Maple Cinnamon Star Cookies

These simple and elegant maple cinnamon star cookies are adorned with white chocolate, gold sprinkles, and edible glitter stars. Start with my sugar cookies and add maple extract and cinnamon for wonderful flavor.

Flavorful maple cinnamon star cookies using a basic and easy sugar cookie dough! Recipe on

Sugar cookies are fabulous, but adding an extra level of flavor changes everything. Brown butter sugar cookies, anyone?

Why You’ll Love These Maple Cinnamon Star Cookies

Like my Christmas sugar cookies, today’s sugar cookie recipe is cookie cutter style. We’ll roll the dough out and cut into adorable stars. What makes these stars unique are the flavors mingling inside: cinnamon + maple. Combine these two powerhouse flavors with shimmering gold sprinkles, edible glitter stars, and white chocolate and we’ve got a sugar cookie putting many others to shame. You’ll love these cookies and here’s why:

  • Elegant and festive
  • Lots of warm cinnamon spice with sweet maple flavor
  • Perfect for celebrations of any kind like holidays, anniversaries, and birthdays
  • Fuss-free decorating– a simple dunk into white chocolate
  • No royal icing needed
  • Fun to make!

Flavorful maple cinnamon star cookies using a basic and easy sugar cookie dough! Recipe on

How to Make Maple Cinnamon Star Cookies

  1. Make cookie dough. With so few ingredients, it’s important that you follow the recipe closely. Creamed butter and sugar provide the base of the cookie dough. Egg is the cookie’s structure, while maple and vanilla extracts add flavor. Flour is an obvious addition, baking powder adds lift, salt balances the sweet, and cinnamon gives us cinnamon cookies. So many *little ingredients* doing *big jobs* to create a perfect cookie. By the way, you should try these chocolate sugar cookies too!
  2. Divide in two pieces. Smaller sections of dough are easier to roll out.
  3. Roll out the two pieces of cookie dough. Roll out to 1/4 inch thick or just under 1/4 inch thick. If you have difficulty evenly rolling out dough, try this adjustable rolling pin. Speaking from experience– it’s incredibly handy!
  4. Chill rolled out cookie dough. Chill the rolled out cookie dough for at least 1-2 hours and up to 2 days. Without chilling, these cookie cutter sugar cookies won’t hold their shape.
  5. Cut into stars & add gold sprinkles. Use a spoon to press the sprinkles into the cookies so they stay secure on top.
  6. Bake & cool. The cookies take about 11-12 minutes in the oven.
  7. Dip in melted white chocolate. Dip the cooled cookies into the white chocolate and allow chocolate to set completely at room temperature or in the refrigerator.

Helpful Baker’s Tip

Have a little flour nearby when you’re rolling out the cookie dough. Keep your work surface, hands, and rolling pin lightly floured. This is a relatively soft dough.

Flavorful maple cinnamon star cookies using a basic and easy sugar cookie dough! Recipe on

The Order of Steps is Important

Notice how I roll out the dough BEFORE chilling it in the refrigerator? That’s my trick and you can see me doing it in my sugar cookies video tutorial.

Let me explain why I do this. To prevent the cookies from over-spreading, the cookie dough must chill in the refrigerator. Roll out the dough right after you prepare it, then chill the rolled-out dough. (At this point the dough is too soft to cut into shapes.) Don’t chill the cookie dough and then try to roll it out because it will be too cold and difficult to work with. I divide the dough in half before rolling it out and highly recommend you do the same. Smaller sections of dough are simply more manageable.

Another trick! Roll out the cookie dough directly on a silicone baking mat or parchment paper so you can easily transfer it to the refrigerator. Pick it up, put it on a baking sheet, and place it in the refrigerator. If you don’t have enough room for two baking sheets in your refrigerator, stack the pieces of rolled out dough on top of each other.

Maple cinnamon star cookies on

Maple cinnamon star cookies on

Beautiful maple cinnamon stars! (Similar 3-inch star cookie cutter found here on Amazon.)

Maple cinnamon star cookies on

Maple Cinnamon Star Cookie Decorations

Let’s keep the garnishes simple– this way the cookie’s flavor can truly shine. Here are a few ideas for maple cinnamon star cookie decorations:

  • White Chocolate: Instead of decorating with traditional royal icing, give the maple cinnamon sugar cookies a dip in melted white chocolate chocolate. For best taste and texture, I strongly recommend using pure white chocolate, not white chocolate chips. It’s usually sold in 4 ounce bars in the baking aisle. I love Ghirardelli, Bakers, or Nestle brands.
  • Dark Chocolate: Try a drizzle of dark chocolate! All these flavors pair wonderfully together.
  • Gold Sprinkles: I love this simple gold sparkly sugar and this gold sprinkle mix. Press the sprinkles down into the cookies before baking– this helps the sprinkles stick. Just use the back of a spoon.
  • Gold Stars: How CUTE are these edible gold glitter stars?! Add the edible glitter stars after pressing the other sprinkles down. I don’t suggest doing this *before* pressing the others down because the stars will stick to your spoon instead of the cookie.

Maple cinnamon star cookies on

Flavorful maple cinnamon star cookies using a basic and easy sugar cookie dough! Recipe on

One Last Success Tip

Use maple extract– not pure maple syrup. While I typically reach for the latter in my baking, sugar cookie dough is notoriously picky when it comes to add-ins. Maple extract is potent and a little goes a long way. We’d need a few Tablespoons of pure maple syrup to achieve the same flavor that only 1 and 1/2 teaspoons of maple extract has. This larger amount of pure syrup would radically change the sugar cookie dough because there would be too much liquid. We could add more flour to make up for it, but the cookies would be dry. It’s frustrating! To avoid all this, use the maple flavoring. (I use it in my maple brown sugar cookies, too!)

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star shaped maple sugar cookies with half of each cookie dipped into white chocolate and topped with sprinkles on parchment paper

Maple Cinnamon Star Cookies

  • Author: Sally
  • Prep Time: 2 hours
  • Cook Time: 10 minutes
  • Total Time: 2 hours, 45 minutes
  • Yield: about 32 3-inch stars
  • Category: Cookies
  • Method: Baking
  • Cuisine: American


Flavorful maple cinnamon star cookies are made from a basic and easy sugar cookie dough. Dunk in white chocolate for an extra special treat!


  • 2 and 1/4 cups (281g) all-purpose flour (spoon & leveled)
  • 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 3/4 cup (170g) unsalted butter, softened to room temperature
  • 3/4 cup (150g) granulated sugar
  • 1 large egg, at room temperature
  • 1 and 1/2 teaspoons maple extract*
  • 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
  • gold sprinkles and/or edible glitter stars
  • optional: 8 ounces white chocolate, coarsely chopped


  1. Whisk the flour, cinnamon, baking powder, and salt together in a medium bowl. Set aside.
  2. In a large bowl using a handheld or stand mixer fitted with the paddle attachment, beat the butter until creamy and smooth, about 1 minute. Add the sugar and beat on high speed until light and fluffy, about 2 minutes. Scrape down the sides and up the bottom of the bowl as needed. Add the egg, maple extract, and vanilla extract then beat on high until fully combined, about 2 minutes. Scrape down the sides and bottom of the bowl as needed.
  3. Turn the mixer down to low and add about half of the flour mixture, beating until just barely combined. Add the rest of the flour and continue mixing until just combined. If the dough still seems too soft, you can add 1 Tablespoon more flour until it is a better consistency for rolling.
  4. Divide the dough into 2 equal parts. Roll each portion out onto a piece of parchment (or a silicone baking mat, what I prefer!) to about 1/4″ thickness. Stack the pieces, with parchment paper between the two, onto a baking sheet and refrigerate for at least 1-2 hours and up to 1 day. Chilling is mandatory. If chilling for more than a couple hours, cover the top dough piece with a single piece of parchment paper.
  5. Once chilled, preheat oven to 350°F (177°C). Line 2-3 large baking sheets with parchment paper or silicone baking mats. Remove one of the dough pieces from the refrigerator and using a cookie cutter, cut into star shapes. Transfer the cut cookie dough to the prepared baking sheet. Re-roll the remaining dough and continue cutting until all is used.
  6. Before baking, top with sprinkles. Use a spoon to press the sprinkles into the cookies so they stay secure on top.
  7. Bake for 10-11 minutes, until lightly browned around the edges. Make sure you rotate the baking sheet halfway through bake time. Allow to cool on the baking sheet for 5 minutes, then transfer to a wire rack to cool completely before dipping into chocolate.
  8. If using, melt the chopped white chocolate in the microwave in 20 second increments, stirring after each until completely melted. Dip the cookies into the white chocolate and allow chocolate to set completely at room temperature or in the refrigerator.


  1. Freezing Instructions: Baked cookies (without white chocolate) freeze well up to 3 months. Thaw in the refrigerator or at room temperature.  You can also freeze the cookie dough for up to 3 months before rolling it out. Prepare the dough through step 3, divide in half, flatten both halves into a disk as we do with pie crust, wrap each in plastic wrap, then freeze. To thaw, thaw the disks in the refrigerator, then bring to room temperature for about 1 hour. Roll out the dough as directed in step 4, then chill as directed for 1 hour.
  2. Special Tools (affiliate links): KitchenAid Stand Mixer, Rolling Pin, Baking Sheet, Silicone Baking Mat, Star Cookie Cutter, Gold Sugar, Gold Sprinkle Mix, and Edible Gold Stars
  3. Maple Flavor: I used McCormick brand maple flavor found in the baking aisle with the flavor extracts and seasonings. Do not use real maple syrup– see post for details.

Keywords: maple cinnamon cookies, star cookies

Flavorful maple cinnamon star cookies using a basic and easy sugar cookie dough! Recipe on


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  1. heather (delicious not gorgeous) says:

    these sound delicious and so cozy with the maple and cinnamon! in other star cookie news, have you had the chocolate stars from trader joe’s? those are way too easy to keep eating.

    1. I haven’t! I don’t think I’ve ever seen them there either. But no doubt I’d love them, like everything else they do lol

  2. Andrea @ Cooking with a Wallflower says:

    Oh my gosh! These star cookies are so pretty! And maple cinnamon sounds like an amazing combo for cookies. I need to find time to make these soon!

  3. Lynn @ Fresh April Flours says:

    So pretty! I love changing up the flavors in my sugar cookies. Great tip about pressing in the sprinkles with a spoon! I’ve always done it meticulously with my fingers which is a huge pain. I must add cinnamon and maple flavoring to my next batch! 

  4. So lovely! The half-dip is gorgeous and unique, and I love that they are all the same shape (I guess in my family we always do stars and trees and……… it’s fun to see them all as stars, haha)

  5. Chamila Purbhoo says:

    hi sally 🙂 Greetings from the sunny island of Mauritius from where i come from. Xmas is peak summer here and while am making some coconut lychee icecream, i thought to try these star cookies. 

    Wanted to ask u if i can use dark brown packed sugar instead of the granulated sugar here. I intend of shaping them into gingerbread as i dont have molasses for your gingerbread recipe.

    My kids wouldnt also eat if its too strong flavours. But i just want to skip granulated for dark brown. Lemme know if its ok for this dough.

    LOve from the tropics,

    1. I think dark brown sugar in these is a great idea for making gingerbread-type cookies. I know a lot of readers in other countries have been having trouble finding molasses. Thanks for the great suggestion and idea!

  6. Patricia @Sweet and Strong says:

    These are so beautiful!  And you had me when you said you dipped them in white chocolate.  That might be better than sugar cookies and frosting!  And love cinnamon and maple flavors together.

  7. Marina @ A Dancer's Live-It says:

    Such a game-changer for regular old sugar cookies, love it! That edible glitter is EVERYTHING. I also laughed out loud when I saw your Instagram story of the aftermath of you testing for Sally’s Cookie Addiction! 😛

    1. Oh my gosh Marina. You won’t believe the amount of cookies going through my kitchen this week. Luckily I have a holiday party this weekend and everyone can taste test all these leftovers. Ha!

  8. Tori// says:

    Such gorgeous cookies, Sally! I am in love with your photos and these flavors sound amazing together!

  9. Michelle @ Brown Butter and Biscuits says:

    These look so adorable! I love edible glitter and white chocolate of course! I’m thinking that these would be PERFECT for a New Year’s Eve party!!

    1. I didn’t even think about these for NYE but you’re so right!

  10. Is it possible to use real maple syrup instead of the extract?

    1. I retract that as I had not finished reading the whole page

  11. What is the texture of these cookies? Crunchy or chewy? They look perfect but I’m not a fan of crunchy cookies 🙂 

    1. They’re crunchy! At least the edges are. The centers are softer.

  12. Maple and cinnamon, more of the flavours of fall and of Christmas. I love the combination of the two and I love the idea of sugar cookies dipped in white chocolate instead of frosted. These cookies actually seem perfect for New Year’s Eve party over Christmas – gold sprinkles and stars are the best way to ring in the new year! Can’t believe there’s only 1 recipe left in your cookie palooza (and can’t wait to see what it is). Made your homemade oreos yesterday; know they weren’t a recipe in THIS palooza, but oh well! My favourite kind 🙂

    1. You’re spot on… these are definitely NYE cookies!

  13. Sarah | Well and Full says:

    I love using maple extract…. it always adds such an amazing flavor to baked goods! Especially when combined with cinnamon 😀

  14. I have been making maple star cookies for years…from December 2005 issue of Bon appetite and the kitchen smells so good when I bake them. they are impressive cookies. I frost mine with a glaze and use white sanding sugar on them…love the idea you have of pressing the sprinkles in the cookie and dipping in white chocolate. Thank you again for your tips. Love it. These cookies are the BOMB!!!!! I have friends who demand them.

    1. My mom used to make cookies like these. Have you added cinnamon before? She never did, but I do love its addition. I love your idea of a glaze on top. 

  15. I would love try these! Do you have an online source for the edible glitter that you used??

    1. Hi Natalie! Here are the glitter sprinkles. I usually get them off Amazon.

  16. Dear Sally, those sound great! I LOVE maple syrup, I use it in cakes, muffins etc. I would really like to try a maple cookie! Unfortunately, I can’t get maple extract where I live :-(.

    Do you have a cookie recipe calling for real maple syrup – or could you maybe come up with one for 2017?

    1. I have a couple! Here are all of my recipes using maple syrup.

  17. OK, I am declaring this officially the white chocolate dipped cookie Xmas for me! lol! LOVE these! Will be trying them when I go home. My mom has an ice cream maker and I BET these would also be FAB.U.LOUS crumbled into some vanilla ice cream!

    Can you check the link for the edible glitter stars? It is currently linking to the star cookie cutter on Amazon.

    I am going to be so sad when this year’s ‘Palooza is over. Maybe we (royal “we”) could have chocolate candy palooza in February? Hmmmm?? 🙂

    1. Candy palooza sounds SO fun. Also– I knew you’d add these to your list. And I just made a cookie today for Sally’s Cookie Addiction cookbook dipped in white chocolate!

      Updated the link! Sorry about that.

  18. Sally, 
    With the price of Madagascar Vanilla Extract going through the roof these days…..any recommendations for a good quality Vanilla?
    I did stock up in Sept before big price increase. The manager at Sur La Table did let me know of the coming price increase dilemma for what I now consider to be Liquid Gold !!
    Are you allowed to recommend brand names ?
    I use Nielsen-Massey now and really don’t know of any other brand of this quality.

    1. Hi Brenda! I work closely with McCormick and have always preferred their pure vanilla in my baking.

  19. These cookies are beautiful, and they sound delicious! Cinnamon maple? YUM!

  20. Sara @ Last Night's Feast says:

    OMG yum!! And so pretty!

  21. Do I have a fiancé who loves maple flavored anything? Check. Do I have a Cookie Baking Rampage™ coming up this weekend? Check. Am I going to make the heck out of these cookies? CHECK.

    These are so cute! And I love edible glitter. It’s much better than normal crafty glitter, which gets everywhere. I MIGHT make these with gingerbread this weekend, if only because my boy in a (and I’m running spotlight for) a production of Mary Poppins, where “gingerbread stars” are an actual plot point.

    1. I love it!! I can’t wait to hear how you guys like these.

  22. Hi Sally!
    I love Cookie-palooza! :))))) <3
    My post is a little unrelated, but I bake a lot of birthday cakes in the winter time, so I thought to ask. Have you ever considered posting a Baking Basics on how to best convert a cupcakes recipe to a cake and vice versa? This would be incredibly helpful!

  23. Sally, these cookies look amazing! And I can’t help but notice that your photography skills have gotten pretty amazing too recently! All of your recent pictures look just insane! haha I really admire the work you’re putting into your posts and your recipes. They both look wonderful and I’m sure the recipes taste great too! You’re the only baking blogger that I’m following, that’s how much I like your website haha 🙂 (I was never big into following food bloggers :P)

  24. They look so cute and aren’t too complicated to make! I have an addiction with sugar cookies. Can’t stop going through your posts btw.

    – Charmaine

  25. These look so festive!

  26. Laura | Tutti Dolci says:

    These sparkling stars are just the prettiest! Seriously love!

  27. this recipe looks great! I had decided on making your brown butter sugar cookies but now I don’t know which ones to make! Any suggestions?

    1. Can I say make both?! 🙂 I think the brown butter cookies are easier if you’re looking for something very simple.

  28. Alyssa @ A Bite of Inspiration says:

    These are gorgeous!  Obsessed with the gold sprinkles!  Maple adds such a warm and delicious sweetness to baked goods.  Loving all the cookie palooza recipes!  I may have to go on a baking spree at some point and make them all… haha!  Take care and thanks for sharing!

  29. Julie Chittock says:

    Added these to our baking list – will be making a vegan version with Earth Balance spread for some little ones with allergies. But can I substitute some reduced maple syrup for the extract or will that not be enough flavor??

    1. Reduced maple syrup could potentially work, yes!

  30. Edible glitter! I never knew there was a such a thing. These are perfect for Christmas and New Years! I love the science that goes into your recipes! I’m running low on vanilla extract, do you think I could use almond extract instead? I have never used maple extract and am not sure it that would be a good blend…

    1. I think it would be DELICIOUS! Or you can simply leave it out. There is enough flavor in the maple anyway.

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