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Let’s Review the December Baking Challenge

December 2021 Sally’s Baking Challenge Recipe: Shortbread Wedge Cookies

If your December wasn’t already filled with cookies, do yourself a scrolling favor and look at all the buttery goodness below. December’s challenge gave participants a shortbread dough recipe and the opportunity to add fun flavors, add-ins, and toppings as well as bake the cookies in different pans. Though I assigned an easy recipe, the creative freedom was fun and expansive! Some my team and I enjoyed seeing were: salted caramel shortbread, shortbread baked in small 6-inch pans for mini wedge “bites”, cranberry & dark chocolate, lemon rosemary, wedges decorated as Rudolph, and white chocolate coconut & lime shortbread. WOW!

Thank you so much for participating! We gathered as many shortbread wedge cookies emailed photo entries as we could and included them below.

December Baking Challenge Winner

Challenge winner for December is Kathryn who has already been notified.

December 2021 Baking Challenge Winner Image

Reader Questions and Reviews

  1. I have a feeling this is going to be my new go to breakfast. So excited to try. Thanks for a great sounding recipe to start of my 2022 baking on an amazing not. Your the best Sally! Have a great 2022 everyone!

  2. Congratulations to Kathryn! Your shortbread looks scrumptious. Love seeing the variety in everyone’s creations!

  3. I really don’t get it! After all the decorating and imagination bakers created, the choice of the Shortbread Cookie winner of the December Baking Challenge had no personality, no flare and where’s the Holiday spirit!
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Robert, the monthly challenges are not contests– they are just a fun giveaway requiring participation. The winner is randomly selected using a number generator tool and not based on a photo’s appearance.

  4. The Honey Whole Wheat English muffins are delicious and so easy to make!! My family loved them.

  5. I thought we would have extra to freeze but these are definitely not going to make it that long! First time making English muffins and they are great- so much better than store bought. Chewy, wheaty (but not too dense), soft. The more I keep eating them the more I love them.

  6. This was a good challenge to try baking something I had never made before. We generally eat English muffins but not whole wheat ones. I would like to try making them again using just the white flour.

  7. I really enjoyed making these and learning something new. I found they browned too quickly (a little burnt ) next time I make them I’ll put my gas low it might be better. They were delicious. Thank you.

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