blog and I know you come here for joyful recipes. But these Coffee Break posts are where I can share a piece of my life and heart. I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting and self education and want to share my heartfelt thoughts with you today. I shared some of this on Instagram, too.

We ALL Love to Bake.

You’re probably here because you love to bake. And isn’t it so beautiful that no matter what we look like, where we live, who we love, and what we do– that we are all united in this delicious hobby?

Sally’s Baking Addiction is a brand and business owned by me, a woman who has a strong commitment to inclusivity and practicing kindness. This is how I was raised. I’m also learning about ways to help disrupt the unjust cycle of racism in our world and country. I’m disappointed and sorry that I’ve never touched on anything like this before, but given the past couple of weeks we’ve seen, it would be wrong not to use my platform to share my thoughts. I stand with you, all of my Black followers and readers. I see you, I support you, I’m listening, I’m learning, and I thank you for being here. I’ve written and rewritten this post 100x this week because I don’t have the perfect words. I don’t know if what I’m saying is helpful or not helpful or seen as artificial. My hope is that my words and actions show my genuine intent. I’m committed to bettering myself both online and offline and am looking into concrete ways on how to make a change for both right now and future generations. I want to help be the change and I know many others here do as well. All lives can’t matter until Black Lives Matter.

  • Here is an extensive list (a google doc) of anti-racism resources. Books, films, organizations, podcasts, causes, articles, and so much more.
  • This video is beautiful, eye-opening, and powerful. Though there are many resources we can use to self-educate, Emmanuel gives his time and speaks so eloquently, yet directly, about how we can actively help. And that begins by listening.
  • If you have children, consider checking out Here We Read (thank you to a reader, Cathy, who shared this with me on Instagram). There is also The Conscious Kid book club. Here is their Instagram account. Available to us are many resources for how to teach children (of any age) about anti-racism. I’m looking forward to going through it when I take time off in a few weeks.

But no matter who you are, you’re here because you love food. Here are some wonderful food bloggers who have so much inspiring content. Some of these blogs/sites are new to me and I’m looking forward to supporting them in this business. Follow, comment, like, and engage with these talents. Their passion shows!!

And I know you love cookbooks. Cherry Bombe has an extensive list of Black authored cookbooks. I only own 2 of these! I’m looking forward to expanding my collection. I found Sweetie Pie’s Cookbook while searching yesterday, too. Do you have this one? The list on Cherry Bombe’s website also includes chefs, creatives, restaurants, and initiatives.

Thank you for giving me the space and courage to speak up.

PS: I’m taking time off after our baby is born. While you’ll continue to see Sally’s Baking Addiction in action on social media, in your inbox, and here on the website, the new recipes won’t be as frequent. I’ll be checking in periodically! Sally’s Baking Challenge will continue, of course. Brownie Ice Cream Sandwiches this month.


  1. Hi Sally, congratulations on baby #2 and I wish you all the best in this exciting new adventure! I also want to say thank you for not continuing with “business as usual” and using your platform to bring attention to the racism no one can ignore. I am glad to be part of a community that can come together for both the joyful and painful moments. Thank you for all the links. I am learning too 🙂

  2. I’m really glad you took the time and space to share this, Sally. It’s so important to continue to support black food bloggers and I look forward to seeing more of this content from you.

  3. Sally, thank you for using your platform to to speak out and acknowledge that you see me, a black woman who loves to bake. These last weeks have been hard not only as a black person in America but also as a mother of a young black boy growing up in America. Baking is my stress reliever and I have been trying many new some new recipes lately. I will definitely check out all of the recommendations.

  4. Thank you for speaking out and reminding us that we ALL need to do so to bring about the changes that so many people deserve. It is long overdue. Sending you best wishes for a healthy baby and easy delivery, and sending special prayers Jude’s way for his comfort and healing.

  5. Diane Sexton says:

    Enjoyed reading your thoughts and feelings. My bday is the 13th…fingers crossed so hold it in! Lol
    Prayers for your furbaby.
    and Prayers for some real change in bringing our country together.

  6. Deb Allmeyer says:

    Sally, what lucky children you have to be raised with love, compassion and equality! You inspire my baking and touch my soul with your compassion. My heart breaks when I read about wonderful Jude and the struggles your family has shared with such a lovely dog. A very tough decision to make, but one that shines with your love for this important member of your family. My heart breaks for you as you I know it is difficult. Glad to read you are taking time before the new baby arrives! Can’t wait for those updates!
    What a strange time for everyone right now,but you will certainly have new joy in your life!
    Stay well, strong and as positive as you can be! My best to your family at this exciting time! Looking forward to new updates.
    Know that your posts are very important to me as I am now 69, in somewhat fragile health and definitely sheltering at home!

  7. Congratulations Sally on the baby coming.. I’m sure you look great.
    Thanks alot for links … Your stand on racism. You’re making the world better. God bless you so much.

  8. Helen Stamatelatos says:

    Wishing you a safe delivery, good health, and much happiness for the coming baby. You and your family are truly blessed! I’m so sorry about your dog. I lost my beloved cat to cancer last year. I’m still grieving her, so it will take time.
    Our world is not the same as we’ve known it. There is so much going on with Covid, but even more so with all the hatred, meanness, and anger devoted to racism. It’s unjust and unfair. We are better than this as a nation, or need to be! May God guide us in the right direction to undo all the wrongs.
    Looking forward to hearing when the new arrives! Take care!

  9. Have another happy healthy baby Times are tough for everyone but all people need to work together and make the world a better place for everyone. All we need to remember is the golden rule. Please let us know when your new sweet baby arrives. Be well.

  10. I’ve been a fan for a while (your Soft Chocolate Chip Cookies, in particular, continue to be a winner with everyone I make them for). Hearing you speak out about something as important and urgent as racism when others would choose not to weigh in is inspiring to say the least. You’re right, we can all learn more to be better so thanks for sharing these resources. Proud to stand with you and for the brave activists who keep fighting the good fight.

  11. Enjoyed reading your coffee break blog post. So sorry to hear of your digs illness & subsequent to come, you have my hugs.
    A 2nd child does change the dynamics all around. Every family unit individually chooses roles to play, so this new person interacts with prior choices. Much love on that!
    As to the world news, it is disheartening. Tho we all know that racism is not a black issue. Its one race hating & fearing any other race or group of races. I see that hate constantly in around indigenous peoples. That news never hits social media. “They” just don’t allow it.
    I was on a cruise, sitting with natives from Hawaii. He begins to share, racism he’s experienced.. there, as well as elsewhere. In my mind, I’m thinking– can’t be true, aren’t we over all that? But I’ve since become friends with indigenous in Australia. Same thing. None of that violence ever matters. Racism, that fear, hatred can also be against whites, as I learned of 2 white botanists murdered in Guatemala. Looking at flowers. Not in the news.
    All you can do.. is stem that tide of fear.. hug often. Be kind. Be honorable.
    You’re already there. Much love

  12. Allison Tarus says:

    Thank you for sharing, Sally. We always refer to you as “our friend, Sally.” Grateful that our friend is using her platform to speak out about injustices. I am also trying my best to listen, learn, and act. Do justly. Love mercy. Walk humbly.
    Praying for you as you prepare to welcome new life into this world.

  13. Take care Sally! You are an angel of heart and I’m sure the baby will bring immense joy to your family. Can’t wait to see pictures of your baby!!

  14. Thank you so much for using your platform to address injustices. It really means a lot! Have been a long time fan of your blog, and look forward to all that is to come! ☺️

    PS: Congrats on baby #2

  15. Thank you so much for posting this. I love your blog so much more now. I followed all of the food blogs you mentioned and cannot wait to dive into some new recipes.
    Take it easy for the last month of your pregnancy! And congratulations in advance for your new baby.

  16. Patricia Rando says:

    Wishing you and your family nothing but the best. I wish you an easy labor and delivery. Having said that, giving birth is God’s miracle that delivers life and love to the world.

    We will miss your online frequency but
    Take your time, Sally, and enjoy the moment. We will all be here waiting for your full return.

    God bless you and keep you safe.

  17. Thank you, Sally- very well put! I am very sorry to hear about Jude. I had high hopes that he would beat this. Hopefully he will feel a bit better just being off of the chemotherapy. May the arrival of baby #2 distract you all in a good way and bring some much needed joy.

  18. Sally, thank you for your honest, kind, thorough and thoughtful post as usual. I too have been listening and learning and knowing I have to change too. We can always grow and change. What is happening with the 2 pandemics we are fighting, COVID and systemic racism sometimes seems insurmountable. We can do it together, one step at a time. I am ever inspired by your recipes. I wish you and your family a smooth transition with your new addition. Prayers for peace and comfort for Jude and the tough decisions and sadness you must already be going through. What an amazing dog he is, beautiful, strong, sweet! As a reader I will miss him and grieve with you when it is his time. I am of course hoping he will have many really good days ahead. Thank you and stay well and stay safe.

  19. Thank you for this Sally. This has been the year, no doubt, but if all this hadn’t happened it wouldn’t have forced the change that is happening. I wish all the best for you and your family. A new arrival will surely be most welcomed ♥ My blessings also to Jude. Your recipes keep me going. When I make something new I say “where has this been all my life??” Looking forward to more!!

  20. Thank you, Sally, for sharing your thoughts. I think all of us who want to see change and move forward are using whatever platform we have to do that. We need to move forward and bring about a positive change. It’s long over-due. I love, love, love, your website and it’s one of the first I search when I’m looking for a recipe. You’ve never let me down; everything always turns out so yummy! Thank you for bringing the joy of baking and so much more to our lives. Praying that baby #2 arrives safely and prayers for your fur baby as well. Stay safe and well.

  21. HI Sally
    I have been following your blog for a few years now and my family is always so pleased and happy with your recipes. Particularly during the past few months at home, I get repeated requests to check out your site.

    Sadly, my dear father passed away end of March after a long illness and I tried to make him something special almost every day during his last month. I can honestly say that your recipes (which work every time!) brought such happiness and smiles to this house.

    I am sorry to hear about Jude as it is hard to see someone that you love fade away. You and your husband are wonderful to help him.

    I hope that your coming delivery is easy and that the new baby is healthy and sleeps! I am a mother of three and grandmother of one. Motherhood is the best and hardest thing I have done in my life. Enjoy every minute and take your time.

    Stay safe and healthy


  22. Sally, thank you for sharing your thoughts in a meaningful way. By speaking out, you are helping to ensure that by your children – and everyone’s children – grow up in a better world than the one we’re living in today. You have a wonderful website, and it’s great that you are using it this way. Best wishes for the new baby!

  23. Charlotte Moore says:

    May you have an easy delivery and a healthy happy baby. Enjoy your time off.


  24. Nikki Chirico says:

    Hi Sally,
    Your words are beautiful and we are all here because we love baking but it also feels like you’re part of our family. Sending love to sweet Jude…I was crying when I read it. Animals are our family and it is never easy. Also, I’m wishing you all the best for a healthy delivery. Noelle will do wonderfully!

  25. Sally,

    So excited to read you are four weeks away from baby #2. You could end up with a real fire cracker

    I am heart sick for your Jude. He is such a beautiful boy. Sending prayers of comfort for all of you.

    We continue to pray for George Floyd’s family. Change needs to happen across our country…it is long overdue.

  26. Sally – I wish you an easy labor and delivery. I’m sure Noelle will be a wonderful big sister! Thank you for sharing and for being so open and honest. So sorry to hear about Jude. I love your posts and recipes, but enjoy your time with your family.

  27. I’m so sorry that such a joyful time for your family is also a time of sadness for Jude. May his remaining time allow your family many more memories. Good luck and best wishes to everyone.

  28. Liz Vermillion says:

    Thank you for speaking out – your words were spot-on, and beautifully written. Good luck on Baby #2 and to your fur-baby. Sending positive thoughts and many prayers. Much love!

  29. Thank you Sally for your statement here; its important and necessary. My children are 13 and 11 and we have made so many of your recipes together. We all are thrilled when we bake one “Sally’s recipes.” I have peanut butter cookie dough chilling in my fridge right now so my kids can have a snack while they ride their bikes this afternoon. Peace to you and your family.

  30. Thank you for your honesty and your list of sites and materials. I will definitely look to them for guidance and enjoyment going forward.
    Best of luck with baby #2.

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