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stack of pieces of Lucky Charms bark

We all need some rainbow magic today!

It’s Monday. It’s winter. It’s all so very blah. Let’s put a little pep in our step this week with a sprinkle-tastic, marshmallow cereal exploding, pink swirly twirly white chocolate bark. Seriously, when is the last time you made something this colorful, happy, and absolutely MAGICAL? It’s pure fun. And a lot of sweet.

overhead image of Lucky Charms bark

I made today’s bark recipe for 2 reasons. (1) Tomorrow is national cereal day. Did you know that? Grab a spoon, your favorite cereal bowl, and dig in. Or make this bark! And (2) it’s been way too long since I threw a shoutout in Sally’s Candy Addiction‘s way!

chopped white chocolate on a white cutting board

2 images of marshmallows from Lucky Charms cereal in a bowl and food coloring and sprinkles

You only need 3 ingredients!

White chocolate. The real deal. I’ve received some questions about using almond bark instead of chocolate when making bark. You can, yes. But all you’re eating is almond bark. It’s not baked or cooked or used as a coating. It’s solid almond bark. Pure white chocolate tastes a million times better, so go for the real thing. Especially when it’s the base ingredient. And when there’s only 3!

Lucky charms marshmallows.

Sprinkles. I love how bright and cheery pastel sprinkles look with the lucky charms marshmallows. I used Sweetapolita Luxury Sweet Sprinkle Twinkle medley as well as Betty Crocker pastel nonpareils (just found them in the baking aisle). I did just stumble across these adorable pastel sprinkles which would look just as fabulous.

And an optional 4th ingredient: pink or red food coloring to create pink swirls. Again, totally optional.

swirling white chocolate and pink colored white chocolate with a toothpick on a silpat baking mat

Melt down the white chocolate in a double boiler or microwave, then pour it out on top of a silicone baking mat lined baking sheet. If you want to add the pink swirls, reserve some melted white chocolate, mix in the food coloring, and swirl it on top of the white chocolate. This is simple and the same exact thing we did in sweetheart swirl bark for Valentine’s Day.


zoomed in image of Lucky charms bark

Lucky Charms bark on a white cutting board with a knife

The reason why I love making bark on silicone baking mats is because you can literally peel off the entire candy as a complete whole. Then I like to transfer to a cutting board to chop into squares. Or you can also break off little pieces instead. Any shape or size, this magical lucky charms bark is a pot of gold.

overhead image of pieces of Lucky Charms bark

More fun bark!

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stack of pieces of Lucky Charms bark

3 Ingredient Lucky Charms Bark

  • Author: Sally
  • Prep Time: 15 minutes
  • Cook Time: 0 minutes
  • Total Time: 1 hour
  • Yield: about 1 pound 1x
  • Category: Candy
  • Method: No Bake
  • Cuisine: American


3 ingredient lucky charms bark made from white chocolate, sprinkles, and delicious Lucky Charms cereal marshmallows. So easy and delicious!


  • 12 ounces quality white chocolate, coarsely chopped*
  • 3/4 cup Lucky Charms marshmallows*
  • pastel rainbow sprinkles
  • optional: 1 drop red or pink food coloring


  1. Line a large baking sheet with parchment paper or a silicone baking mat. Set aside.
  2. Using a double boiler or a microwave, melt the white chocolate. If using microwave, stop and stir the chocolate every 20 seconds to help avoid seizing. Set aside.
  3. Pour melted white chocolate on the lined baking sheet and spread out into a large rectangle. **If adding food coloring, make sure you reserve 1/4 of the melted white chocolate for the pink swirls. Stir 1 drop of red or pink food coloring into reserved white chocolate. Drizzle on top of white chocolate in lines. Use a toothpick to swirl.**
  4. Decorate the top of the bark with lucky charms marshmallows and sprinkles.
  5. Allow the chocolate to set at room temperature in a cool dry environment, about 45 minutes. If needed, you can stick it in the refrigerator to help speed things up. Once hardened, break or cut into pieces as large or as small as you want.


  1. Make Ahead Instructions: Store bark in an airtight container at room temperature in a cool dry place or in the refrigerator for up to 3 weeks. For longer storage, freeze for up to 2 months and thaw overnight in the refrigerator.
  2. Special Tools: Silpat Baking Mat | Baking SheetsLucky Charms CerealPink Food Coloring | Pastel Sprinkles | Colorful Bowls
  3. White Chocolate: Make sure to use high quality chocolate, not white chocolate morsels or almond bark. I suggest high quality chocolate baking bars sold in the baking aisle such as Baker’s, Ghirardelli, Nestle, or Lindt. It’s the main ingredient and all you’ll taste, so quality is key. They are typically sold in 4 ounce bars, so you will need 3 white chocolate bars total.
  4. Marshmallows: If you don’t feel like picking out just the marshmallows, use the regular cereal too!

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Reader Questions and Reviews

  1. Does anyone have any idea how many boxes of cereal I’ll need to “separate” to get enough marshmallows? 🙂

  2. This bark looks amazing! I can’t wait to try it!

    Question: How thin do you spread out the chocolate? I worry about spreading it too thin or too thick.


    – Sarah

    1. Hi Sarah! I haven’t measured the thickness or anything, use your best judgment. You can see how thick it is on the edges and go from there!

  3. Question, my daughter and I are going to make this next weekend
    Do you think that dark or milk chocolate would work with this?
    Neither of us are a fan of white chocolate?

  4. I hate lucky charms except for the marshmallows and this is a basic. One question though instead of white chocolate can you use regular chocolate?

  5. These are so pretty and festive, but my Lucky Charms aren’t nearly this vibrantly colorful. Is there a trick to amping up from pastel to neon?

    1. Hi MizBecky, it could be the lighting in the photos though I don’t remember altering the color at all. These are just the regular marshmallows from the box. They’re pretty bright!

  6. Do you not need to add oil to your white chocolate to keep it from seizing or do you use an oil based food color?

    1. Hi Nichole, Make sure you are using real white chocolate bars, not white chocolate chips, and you should not need to add oil.

  7. Festive bark is my favorite easy treat to gift for holidays. Love this combo for St Patty’s- super quick to make and looks super beautiful!