March Baking Challenge

homemade crepes


March 2020 Baking Challenge: Homemade Crepes

Restaurant quality crepes are in your future this month! These super thin and delicate French-style pancakes are fantastic for breakfast, but make a delicious brunch, lunch, snack, or dinner. Sweet or savory, anything goes! Maybe you’ve made my homemade crepes before, maybe you haven’t. I have some new recipe updates, photos, and a complete video tutorial coming to that post tomorrow and you DON’T want to miss it! 🙂


Everyone who participates in the March Baking Challenge is automatically entered. See below for How to Join Sally’s Baking Challenge. My assistants and I keep track of your photos and randomly select 1 winner at the end of the month. This giveaway is open to the whole world. Giveaway ends on March 30th 2020 at 5pm ET.

1 winner will receive: $250 Amazon Gift Card. Winner will be selected at random and posted in the April Baking Challenge blog post on March 31st 2020.

How to Join Sally's Baking Challenge

  1. Recipe: On or around the 1st of each month, I publish a new challenge recipe. Sign up for Sally’s Baking Challenge emails so you’re alerted as soon as a new challenge recipe is published!
  2. Bake & Comment: Bake the recipe during that month.
  3. Share: Share your recipe photo using #sallysbakingchallenge and tagging me (@sallysbakeblog) on your public Instagram or Twitter. (Instagram direct messages are hard to track, so please email me your recipe photo instead.) You can also email me your recipe photo or upload your recipe photo to my Facebook page or Facebook group. By sharing your photo with me, you are automatically entered in the giveaway. For a bonus entry, leave a review on the challenge recipe.

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Let’s Review the February Baking Challenge

February Baking Challenge: Swiss Meringue Buttercream

You took this challenge recipe and ran with it! Hundreds of you faced your fears of making Swiss meringue buttercream from scratch, a recipe many are too intimidated to try. And, simultaneously, this was the first time some of you used piping tips! That alone deserves a HUGE pat on the back. From cupcakes and cakes to macaron and whoopie pie filling, this Swiss meringue buttercream made its round in your kitchens. ♥

There are so many factors that could go wrong when making meringue buttercream and with my lengthy in-depth tutorial, each of you persevered. You can make Swiss meringue buttercream for life now. PLEASE BE PROUD!

One of my favorite comments came from reader Jamie:

“YUM! This recipe challenge intimidated me. Your tips and tricks were easy to follow, and led to a great success! I subbed out one teaspoon vanilla for espresso powder and added the melted chocolate for a “mocha” flavor. New favorite frosting, for sure. Thank you, Sally, you’re an awesome teacher!”

We gathered as many Swiss meringue buttercream photo entries as we could and included them below. (Email is the best way to help guarantee your photo will be included!)

Giveaway winner for February is Kristina and she has been notified. 🙂


  1. Growing up in Switzerland we used to have crepes all the time! I believe they were one of the first things I made by myself when I was younger too! Can’t wait to give your recipe a go!

    1. So many beautiful creations this month. The winner each month is totally random though. (We never choose based on how the baked good looks.) Literally scroll up and down a spreadsheet with our eyes closed!

  2. I have never made crepes before (but I know that I have eaten a few in my time)! I will have to try your recipe, Sally. The year of 2020 is quickly becoming the year of firsts for me since I found your website in January and baked with yeast! I’m up for each new challenge and feeling more confident with each month. Congratulations to Kristina and thanks to you and your great team at SBA! You make each recipe easy to follow and fun!

    1. Welcome to SBA, Cheryl! I’m thrilled you found my website and am so happy you are having fun trying new recipes! YAY! 🙂

  3. I loved your sandwich bread and crusty loaves.
    I made the applepie squares with salty caramel sauce last night, they tasted great.
    I look forward to making crepes!

    1. So happy you enjoyed the sandwich bread and crusty loaves! Glad you’ll be joining the challenge this month 🙂

  4. Wow to all the beautiful pictures of cakes, cupcakes etc. above ! You all did such a great job !
    I wanted to take a bite out of each !

    1. Hi Lazy, did you get a response from me? I respond to every single Sally’s Baking Challenge email I receive. If so, you are entered in the challenge. (Tracked on our spreadsheet each month.) We aren’t able to include all of the hundreds (or thousands!) of photos due to the load size of my site pages. We include as many photos as we can! 🙂

      1. No. I never get a response from you. I use this email address [email protected] Is that wrong? The last email I sent was Feb. 21, 2020 I’ve been sending to that email address every month for over a year. I’ve never gotten a response. I’ve even emailed you with this same question about photos and entries and got no response. I don’t have a junk mail filter so I know your response is not being filtered out. I DID get an email when you responded to this inquiry

      2. I’m just going through my folders now and received 9 Sally’s Baking Challenge emails that day and none from the email address you are using to comment on this post! So strange. Would you mind forwarding it to me? I’m concerned the emails aren’t being delivered.

      3. I just forwarded it to you. But if you aren’t getting my original emails I’d be surprised if you would get an email that is forwarded.

  5. I haven’t made crepes in forever! Looking forward to trying again. Love seeing all the SMBC pics, they look delicious!

  6. Yay, I love crepes! I used to eat them all the time when I was little; in South Africa, where I was born and lives for six years, crepes were just called ‘pancakes’. American-style pancakes are called crumpets in South Africa. I haven’t had many crepes since moving to Canada, so I’d love to try and make them myself! 🙂

  7. You’re too late, Pancake Day was on Tuesday for us Brits! In the UK we tend to make crepe-style pancakes rather than American ones to mark the start of Lent. This year, first time ever, my son even tag-teamed me to cook them – I actually got to eat hot pancakes rather than having to snatch cold ones whilst being glared at by impatient offspring. Lemon juice and sugar for the win!

  8. I have never made or eaten a crepe but will give this a try. We gave up cake, cookies, and ice cream foe Lent so thankful this is not one of those.

    Everyone did an amazing job with the Swiss meringue buttercream. I’m blown away by all of the talent here. Thank you Sally for pushing my limits.

  9. My son and I love crepes!
    His favorite are Nutella and strawberries and mine are cheese blintzes. We enjoyed making your recipe as it’s slightly different from our typical recipe. So yummy! Thanks Sally!

  10. These crepes are so good! I had never made crepes before but it wasn’t hard to figure out! I did Nutella, strawberries and whipped cream! Delicious! I loved this challenge and will be making crepes more often now!

  11. Thanks for this challenge! I absolutely love crepes! My first time trying to make them was about seven years ago when I was living in Turkey. I took a trip to Spain and bought a box of crepe mix. I saw the yummy picture of crepes on the box and just had to try them! I took them back to Turkey to make… forgetting that all the instructions were in Spanish so it was a lot of guess work. They actually turned out o.k. but following your recipe this month helped refine them this time! I used fresh ground Soft White whole grain flour and cooked them on our electric tortilla press.

  12. This was my first time making crepes! This recipe was so easy and so yummy, thank you for sharing and introducing me to a new challenge!!

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